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Processing of Making a Wig

Friday, February 9, 2018 1:55:39 AM America/New_York


As the raw material, hair is classified to two types, human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair wigs will be more expansive than synthetic hair wigs. Many people prefer to buy a synthetic hair wig because of affordable price. The touch feeling, weight, service lift usually depend on different hair quality. By the way, the higher quality, the more expensive price.


The first step is producing cap, normally there are three-pieces cap and woven cap. Most of cheap wigs are produced by there-pieces cap. Most of Asian manufacturers prefer to use imported material which is from Korea to produce caps because its high quality. This is an important step in whole process and it will related to comfortable comfort and stability.

The second step is processing material. We cannot use original material directly because the hair is too long to use and easily kink up. We must sort out the hair and cut in different kinds of length. We can use these materials to make long hair wigs, short hair wigs and mixed color wigs.

The third step is weighing. Every Wig has prescriptive weight. If we make it too heavy, it will look unnatural. If we make it too light, the cap will be exposed because of thin hair. I need to mention that every wig is made of hair in different kinds of length, so the next steps will be influenced by accuracy of weight.

The fourth step is washing. After cutting hair, we need to wash hair because original hair is hard and rough. We use hair conditional to wash hair so that it will be soft and easy to style.

The fifth step is processing bangs and top hair. After washing and let it air dry, we must let the wig looks more natural, so we make the bangs and top hair look more fluffy. If we want to produce a high quality wig, we have to spend too much time on this step. Some manufacturers do not do this processing so that save cost and time. But the quality cannot be promised.

The sixth step is styling. It is not necessary if just produce straight wigs. The wavy and curly wigs must be made by curling iron. It is a skilled work because the hair style may be influenced by external factors such as different seasons and weather. Even an experienced work cannot promise this can be done with a perfect status.

The seventh step is making scalp. This is another point to identify a wig is excellent or poor. The scalp part is exposed totally, so a high quality scalp will create a false impression which that is your own hair.

The last step is very complicated and this step is called sewing. It is not just simply sewing but a skilled work. An experienced worker only can sew 30-40 high quality wigs especially Human Hair Wigs. Every worker uses a sewing machine to sew cap and hair together. Then the wigs must be dipped in special solution which is a kind of hair care solution. After 30 minutes, the hair will look natural and soft touch feeling. I need to mention that some manufacturers use cheap solution so that it will cause itch when you wear a wig.

After all above steps, we will do wig quality inspection. We will focus on bangs, top hair styles and hair cutting. Then the wigs can be packaged and sent to customers.

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Make Your Wigs in a Long Service Life

Thursday, February 1, 2018 1:12:01 AM America/New_York

What a new beauty trend, from makeup to nail polish,from nail polish to hairdressing, are always changing. In all beauty trends, hairstyles seem fairly consistent. Although some outlandish styles will come and go, classic styles are timeless and can be worn fashionably for years. Wigs are a kind of great necessary item in our life, especially in American market. Because they can easily to change your hairstyles and make you more gorgeous, more and more people prefer to wear a wig rather than cut hair. No matter what kind of reason for wearing a wig, such as alopecia, cancer, graying hair, or simply to try out a new hairstyle, wigs can provide the perfect solution. Speaking of wig care, especially washing of wigs, by following a few simple steps, a woman can extend the lifetime of a wig, and also keep it in excellent condition. By understanding the different types of wigs and knowing what equipment is needed for proper wig care, everyone can easily wash a wig.

Human Hair Wigs are the highest quality hair pieces available. The real human hair from which they are styled endows these wigs a very realistic appearance. It is almost impossible to identify a woman is wearing a wig, or it is her own natural hair. Because the fibers of the wig are genuine human hair, the wig can be styled as you want. The wig can be curled, straightened, and dyed so that meet everyone’s demands. These benefits of wearing human hair wigs come with the slight disadvantage of increased necessary care, along with a price increase as well. However, the lifetime of human hair wigs is also longer, as long as they are properly maintained.

Washing a Wig

1. Brushing out the fibers of a wig is the first step involved in the washing process. Without brushing the wig, tangles and knots are only made worse once the wig is washed in water. Using a wig brush, a wide-tooth comb, or just fingers, gently brushes out the wig's fibers. The most effective method for brushing is to begin at the tips of the hair, carefully combing in a downward motion. From there, slowly work up the hairs to the wig's roots, until the entire wig has been thoroughly brushed.

2. Bathing the wig in water, and then shampooing it, is the next step involved in washing a wig. A sink or bathtub should be filled with lukewarm water. Any temperature higher than that can damage the wig's fibers. Users should note that there is a slight, yet crucial, difference in shampooing synthetic hair wigs and Real Hair Wigs.

3. The rinsing aspect of washing a wig is particularly important. If not done correctly, the wig can become very tangled. Once the shampoo has been applied throughout the wig and its cap, it must be carefully rinsed with, preferably, cold water. The direction of the water flow is crucial in order to maintain a smooth and silky wig. The water should flow in the direction of the wig's hair, from root to tip. If water flows in any other direction, tangling can easily occur. The wig must be rinsed thoroughly, to ensure that no shampoo is left in the fibers. Buildup of leftover product can lead to a greasy, matted look.

4. Applying conditioner to the wig is relatively similar to applying conditioner to normal human hair. A small amount of product should be dolloped onto the washer's hand, and then distributed throughout the wig's fibers, from root to tip. For best results, wig conditioner should be massaged into small sections of hair. The product should then be rinsed from the fibers as described above. If a conditioning spray is used, it should be applied from at least 10 inches away from the wig. Be sure to spray it evenly over all the fibers. Conditioning sprays are typically leave-in products and do not need to be rinsed from the wig.

5. The physical washing process is not enough. The wig must still be dried in a specific manner in order for the entire procedure to effectively maintain the wig. Wigs should also never be brushed while wet, although the drying process can be sped up by blotting the hairpiece with a towel. Never wring the water out of a wig, and avoid drying it in direct sunlight, as this can cause the color to fade.

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What is Good Workmanship

Friday, January 26, 2018 1:38:56 AM America/New_York

The workmanship is one of the most important factors to identify if Wigs are good or not. Besides, most of customers prefer to concentrate on workmanship, in another word, the more conscientious workmanship, the higher quality wigs.

Human Hair Wigs are becoming more and more popular because the natural appearance and comfortable materials. A human hair wig with excellent workmanship will become a new fashion trend.

A hand-made human hair wig

Different hair knotting methods will lead to different results. For instance, single knot is the best method of knotting which makes a tiny knot for each individual hand-tied hair. If more individual hairs will be single knotted at one time in order to speed up the process, the finished wig will be unnatural because of a larger knot instead of a tiny knot. In conclusion , this is a experienced skill and speeding up this process will be disadvantage for wigs.

Single Knots are difficult to discover, but easy to shed. By contrast, double Knots are hard to shed, but easy to discover. For most of women human hair wigs, the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods of knots, the single knot at the frontal hairline 2 inches or around a perimeter of 2 inches will be recommended, especially for a lace wigs. This means the knots are hidden under the inside mesh, by the way, there are two pieces of mesh. The knots are completely invisible, giving off the impression that the hair is growing out of the scalp. This is the best method to hide the knots at present, but the procedure of processing is very complicated.

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Classification of Wigs

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 2:02:45 AM America/New_York

Normally, the wigs can be classified into three kinds of products which based on the differences of workmanship.

The first one is the handmade weaving Wigs. The workers will weave the hair onto the end of the small holes of cap one by one so that this kind of wig has a fantastic natural feeling. This is a kind of pure hand-made working. This work requires very excellent patience, perseverance and eyesight. Because of more and more expensive labor cost, this method has become very infrequent and the wigs weaved mechanic is slowly disappeared. However, there are some high quality luxury wigs are still made by this method.

A hand-made human hair wig A machine-made synthetic hair wig

The second one is the machine-made wigs. This method make use of the high efficiency machine to finish the whole process. Moreover, the lace wigs which are made by this method do not have the real hair feeling and the price usually will be low.

The third one is the semi hand-woven wig. The first half of the whole producing process should be based on the hand working and the rest part relies on the machine making. Personally, the price of the semi hand-woven wigs is supposed to be cheaper than the totally hand-made wigs but this product has more natural feeling than the machine-made wigs.

After the description of classification of wigs, people also need to know the information about mixed hair wigs which are combined by the real human hair and synthetic hair. The Human Hair Wigs are not easy to restyle and it is unable to maintain the nice curvature which leads to the difficult styling. This should be the big defect of real hair wigs. Hence, the mixed hair wigs were created by people. This type of wig can not only maintain the comfortable feeling, just like human hair wigs, but also to ensure the good-looking wavy or curly hairstyles.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing a Wig

Monday, January 22, 2018 3:14:45 AM America/New_York

When you consider to wear a wig, it will be very hesitating that what are advantages and disadvantages of wearing a wig. This is not only if you will look better but also if you can take care of this a Wig well. So no matter you have wore a wig for several years or this is the first time you wear a wig, you should know some advantages and disadvantages of wearing a wig.


There are following a few disadvantages to wigs:

1. Wigs, especially for human hair wigs, must be styled well if you do not want to let other people know you wear a wig. When we protect our natural hair, we take as many precautions as possible to keep our hair out of damage. Similarly, we need to pay more attention on wigs. Although we do not have to treat it with hair creams or masks etc. but we do need to handle them with extreme care.

2. If you are not bald and you wear a wig frequently, this may lead to the natural hair to be suffocated or be damaged. The damage can be breakage or thinning caused due to tight braiding or leaving under the wig for long periods of time.

3.A human hair wig will not be easy to wear if this is the first time to wear a wig. It will take a longer time to wear as compared to your natural hair.


1.Wearing a wig can be consider as a way to protect your natural hair so that you do not need to dye your own hair. For most of women, wearing a Female Human Hair Wig is a new trend. To be honest, the coloring chemicals have no good impact for own hair. Besides, if you prefer to keep your original straight hair style, you do not have to trouble your hair to create waves or curls.

2. You can change your hair style as your want if you wear a wig. For example, you have a short or medium length hair style and you prefer to a long hair style. Then you do not need to wait for hair grow, you can just buy a long hair wig and restyle it by yourself. This will save you much time and you do not have to worry about to change your own hair.

3.The wigs can cover your defect. For instance,if you are worry about alopecia and you do not want to let others know, you can buy some Human Hair Wigs to let you have more confidence when you walk on the street. Because human hair wigs have a natural look and feel if you style it well.

Even though the price of a human hair wig is much higher than a synthetic hair wig, it does not mean human hair wigs is better than synthetic hair wigs. We still need to consider about durability, realistic look and flexibility to styling.

a beautiful human hair wig

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How do I choose?

Thursday, September 21, 2017 8:56:15 PM America/New_York

The process of purchasing your first, second or even tenth wig or hairpiece can seem overwhelming and often you can be lost in a sea of choices with no idea where to begin... Does this sound like you? That's OK. This is completely normal and this is why we are here! To help find YOU the perfect wig or hairpiece that 100% suits YOUR needs!

1. What kind of Budget do you have to work with?

Whilst I have scouted the globe to find the finest quality virgin European hair, I understand this does not fit all budgets so I have sourced hair that will fall into three different pricing brackets to accomodate all budgets. Our synthetic hair options can start from only a couple of hundred dollars, our mid range beautiful remy human hair wigs will range from $90 to $440 and will go up depending on your requirements. NB: Pricing listed above is based on full wigs. and yes, we can customise your hair for you.

2. How long do you anticipate you will need the hair?

There are varying forms of hair loss, each of which will have different time frames. I know for me, Alopecia is a tricky one and any day the hair could come back or it could take years. If you only need a short term wig or hair piece then synthetic may be a great option for you. Our synthetic hair can last up to 4 months, if you treat them well. I personally have human hair wigs, which with the right care can last 12+ months.

3. How long do you want your hair?

If you are like me, I absolutely love having the longest hair there is available. Why? I figure if I am going to ride this rollercoaster of hair loss then I better ride it with the best. And to me the best is the longest, although it hits me with the price tag! So this is something to consider, if you want the long hair and don't have a huge budget then our beautiful synthetic and remy human hair options may be the best for you!

4. What type of hair do you want?

Whilst some of us aren't fussy, some of us want silky smooth straight hair or a particular curl or wave. At The Beautiful Hair Boutique I aim to have as many options available this but what type of hair can impact your decision. If it is ditching the frizz you are after, you can't go past our premium virgin European hair as this is completely unprocessed and sourced from the best of the best so you can say good bye to bad hair days and hello to perfect hair. And they say money can't buy happiness, wink!

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How to Help Fight Thinning Hair in Women

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 9:17:50 PM America/New_York

Did you know? 24% of women say losing their hair is like losing a limb; the average age of women with thinning hair is 25-35; by age 50 years almost 50% of women will complain of thinning hair; female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is the most common form of hair loss in women and occurs in women with Androgenetic Alopecia. Here are our 6 top tips to help you deal with thinning hair and go from flat to fabulous.

1. Reduce your stress

It is easier said than done, but if you can take some time out, and just breathe, it could seriously help! Severe, chronic and even sudden stress can cause havoc on your body. This may lead to your weakened immune system attacking your precious hair follicles as a way of coping with your bodies stress. The good news is, once you reduce your stress levels, often (not always) your hair will start to grow back. So in the meantime, take up yoga, master meditation and try to remove yourself (as often as you can) from highly stressful situations.

2. Eat well and get moving

It's simple, our bodies thrive on good food and exercise. Not only does it nourish our insides, but exercise will also help to release that ever so important serotonin, to make you feel happier. Hair loss can be a vicious cycle, we lose our hair so we don’t feel great about ourselves, and when we are down in the dumps our body isn't loving life. So let’s focus on what we can control, and that is what we put in our bellies and how often we get moving. Even a light 30 min walk, 3-4 a week, will help clear the mind and get your serotonin pumping,

When it comes to what we put in, the hair gets off on good proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Next time you visit the supermarket make sure you stock up on fish, leafy greens, lean meats and chicken, nuts and beans.

3. Add some volume to your thinning hair with a human hair topper

Hair Toppers are a great way to not only cover the areas on your head that may be experiencing hair loss, but they also add that fabulous volume to your thinning hair. Just a quick flip and clip and voila you have sudden volume.

Hair toppers come in a range of colours and bases that cover smaller to larger areas on the scalp. Toppers, also known as Crown Extensions can be made from beautiful natural looking human hair, which can be cut, styled and even coloured to blend in with your natural thinning hair. We recommend a high quality human hair, and a 100% Virgin European Hair topper if you wish to colour the hair to blend in with your natural hair. We have a unique collection of hair toppers for women experiencing hair loss, and take pride in taking the time to match you up with the perfect piece.

4. Leave the clips, hot iron tools and curlers behind

Reduce the use of hair curlers, straighteners or clip in hair extensions all of which have a tendency to add extra strain to your already fragile hair. When you hair is thinning and can easily snap it is essential you give it extra TLC and avoid any extra external pressures.

5. Try switching to wig to take the pressure off your thinning hair (or to cover up greater hair loss)

Hollywood actress Keira Knightley in a recent interview confesses “I have dyed my hair virtually every color imaginable for different films. It got so bad that my hair literally began to fall out of my head! So for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair,” she told InStyle UK.

Wigs are becoming increasingly popular for women experiencing hair thinning, as they can sit on top of your natural hair and blend in beautifully. For the most natural look, go for a human hair wig.

6. Be kind to yourself

When a woman loses her hair, she feels like a huge part of her identity and sexuality has gone with it. The good news is, these days there are so many options to help get your hair looking amazing again if you just show yourself a little extra love, trust me, your hair will thank you for it. Ask your partner, mum, brother, friend or anyone special to you, for a daily head massage!

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How to Choose Your Perfect Human Hair Wig

Sunday, September 17, 2017 9:20:00 PM America/New_York

For first time wig wearers the process of purchasing a wig can seem daunting, but the good news is it doesn't need to be. Here is our our step by step process to find you the perfect hair!

Our qualified wig consultants this step by step process to ensure we find you hair that is perfectly suited to you! We understand your wig requirements need to be as unique as you, so they feel secure, natural and ensure you feel confident and beautiful when you step out the door.

Step 1 - Selecting your Human Hair Type

We pride ourselves in selling only the finest quality, ethically sourced human hair. We offer two grades of stunning human hair and we pride ourselves in stocking ONLY the very finest quality human hair wigs, and all of our wigs are made ONLY from ethically sourced human hair.

Step 2 - Selecting your Hair Colour

Our Human Hair Wigs are available in a huge range of gorgeous hair colours. Our Processed Remy Human Hair has been coloured and coated to reach the desired colour.

Step 3 - Selecting your Wig Cap

Not everyone’s head is the same size, and not everyone has the same degree of hair loss so it is important to take the time to select the right type of wig cap for you, to ensure the wig is secure and comfortable on your head. All of our wig caps are adjustable and can be tightened if necessary. We recommend you go with a cap size that is slightly on the tighter side to allow room for it to stretch, as your body heat will naturally allow the cap to expand.

The Standard Close Wefted Cap: Suitable for women with women and children with Alopecia or wearing a wig as a result of cancer. This wig cap has a snug fit, can be adjusted and is lightweight. The cap has a natural skin top, that beautifully resembles your natural scalp which also allows for a multi-directional part so you can style this wig completely to suit you. This cap can come with or without, pins and clips to be secured to hair underneath if this is on the scalp. From the crown of the head to the nape, there is a single piece of stretch material with wefts sewn horizontally across from ear to ear. This cap has a snugger fit and because the single piece of material is completely closed to the head, it prevents hair from the head from coming through.

100% Hand Tied Lace Caps: Suitable for women who experience scalp sensitivity and those looking for a 100% lace hand made wig. Hand-Tied caps are made with each individual hair strand being hand-knotted on the cap. The hand tied lace wig cap provides a comfortable fit. The lace caps also allow for a natural feel as the hair appears to grow naturally from your scalp. Hand tied caps are very delicate and less durable than a closed wefted option and may require more maintenance. The hand tied cap may also stretch more easily and may require alterations over time.

Step 3 - Selecting your Hairline

One of the biggest concerns women have when it comes to wearing a wig, is how natural will the hair line look, which is why we have a range of hair line options to suit different looks. The lace front has received the most media attention recently as celebrities in the US have taken to wearing lace front wigs. Although this isn’t always suitable for everyone, as the lace is very delicate and doesn’t tend to last as long.

Step 4 - Selecting your Hair Length

The up side to wearing a wig is you don’t have to wait years for your hair to grow, and overnight you can have the luscious long locks you have always desired OR you can recreate your look with a bob. The options are endless. All of our beautiful human hair wigs are customised to suit the length you desire, and you can enjoy hair as long as 30” long!

Step 5 - Selecting your Wig Cap Size

It is important for us to make sure our consultants correctly fit the cap so it is snug on your head. Our flagship Sydney salon has a range of wig sizes in stock, and we also have wig sizing caps to ensure you get the correct size. If you are unable to make it into the salon, you can measure your own head using our detailed sizing instructions.

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4 Tips to Selecting A Great Wig for Kids

Thursday, September 14, 2017 9:06:24 PM America/New_York

As a child hair loss is something extremely difficult to come to terms with. Just as you are establishing who you are, a little part of you is taken away. Just like that, with no real reason. Having lost my hair at age 7, I know from experience what it is like to wear a wig as a young kid and teenager and have come up with a 4 step children's wigs checklist to help your child feel as secure as they can in their wig.

1. Hair Quality - making sure the hair is beautiful and natural looking should be top of the list. Human hair wigs will give your child flowing, natural hair that is as close as possible to their natural hair. If your child has fine hair, you do not want to move them into a harsh synthetic hair wig.

2. Security - as a kid we spend our times running around, jumping in and out of the swimming pool, playing sport, doing cartwheels and so much more that we need to make sure the wig will stay on securely. It is paramount. We recommend if your child suffers from complete hair loss such as Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis that you select a wig that has a silicone or gripper base. The silicone will grip to the scalp to ensure it is on nice and tight. If your child has some hair, then make sure you choose a children's wig that can be adjusted to secure the wig onto the head. For additional security you can use a wig grip and/or use the wig clips to secure to any existing natural hair.

3. Hairline - the quality of the hair line will determine how natural looking the wig will appear. Make sure you shop around for the best hair lines.

4. Lightweight - in Australia we live in a warm climate and want to make sure our kids don't get too hot in their wigs. A lightweight and breezy wig will help them to stay cool during the warmer months.

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Things You Don't Do When Wearing a Wig

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 9:10:09 PM America/New_York

Wearing a wig is a great option to switch up your look without making permanent changes to your hair, but if you are not careful they can damage your hair and scalp and lead to or cause hair loss/damage. Even though you may wear wigs as a protective style, it is important to maintain a healthy hair routine while wearing wigs. Here’s a few things to be mindful of while wearings wigs.

1. Don't wear an incorrect size

Wigs that fit too tightly can cause hair loss and breakage around the perimeter of the head.

Insider tip: Have your head measured by a professional who specializes in styling wigs.

2. Don't skip wash day

It may be tempting to skip out on wash day, but be sure to shampoo and condition your hair as you would normally to remove dirt, and bacteria off the hair and scalp.

3. Avoid wigs that don't breathe

Make sure you invest in wigs that allow your scalp to breathe. Capless wigs are lightweight and allow more airflow to the scalp. Capless wigs do not make you feel as hot as traditional wig caps because they have open wefts at the back and sides.

4. Don't neglect your hairline

Stocking caps protect your hair under wigs and keep your hair flat so that the wig does not look bulky, but they can cause breakage or dryness along the hairline. To prevent damage to your edges, slide the stocking cap behind the ear.

5. Avoid adhesives if possible

If you have to use adhesive for a particular style, try to minimize how often you use the adhesive in order to prevent hair loss or breakage around the hairline.

6. Don't use materials that cause scalp irritation

If you have a sensitive scalp, you may want to stay away from wigs made with synthetic hair. Sensitivities to wig materials can cause excessive itching, burning, and scalp tenderness.

7. Don't forget to take breaks

Although wigs are convenient, they can make us forget to take care of our own hair. Take time in between wearing your wigs to get regular trims and deep condition your hair.

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6 Benefits of Wearing a Wig

Sunday, September 10, 2017 8:53:59 PM America/New_York

For years, men and women of all ages have been enjoying the freedom and versatility of this simple-yet-life-changing product. The wig is quickly becoming as commonplace as hair-color, acrylic nails, and body-shapewear for that instant boost in beauty, confidence, and overall fabulousness. Among the many benefits, wearing a wig offers:

1. Limitless styles. Change your hair in an instant, without making a permanent commitment. You can choose a wig that enhances your natural hair, or make a statement with a bold, new look. Either way, you have total control over your style, head to toe.

2. Convenience. The time spent blow-drying, straightening, curling, treating, coloring, styling, and maintaining your hair can add up to more than you realize. Wearing a wig can (almost literally) give you more hours in the day that can otherwise be used for… whatever you want!

3. Thinning hair. Both men and women can suffer from hair loss for a variety of reasons, including genetics, hormonal changes, illness, and medication. Many people consider hair to be a vital part of their overall appearance, and wigs can hide the thinning and restore confidence.

4. Protection. Wearing a wig can protect the health of your hair, as there is no need to continue damaging it every day with harmful styling products and heat treatments. Wigs can also protect your budget, since you won’t need as many salon appointments.

5. Fun. Wearing a wig in general is a fun way to spruce up your style. If you enjoy Halloween, costume parties, masquerade balls, cosplay events, or just like playing “dress-up,” wigs offer boundless opportunities to truly define your character.

6. Professional performance. Actors, musicians, and entertainers of all kinds often wear wigs to transform their look for the roles they are portraying. A wig can add an element of Hollywood glamour, projecting a dramatic, “larger than life” effect.

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4 Hair Wig Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Thursday, September 7, 2017 9:09:00 PM America/New_York

Despite wigs being so popular, studies show that many people (especially first-time wearers) make plenty of mistakes with them. Here are some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them:

Buying the wrong wig

You can't imagine the number of people that buy the wrong units. While there are many wigs in the market, it doesn't mean that all are ideal for you. For you to look great you have to go for units that compliment your face shape and color. If you don't know the right ones to go for, ask a professional to help you out.

Not cutting the wig

Even if you have bought a unit that complements your face shape it doesn't mean that you will find one that is an exact match. For the unit to look good on you, you have to cut it. Unfortunately, most people wear the unit the way it is and this results to the wig looking ugly and unnatural. The best way of going about it is taking it to a professional for cutting. The professional cuts from around the edges so that the lace doesn't show when you are wearing the wig.

Failing to wrap your hair

If you are wearing a wig it doesn't mean that everyone has to know that you are wearing one. Most first-time wearers fail to wrap their hair properly thus the wig looks puffy rather than natural. This provokes everyone to tell that they are wearing a wig. To avoid this from happening to you, you should wrap your hair around your head while it's wet and then sit under a hair dryer for the hair to dry. When wrapping your hair ensure that your hair is wrapped around your head as tightly as possible. This is to allow the wig to sit as close to the scalp as possible.

Not taking care of the wig

Most of the people buying the wigs for the first time think that they don't need to take good care of them as they aren't their real hair. Most of the people let their hair run dry and brittle which cuts down on its life. For your wig to last for long looking beautiful you should treat it the same way that you treat your natural hair. You should clean and condition it regularly using industry-approved products. Also ensure that you buy the wig from a reputable store.

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What Is a Heat Friendly Wig?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 9:14:07 PM America/New_York

Do you understand what it means when a wig description includes the information: “heat-friendly?” Does this mean the synthetic fibers of the wig won’t catch fire or frizzle when near heat? Does it mean you can use any type of thermal styling tool, at any temperature, for as long as you want and the wig’s fibers won’t be damaged?

Do not be confused between “heat friendly wigs” and “heat resistant wigs.”

Heat resistant wigs are made from synthetic fibers that are specially developed to RESIST damage from excessive heat sources. Women who wear synthetic fiber wigs quickly learn, if they already have not been warned, that unless they know their wig is “heat resistant” they should not expose the wig to high temperatures such as an open oven or a large campfire. The possibility of damage to the synthetic fibers caused by close proximity to a hot area can be very high depending upon the type of synthetic fibers in the wig. Synthetic fibers tend to combust or melt much more easily than natural fibers that manufacturers in many industries had to develop a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers characterized by an excellent resistance to heat, neither melting nor igniting in normal levels of oxygen. Protective apparel, air filtration, thermal and electrical insulation, a substitute for asbestos, as well as many aerospace and military applications use such types of heat resistant fibers.

Wig manufactures developed heat resistant fibers for wigs since customers were not happy about ruining their wigs while taking the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven or having to remain away from the barbecue grill at the Fourth of July celebration.

However, a major break though in synthetic wig fibers occurred with the development of “heat friendly” fibers. The introduction of Heat Friendly synthetic fiber wigs from the wig manufacturer, is really shaking up the hair alternative industry. Just like natural hair is not 100% heat resistant, neither are heat friendly wigs 100% heat resistant. However, this innovative synthetic fiber technology offers the customer many of the same heat styling options as natural human hair. You are now able to use such thermal styling device as heat rollers or a curling iron. What you are doing as you style the wig’s fibers at a recommended heat not higher than a medium setting, is baking the curl in or straightening the curl out. You will read advice that when curling hair you hold the curl for 60 seconds and then clip and allow the curl to cool. Others suggest while keeping the maximum setting at medium, the thermal styling device should be allowed to cool down while holding the hair in the desired position. To straighten a curling or wavy style gently run your flat iron over the hair at approximately 1 inch per second. Whatever style is achieved will be locked in that position until it is heat styled differently.

Now just as you treat natural hair with products that are specially formulated for regular hair, likewise it is important to use only products created to address the needs of synthetic hair to prolong the life of the wig and keeping beautifully looking longer.

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Tip on How to Fix Your Hairline on the Lace Front Wig

Sunday, September 3, 2017 9:08:06 PM America/New_York

To achieve more realistic effects, it's best to tailor the hairline of your lace front wig to your face prior to application.

1. Cut off extra lace 1 inch from hairline in a non-straight line.

2. Fix the lace front wig to a wig head using two hair clips. Lift the hair on each side of wig, and slide in hair clips.

3. Pull back hair with a hair clip. Not all of the hair needs to be pulled back. Just work in sections.

4. Polish every other hair on the hairline by plucking from the root. Pulling out hairs from the root will keep hairs from breaking off and the lace from snagging. Tweeze only a few hairs at a time; plucking even several strands in one location can leave a conspicuous bald spot.

5. Secure the tweezed lace front wig onto your head using hair clips, wig adhesive or double-sided tape.

6. Pull out a thin layer of strands across the front and sides using the pointy edge of a comb. Cut loose strands unevenly. Leave only 1 to 1.5 inches in length.

7. Brush the strands across your hairline using a toothbrush, creating the appearance of baby hairs.

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Advantages of Full Lace Wigs

Thursday, August 31, 2017 9:09:48 PM America/New_York

When considering new wigs, the option of choosing full lace wigs is one which purchasers should consider. By wearing these wigs, individuals are going to notice that the fine lace materials and the individual hair which is tied onto the lace make full lace wigs more durable. Also, full lace wigs are more realistic looking than other wigs that can be purchased on the market today. Whether the necessity for the wig is due to a medical condition where hair loss is prominent, or whether you are purchasing the wigs as a fashion accessory, full lace wigs are the optimal option to consider. These wigs will even assist in the growth of natural hair.

The ease of use, the natural appearance, and the life like feel of full lace wigs are added benefits which other styles of wigs do not offer. If the wig is properly made and purchased from the right source, it is very difficult to discern a full lace wig from one’s own hair. Whether it is used to cover balding areas or for those who have lost their hair due to medical conditions, the only person who will know that you are wearing a full lace wig is going to be the individual who is wearing the wig.

The option of choosing full lace wigs is also one which can be chosen by all ethnicity’s. Due to the design of the wigs and the natural hair which is used in their design, anyone can purchase these wigs and rest assured they will still offer the appearance of real hair. Unfortunately, other cheaper wig options will not provide this value and can easily be spotted by others as fake hair.

Another benefit of full lace wigs in comparison to several other styles of wigs is the ability to wear your hair in many different styles. Therefore, you can model the wigs to mimic a current fashion trend or you can wear them to give yourself a smooth natural look. Whichever appearance you are going for, these wigs will allow you to achieve it. The full lace wigs can be done up in a pony tail or bun; can be put up in a stylish hairdo; can be purchased in varying lengths, or can be worn naturally, depending on the ones you purchase. The full lace wigs are also more comfortable and light weight compared to other traditional wig options.

Whatever reasons you decide to purchase the full lace wigs, whether it be due to hair loss, to mimic a celebrity hairdo, or because you like the look and appearance, choosing full lace wigs over other traditional options is the best choice. Today, these wigs are more affordable and offer the added benefits of comfort, natural look, and light weight feeling, which other wigs on the market do not offer.

In summary, wearing a full lace wig will not only give you an authentic look, but is one of the healthier ways to add style to your current look.

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3 Warning Signs to Look Out For When Wig Wearing

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 9:06:20 PM America/New_York

Hey wig wearer! What could possibly make wig wearing hazardous. They are convenient, easy to wear, prevent stress on your hair, discrete and practically a style in a box. All hair procedures come with warnings, we just want you to be aware and on the wig watch for the following wig warnings.

Warning Sign NO.1: Itchiness

Can't stop itching since you put on that new wig? If your wig is making your head itch you may be allergic to the hair, the lace or the lace adhesive. Signs to look out for when your wig is itchy - if it's just the perimeter that's itchy it may be the lace or lace wig glue. If you are not using lace adhesives then it's the lace. If your entire top area is itching ( nape neck, forehead, etc) then you may be having an allergic reaction to the hair. Never avoid warning signs to possibly having an allergic reaction. Countess Vaughn did and the reactions were irreversible. If you do experience itchiness then you should remove the wig and wash your hair of all products if possible and report your reactions to your hairstylist or wigologist immediately.

Solutions for a wig that's Making You Itch:

Inexpensive lace used on beauty supply store lace front wigs are known to irritate the skin because the material is thick and harsh. Try Swiss lace instead. It's lighter and comfortable to wear. If you're having an allergic reaction to the hair, then try a hair that agrees with you or try virgin hair, the highest quality of human hair available. Lastly, if you're allergic to adhesives, then ditch them and get a customized glueless wig or click here to learn how to make your favorite lace wig glueless.

Warning Sign NO.2: Is it too tight?

Is your wig so tight that its giving you a headache? This is not normal! Your wig is way too tight. You're supposed to definitely feel secure but never uncomfortable.

Solution for a Tight Wig:

An easy solution can be adjusting the straps at the back by loosening things up a bit. If it still feels too snug you may need a custom wig where a wigologist can make a wig that fits your exact head measurements so that the wig can fit you without discomfort.

Warning Sign NO.3: Noticeable breakage due to wig wearing?

Do you notice breakage after a long time of wearing wigs. Are you edges thinning or is their damage to your hair line. Wigs are supposed to be a form of protective styling therefore, you mustn't forget to take care of your real hair when wig wearing.

Solution to Hair Breakage While Wearing:

Be sure to treat you real hair while wig wearing and not forget about it. Wash and conditioner your hair regularly. Hot oil treatments are great too. Just remember if you neglect your hair it will break. Keep a protective barrier between your hair and the wig, by wearing a stocking cap or The Hair Grip. Lastly. If you braid your hair when wig wearing be mindful to switch up your braid pattern to avoid traction alopecia!

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How to Properly Take Care of a Full Lace Wig

Sunday, August 27, 2017 9:06:16 PM America/New_York

If you haven’t checked out the full wigs that are made from Indian human hair on our site, you definitely need to! A lace wig is made by hand and is tied on a lace base one strand at a time. As our site mentions, you can enjoy tangle free Indian Remy hair by purchasing a high quality Full Lace Wig. Wigs will give you complete hair coverage and features silky straight Indian hair that you’ll love.

Since a full lace wig looks great while being worn, it’s important to learn how to take proper care of it so that it will stay in great condition. Thankfully full lace wigs are rather easy to take care of. You can gently wash your lace wig if you’ve used hair products on it, such as hair spray (which we don’t recommend by the way). You also can store your wig on a wig head with T-pins to keep it in ready-to-put-on shape before heading out with your full lace wig on.

Here are some more tips that are a bit more detailed so that you will learn how to take care of your full lace wig:

Keep it Away from Extreme Heat
Like all hair, exposing any hair locks to extreme heat will only damage the ends and dry out your cuticles. So if you place your wig on a wig head, be sure to keep it away from heat. Obviously don’t place your wig near a fire, heat vent, or anywhere else where it may be damaged from heat over time. Also, when you are wearing your wig don’t expose your locks to heat for a long time either. This means don’t sit close to a fire and definitely do not use a hair dryer on your human hair wigs. It will dry out your hair and cause damage that’s hard to repair.

Gently Comb it Out
Like all hair extensions, full lace wigs are very much the same. Except with full lace wigs you need to be extra careful when combing out the hair on the wig. Even though the hair is pretty secure in the lace base, it’s still important to be cautious. In order to prevent any hair from getting loose, you’ll want to start brushing the hair from the ends to the top, without getting too close to the lace base.

Use a Spray Bottle with Luke Warm Water to Wash it
Since your wig isn’t attached to your head, you’ll need to wash it while it is on the mannequin head. We recommend adding a tablespoon of shampoo to a small spray bottle and filling it with lukewarm water. After you’re done making your mixture you can place your actual wig in cool water and while you’re doing this, you will need to spray the wig with the shampoo and warm water combination. Next distribute the shampoo throughout the wig and use a wide-tooth comb to work through your hair.

After the shampoo is evenly dispersed through your wig, it’s time to rinse it. Rinse your hair under the cool water and get ready to apply conditioner to the wig next. Now it’s time to add a tablespoon of conditioner to a new spray bottle or you can rinse out the shampoo out of the spray bottle and use that instead if that’s easier. In the same way you worked through your wig with the shampoo, you’ll need to do this with the conditioner.

Once you’re done with washing your synthetic wigs, human hair wigs or mens wigs with both shampoo and conditioner, gently rinse it out again for a third time under cool water. Use a towel and gently dry the hair, and afterwords you’ll want to let it to dry naturally after you’ve gotten most of the water out. Don’t rub the hair strands against one another – pat dry the hair to prevent any hair breakage from happening.

We hope these tips have helped you understand how to care for your full lace wig. If you take care of it properly it will last you a long time! So be gentle and loving with your perfect locks!

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How to Maintain Natural Hair Wigs

Thursday, August 24, 2017 9:02:31 PM America/New_York

Natural Hair Wigs are must-have accessories for women suffering from hair loss. To derive maximum benefits from them, it is very important that you choose the right one. A professional hair stylist can help you make an informed decision. Here are some wise suggestions on how to maintain natural wigs without spending a fortune.

Be Gentle When Combing Natural Hair Wigs

Natural wigs are made from delicate hair strands that need to be handled with great care. Hence, when combing it, desist from applying too much force or pressure as this can lead to breakage. Avoid using regular rough brushes and combs. In fact, the best don’t need to be combed every day, so let it rest and only comb when necessary.

Take It Off!

After a long day at work, take your natural hair wig off and place it on a wig stand. This stand is specifically tailored to retain its shape as evident from the design. This simple practice will also help to keep the hair fibers intact for many months to come. More importantly, stand should be placed in a clean area that is free from dust to keep the wig especially if you only wear it on a daily basis.

Washing Human Hair Wigs

It is highly recommendable to wash real hair wigs periodically in order to get rid of dust and other forms of debris. Still, you have to steer clear of shampoo meant for natural hair as they contain certain components that aggravate the rate at which strands are falling out. Instead, use normal conditioner. To effectively clean it, saturate it in water for a few minutes before squeezing to remove water. Never wring it as this can compromise the shape of its base. Professional hair stylists’ advice clients to only wash their wig after wearing it for 25 times. Washing it on a daily or weekly basis can make it look less realistic.

Drying Natural Hair Wigs

Most people are tempted to dry their hair wigs by shaking them in a towel. However, this is not recommendable as it can affect the hair strands. Instead, take time to dry each piece at a time, meticulously, using a soft towel. Also, avoid styling it when wet as this can damage fibers and compromise its appearance.

Conditioning Human Hair Wigs

Use a quality conditioner to keep it looking great and elegant. Apply the conditioner every two or three weeks depending on the number of times that you wear it. Be sure to rinse it completely to prevent the conditioner building up inside the wig.

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Warnings of Dyeing A Wig

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 9:06:56 PM America/New_York

Make sure the wig is free of grease or any other hair products. This might hinder even coloring.

If you have yet to CUT a wig , do so BEFORE you color it.

This is an Irreversible process. Do every step slowly and with care.

If you have yet to STYLE a wig, do so AFTER you color it.

You CANNOT turn a wig into a Lighter color than its Original color.

Dyed Wigs may leave stains when dry. This depends on the plastic the wig is made of - some stays, some stains. So be careful.

COPIC inks are alcohol based and hence prolonged exposure to its smell is not encouraged. Always work in a well-ventilated area.

If you accidentally stain any skin with the marker ink, immediately remove with the stain with nail polish remover and rinse with water.

If you Feel Nauseous, stop use for the time being and consult a medical professional.

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Tips On Dyeing A Synthetic Wig

Sunday, August 20, 2017 8:56:43 PM America/New_York

Always work in thin layers each time to achieve even coloring.

The wig will become slightly tougher to the touch due to the ink. This is natural, do not panic.

Color rules apply. If you have a bright yellow wig and you want it blue, you would either have to turn it a Dark Navy Blue or your wig will end up Sea Green.

To prevent cross contamination of colors, use as many sponges as the number of colors you are applying to your wig.

Hand-wash the wig after use, using shampoo to gently 'massage' any wax or styling spray from the wig. Swish your wig in a large pail of water to remove the shampoo suds and pat it dry with a towel.

The wig will also smell of the ink, but this is not a long-term issue. The smell wears off in 2-3 days if left out to air.

It works best when coloring a wig from scratch. E.g. Starting with a White, Pearl, Silver or Platinum Blonde Wig. This hardly contaminates the new color and you will get a more ideal colored wig that is more true to the color of the Ink you bought.

Bring your wig along and test the color directly on your wig before buying the right ink. Do so in the back of the wig near the roots so as not to ruin your wig. you can also cut a small strip of hair from the back/somewhere discreet and bring it along to test color.

When working with an already colored wig, read up on creating depth with either a dark grey or a darker shade of the same color.

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Advantages to Choosing 100% Human Hair Wigs

Thursday, August 17, 2017 9:00:57 PM America/New_York

Wearing a wig is a great choice for those who are bald or have hair that is thinning or impossible to maintain. Wigs also provide celebrities the opportunity to alternate their hairstyles as often as they change outfits, without wreaking havoc on their own hair. Wigs are available in multiple styles and colors, from short and red to long and brunette.

A wig can be crafted from an array of various materials. Some are manufactured from synthetic substances, like nylon, while others are made with actual human hair. While the look of a wig is up for debate, there aren’t any doubts about the benefits of choosing 100% human hair wigs.

While wearing a human hair wig, you don’t have to wonder if others are able to identify it as being a wig. In contrast to synthetic ones, the human hair wig does not seem overly shiny or stringy. Whether up-close or from a distance, a customized 100% human hair wig will look like the hair they were born with. In many instances, because of the quality of the wig, it allows the wearer to look like they are truly having an extremely good hair day every day. The real test is when the hair is exposed to the elements and the wig responds the way that everybody else’s hair does.

Synthetic wigs cannot be styled differently than their initial look. The reason being is exposure to heat, dyes or perms will damage or distort the material. 100% human hair wigs, then again, can be styled the same as real hair. They may be straightened, curled, or trimmed, which offers a wide range of versatility in comparison to synthetic ones. This is something to seriously consider when choosing a wig, as it will appear more natural.

Human hair wigs can last up to five years. Synthetic ones typically will need to be replaced after one year. For this reason, ones that are made from human hair are considered to be a longer-term investment. To get the most longevity out of the human hair wig, it is very important to understand how to properly keep and care for it.

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Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 8:45:05 PM America/New_York

The pros of synthetic hair:

1. Easy Care: Synthetic hair is easy to take care of. Because synthetic hair has something called “style retention,” they never have to be styled. You simply wash, dry and then shake them out, and the wig will return to its initial style.

2. Style Memory: Synthetic hair hold their style regardless of the weather.

3. Cost: Synthetic wigs are relatively inexpensive.

4. Low Maintenance: They require very little maintenance.

5. Natural Looking: If purchasing a high quality synthetic wig, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a synthetic hair and real human hair.

The cons of synthetic hair:

1. Shine: Some economy or budget synthetic wigs may have an unnatural shine.

2. Longevity: Synthetic hair does not last as long as human hair wigs. They typically last about 4-6 months with daily wear.

3. Less Versatility: Synthetic hair cannot be straightened or curled with heated styling tools

4. Cannot Change Color: Recoloring is not recommended for synthetic wigs and traditional hair color will not adhere to the fibers.

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3 Common Haircare Mistakes

Sunday, August 13, 2017 9:03:08 PM America/New_York

Mistake 1. Your Hair Feels Dry, So You Overcondition

Heavy moisturizing ingredients (like oil and silicone) combined with humidity can make your hair look dirty, says New York City hairstylist Ted Gibson.

If long, sun-drenched afternoons at the pool or beach have left your hair dry, it's fine to use conditioner, but only on the ends.

Be judicious with treatment oils, serums, and shine sprays, which usually contain the most oil-based ingredients.

Mistake 2. You Use a Clarifying Shampoo Every Day

Though clarifying shampoos clean hair and scalp of residue left by chlorine, saltwater, and styling products, they also strip hair of moisture—which leads to frizz, says Gibson.

Use deep-cleansing shampoos only once a month, and wash with a gentle moisturizing formula (like Aveeno Nourish+Shine Shampoo) the rest of the time.

To prevent residue buildup, apply half a tablespoon of a light conditioner from roots to ends before jumping in the pool or ocean; the conditioner seals the hair's cuticle, creating a protective barrier.

Mistake 3. You Pull Your Wet Hair Into a Ponytail With an Elastic

Wet hair is very fragile. If you want to keep it off your face—and look stylish—wear a cloth headband (made of Lycra or cotton) two inches back from your hairline, says Gibson. (Goody makes fine ones.)

If you want to put your hair up, secure it in a bun with bobby pins or pull it into a loose hair tie.

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Pros And Cons of Human Hair

Thursday, August 10, 2017 9:05:35 PM America/New_York

The pros of human hair:

1. Styling Versatility. Many human hair can be colored, permed and styled just like your own hair. Keep in mind that it is important to take your hair to a stylist who is experienced in dealing with human hair w if you wish to alter the style.

2. Texture. Human hair come in a variety of textures, so you can match your own hair texture very closely.

3. Longevity. With proper care, human hair can last a year or more when worn daily.

4. Natural Look. Human hair feel great and can look incredibly natural.

The cons of human hair:

1. High Maintenance. Just like real hair, human hair need to be washed, deep-conditioned and re-styled frequently.

2. Cost. Because they are harvested from human hair, they are typically more expensive.

3. Color Variation. It is difficult to replicate an exact color when you replace a human hair or wish to purchase a back up of the same style. Human hair of the same color will vary slightly from hair to hair because each contains hair harvested from multiple people.

4. Reacts to Weather. Like your own hair would, human hair react to the weather and can become frizzy, limp or dry depending on the weather.

5. Color Fading. The color of a human hair will oxidize or fade with exposure to light.

6. Fragile. The hair will incur damage if subjected to harsh brushing, back-combing or overuse of heated styling tools.

7. Weight. Human hair can feel heavier than synthetic hair of a similar length and style.

8. Styling. Human hair is more labour intensive and require more effort and skill to style.

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Benefits Of Wearing a Lace Front Wig

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 9:00:55 PM America/New_York

Lace front wigs can occasionally be worn because you wish to wear a different hairstyle. Or they can be worn daily because you are suffering from hair fall and thinning hair because of medical or lifestyle reasons.

Lace front wigs are a popular choice among women because of their natural appearance. This makes the mop on your head look more stylish.The sheer lace net mesh just needs to be hand tied individually making it appear like y our natural hairline. Even on a close look, it is impossible to differentiate if you are wearing your hair naturally or wearing a natural lace front wig!

These wigs are built to last longer and remain sturdy through its repeated uses. If you take adequate care of the lace front wig and maintain it properly, these wigs will last much longer. Maximum time they can last with good care is one year! Also, ensure that the wig you buy is of premium quality and from a reputed maker.

Another advantage you have if you opt for a lace front wig is that you will save on styling costs! You wouldn’t need to visit your hairdresser so frequently for cuts and styles. Besides you can change how you style your hair with these wigs as often as you want! Their biggest possible advantage that these wigs have is that they are comfortable to wear.

Because the hair full lace mesh either needs to be hand braided to your forehead or glued to the front for it to stay put, it allows your natural hair space to breathe, remain cool, and not feel sweaty or itchy.

The lace can be trimmed to tailor-fit your hairline and blends so seamlessly with the skin that no one can point out the difference!

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How do you store lace front wigs?

Sunday, August 6, 2017 9:04:01 PM America/New_York

Storing your wigs properly is an essential part of making sure that they always look their best, because when your wig looks beautiful you can guarantee that you are looking dazzling as well. Storing lace front wigs and other wigs as well should never be a difficult task, but it is important that you remember to store them properly so that they remain in peak condition.

Taking proper care of your hair piece is an essential part of making sure that it continues to look amazing and beautiful, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to practice proper storage techniques. Lace front wigs are an investment and as such you want to make sure that they last you for a good amount of time and there is no better way to do that than by practicing proper storage methods. Synthetic wigs do have slightly different cleaning methods and styling methods, but they can be stored in the same manner. So there is no need to worry about the longevity and continued quality of your wig as long as you are storing it properly.

Make sure that your wigs are stored away from contact with direct sunlight, dust and excess heat. These elements do not bode well for the health of your wig, and you want to make sure that your front lace wigs are staying as healthy as possible. It is best to store them in an area where they will come into minimal or no contact with children and pets, who will undoubtedly want to play with your cool wigs!

The manner in which you secure your lace front wigs should also be based on how frequently you use the wig. If it is a wig that you wear often, your best bet is to store the wig on a wig hanger, wig stand, or styrofoam head. When buying a styrofoam head, make sure you select one that is close to the shape and size of your head so that your wig does not warp and become hard for you to wear.

In some cases, you might have a wide selection of wigs, so you will not always be wearing the same ones over and over again. Just be sure to always store your front lace wig in a cool and dust free environment. If you do not have the room for open air storage, you can place your front wig in a plastic bag. Even while in the bag, the wig should be stored in a cool area with free of dust and conditions that way cause mildew. Be aware that using the plastic bag for storage will require just a bit of primping before it returns to the previous style and shape you had it in. If fast prep times are your main priority, wig stands, styrofoam heads, and wig hangers, will assist in keeping holding style from the previous application.

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How to Choose a Wig Color

Thursday, August 3, 2017 9:11:04 PM America/New_York

Choosing a color for your wig can be tricky, whether you’re looking to match your natural hair color or want to try something different. Since most styles come in a large selection of colors, it’s important that you choose a color that will be the most flattering match for you. There are many factors that tie into which color will look best on you – from skin tone to eye color. That said, a big advantage to wearing a wig is that you can easily get the color you want without chemically damaging your hair. So feel free to experiment a bit, and consider color beyond your natural tone. Our experienced design team has compiled a list of tips and important information to help you through your journey of deciding on your perfect color.

1. Avoid choosing a color that is more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. If you pick a color that’s much lighter or darker than your natural hair color, the result will be dramatic. It is typically a safer choice to go with a shade similar to your natural one to start off with. If you’re have your mind set on a dramatic change, consider changing the color gradually over a period of time, such as 3 months.

2. Choose a shade that looks great with your skin tone and eye color. Skin tone is very important when choosing a wig color. As you age, your skin tone tends to look a little washed out. However, choosing the right hair color can help give you a more youthful look. For the most natural look, choose a color that's close to your own skin tone or slightly lighter. If you prefer a more contrasted look, keep in mind that strong contrasts can be overwhelming to your face, as well as draw more focus to your facial features. It is also important to look at your eye color when deciding on a hair color. If your eyes are golden brown, green, hazel, or light blue, choose a wig with dark or golden browns, chestnut, auburn, or red highlights. If your eye color is dark brown, deep blue/blue-gray, or dark hazel, choose a wig with more natural colors, such as black, brown, and blonde tones.

3. If you want a blonde wig, consider what color your hair was when you were a child. If you were blonde when you were a child, chances are, blonde will also work for you as an adult. To match your current skin tone, choose a shade that’s a little darker than what you had as a child.

4. Looking for highlights? You’ll be happy to discover that both synthetic wig fibers and human hair products are pre-blended with natural looking highlights, designed with a blend of shades that provide a rich, natural-looking color. Golden highlights can help to brighten your complexion and give your skin a more youthful appearance. If your wig is auburn, choose copper highlights to brighten the look. Natural brunettes look best with caramel, and blondes look best with honey tones for highlights.

Buying a wig can be an exciting experience. With wigs, trying new colors can be a faster, easier, less costly experiment and all without damaging to your natural hair. If you frequently wear wigs, or are just making a one-time fashion statement, it’s important to choose a color that matches you and your personality. Once you find your “color”, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling more confident.

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Which Cap Style Is Right For You?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 9:22:02 PM America/New_York

Though there are several types of wig caps available on the market, here we look at the two most common – wefted and monofilament – in more detail.

“Wefted caps”, also known as “capless”, are the most common wig cap constructions, are feature rows of wefts of synthetic fiber or human hair that have been sewn together into the shape of a cap, with no underlying solid cap. Higher end wefted caps feature a lace inset at the crown, which allows the wearer to wear more natural styles as the strands can be brushed in any direction.

A thin weft, where rose of wefts are spaced farther apart, is considered more “breathable”, but often lacks the lace inset at the crown. Unfortunately, the underlying wefting is also sometimes visible when the wig is parted at the top.

The second most common wig cap construction is monofilament, a wefted wig that features an inset of transparent micro-mesh sewn in at the crown, with individual strands of synthetic fiber or human hair hand-tied to the mesh, creating ventilation that prevents the build up of heat and moisture. This construction also allows for more flexibility in styling options. Generally, monofilmanet caps look and behave closest to natural hair, as the hair appears to grow out of a real scalp.

Monofilament wefted wigs were designed specifically for women who had experienced significant hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia, or other medical reasons, as the transparent mesh allows the bare scalp to show through. For this reason, this type of wig is also known as a medical wig.

While there are definite pros and cons to both styles of wig caps, deciding which style is right for you is dependent on personal preferences in regards to fit, styling, and price.

If you won’t be wearing your wig all the time, you might consider the wefted cap construction. These styles are usually less expensive (though if you pay for a cheap wig you are likely to end up with a poor quality product), and while their construction can be comfortable, they are more suited to occasional wear as opposed to daily. In addition, wefted wigs cannot be restyled, and the external part of the cap does not mimic human scalp.

For wig cap that can stand up to daily wear, as well allow the wearer to show off different styles that still look natural, consider a monofilament cap. The quality and craftsmanship involved in constructing monofilament wigs can make these styles restrictively expensive, however, for those who would prefer this style, a part-monofilament cap wig may be the solution. As opposed to the entire cap, only a section of the wig cap, usually around the crown or fringe, is hand-tied, so this portion can be parted or worn in different styles.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Wig

Sunday, July 30, 2017 9:05:13 PM America/New_York

When ready to buy a wig at the market, it is always helpful to look through the facts and find out what could be the advantages and disadvantages of using a wig. This will not only help you properly analyze what you are putting yourself into but will also help you know what the benefits are of having a wig and what will be the drawbacks of owning this commodity. So before you go out to get your own wig or even if you may have already bought one, listed below are a few advantages and disadvantages of using a wig to help you.

It’s always best to start from the bad news, but luckily we don’t have much sad news for you. There are a few disadvantages to a wig and those are listed below:

1. Wigs need a little more care as compared to the natural hair. When we care for our natural hair, we take as many precautions as possible to keep our hair intact and out of harm’s way. Similarly, wigs need special attention. Although we don’t have to treat it with hair creams or masks etc. but we do need to handle them with extreme care.

2. Frequent use of the wig can cause the natural hair to be suffocated or be damaged. The damage can be breakage or thinning caused due to tight braiding or leaving under the wig for long periods of time.

3. It takes a longer time to wear as compared to your natural hair. This is because first you need to wear the wig then style it.

Now it’s time for the good news. We have loads of good news for you.

1. Using a wig saves you the trouble of experimenting with your hair. You do not have to dye your original hair and destroy them with the hair coloring chemicals. Also, if you possess straight hair, you don’t have to trouble your hair to create waves or curls or vice versa.

2. You don’t have to cut your hair short or wait for them to grow. If you possess short hair and do not want to change that or have trouble with hair growth, you can easily buy yourself a wig of the desired length of hair and vice versa. No need to lose your original hair.

3. The wig can help you achieve hairstyles that would otherwise be painful on your real hair or prove damaging to your natural hair.

4. Because wigs are made of human hair, they give a natural feel and look to the wearer leaving you alook you desired to achieve without looking fake.

Even though the price of a human hair wig is slightly higher than a synthetic hair wig, it is a better option when putting to question the durability, realistic look and flexibility to styling. Now that you have the advantages and disadvantaged before you, the choice is all yours.

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4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting to Wear Wigs

Thursday, July 27, 2017 9:04:00 PM America/New_York

“Wigs are, of course, also a great option for anybody who might be experiencing issues with hair loss; a custom wig can be made to look incredibly realistic and to fit the client’s exact requirements, so nobody would ever guess it wasn’t your own hair,” says celebrity wig maker Carl Bembridge.

We’re finding out everything you need to know about wigs.

1. Get professional help

If you want to get the best out of your wig, it’s best to go to an expert. “I would always recommend finding a reputable wigmaker or hairdresser you can trust,” says Carl. “Only a properly-made wig will give you that realistic look and luxurious feel. “Your stylist or wigmaker will understand exactly how to fit it to your head, and will use the best quality hair to ensure your wig looks great.”

2. Avoid synthetic hair

If you want to style your wig yourself, synthetic hair can be tricky as it often can’t have heat applied to it. “It’s so important to use human hair if you want to have a high quality, long-lasting wig,” Carl explains. “This is the only kind of hair that can be dyed and heat-styled.”

3. Attention to detail

Make your wig extra realistic-looking by paying extra attention to the smaller details. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner often opt for a lace-front closure to a seamless finish and fool people into thinking it is in fact your real hair. Think about what colour you want to go for too. A balyage or ombre effect can also help it look more natural.

4. Look after your wig

“A beautiful wig needs to be treated in the same way you’d look after your own hair: with respect and lots of TLC,” Carl says. “Set aside time to wash the wig every few weeks (depending on how often you wear it) – wash it by submerging in a sink of warm, never hot, water, and gently lathering and rinsing. “It’s also worth investing in a mannequin head to dry it on too, so that the wig cap keeps its shape. “I’d always recommend a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to gently cleanse the hair, and stock up on Argan oil – wig hair isn’t living hair anymore, so it requires intense hydration to keep it looking shiny and feeling soft and strong.”

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How to Avoid Lace Wigs from Tangling (Part 2)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 8:50:46 PM America/New_York

Guide to avoid tangle or prevent your human hair wigs from tangling:

8. Do not use products that contain alcohol. Alcohol will dry hair out and damage the delicate structure of the cuticles.

9. Do not use overuse hair products. Adding too much hair products to your front lace wig of full lace wig will lead to a messy, clunky build-up. Excessive use of oils, mousse, gels, and other hair products will cause the hair to tangle, matte, and make the hair look unclean, limp & dull.

10. Do not hold on to dry brittle ends. Pay special attention that you add a little extra leave-in conditioner to the ends of the hair. Sometimes you cannot save the ends, and it’s best to clip or trim the ends off. Cut off the dry, split ends before they split all the way up and cause horrific tangles.

11. Do not blow-dry your wig hair. After washing your hair, allow it to air-dry so the hair will stay smooth & manageable. Blow drying the hair will make it frizz and feel hard & stiff.

12. Do not wear human hair wigs down in hot humid weather or very cold temperatures. Spritz on some extra leave-in conditioner and wear protective styles by putting your hair in a bun or ponytail.

13. Do not swim without protecting your hair. To prevent tangles, it’s best to wear a swimming cap so your front lace wig or full lace wig will not get too much chlorine from a swimming pool or salt water from the beach. Before getting into the water, add a leave-in conditioner and leave hair down. Do not braid hair or wear a ponytail because those styles tend to trap excess chlorine & salt water.

14. Do not go to bed and sleep with wet hair. To prevent your front lace wig or full lace wig from tangling or matting while you’re sleeping, add a leave-in conditioner, and then finger comb or use a wide-toothed comb to work out any tangles. Also, wrap your lace wig with a silk or satin scarf. Or, sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase so your hair will rub against something smooth and not against rough cotton linen which can cause tangles to form overnight.

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How to Avoid Lace Wigs from Tangling (Part 1)

Sunday, July 23, 2017 9:12:35 PM America/New_York

Once you bought an expensive human hair wigs and you are very excited about wearing it. But after just 10 days of wearing your beautiful front lace wig, it begins to tangle, which alarms you & crushes your confidence. you feel so upset,After all, it shouldn't like you went out and bought a cheap synthetic wig at the beauty supply store. You decided to invest in a high quality human hair lace wig because it looks realistic & more natural than a synthetic wig. In addition, buying a good quality human hair wigs would last longer actually save your money in the long run. So you ask yourself: "Why is my expensive Virgin Indian or Virgin Brazilian human hair wigs tangling?" Well ,there could be a number of reasons why your lace unit starts to tangle or matte. Below are some does and don’t in the care & maintenance of your front lace wig along with some solutions to detangle your hair before the tangles start to consume your life & cause you grief. By following the guidelines below, you can prevent your lace wig from tangle or at the very least, keep the tangles to a minimum.

Guide to avoid tangle or prevent your human hair wigs from tangling:

1. Do not wash your human hair wigs with shampoos that contain harsh chemicals or a high ph-balance. Use salon brand moisturizing shampoos that are infused with vitamins herbs and that have a low-ph balance. Normal healthy hair has a ph-balance of 4.5 - 5.5, so buy a shampoo that’s within that range or a little below it. Some shampoos have a very high ph-balance, which will damage the hair and leave it dry dull looking.

2. Do not wash your human hair wigs while it’s on your head. Take the wig off your head, add a little shampoo to a sink of luke-warm water. While holding the top of the cap with one hand, emerse the wig in the water, and gently glide your fingers through the hair, from root to tip to cleanse it. Next, add conditioner to the hair and rinse under a faucet of cool running water. Allow most the water to run off the hair into the sink, and then lightly wrap your lace wig with a thick towel to drain off excess water.

3. Do not lay your wet wig on a flat surface to dry. After washing, place the full lace wig or front lace wig on a wig stand or styrofoam head, and add a light hair moisturizer or leave-in conditioner and finger comb the product throughout the hair. Allow the hair to dry before styling attaching to your head.

4. Do not wash your wig too often and frequently. You should wash your human hair wigs no more than 2 times a week to preserve the strength & health of the hair. Washing too frequently will sap all the life and nutrients out the hair, leaving it dull, brittle, and dry.

5. Do not use a regular comb or brush to style or detangle your lace wig. Use a wide-toothed comb, or a shower comb, or a vent brush to style your lace wig. Do not pull or tug on the hair.

6. Do not brush the front lace wig or full lace wig while it’s wet. Avoid brushing wet hair because the strands will break-off from the base of the cap and leave bald spots on your lace unit. Hair is in its weakest state when wet.

7. Do not use shampoos & hair conditioners in full strength to avoid heavy build-ups. Use an empty container that has a spray pump to make your own diluted shampoo or conditioner, and then apply to hair.

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Curling Synthetic Hair Using Pins

Thursday, July 20, 2017 9:18:59 PM America/New_York

1. Divide and straighten a small section of hair. Gather a small section of your hair and brush it to remove any tangles. Turn on a flat iron to the lowest setting (usually around 250-300 degrees F) and once it's warm, run it through the strand. Continue running the flat iron over the section of hair until the section is smooth and straight. Each section will end up being a curl. For many small curls, keep the sections small. You should also make sure the sections aren't too large or the pin clips won't be able to hold the hair.

2. Use a flat iron to curl the hair. With the flat iron on the lowest setting, run it through the straight strand of hair. Wind the hair backwards away from your face so that the strand curls onto the flat iron. Do this slowly so that the hair curls. Keep the temperature of the flat iron low so that it doesn't melt your synthetic hair. The curl doesn't have to be perfect. You're just getting a basic curl shape that you'll wind and pin to your head.

3. Pin the curl to your head. While the curl is still warm, wrap it tightly around your index finger. Gently slide the curl off of your finger and hold it between your thumb and index finger. The curl will look like a flat, circular twist of hair. Bring the curl to your scalp and pin it to your head using a small metal hair clip. If you want the curls to hold longer, you can spray the curl with hair spray before you wrap and pin them.

4. Pin the rest of your hair and let the curls sit overnight. Straighten, curl and pin the rest of your hair. You may find it easier to curl and pin the hair closest to your temples (if curling a weave). This will keep the hair out of your face. Once you've pinned all of your synthetic hair, let them rest in the pins overnight or at least for several hours. Remove the clips and run your fingers through the curls. To get a more natural look, you can run your fingers in between curls to divide them and give your hair more body.

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Curling Synthetic Hair With Hot Water

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 8:44:33 PM America/New_York

1. Moisturize your synthetic hair. Squirt a little cream-based moisturizer onto the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and run the moisturizer through your synthetic hair. The moisturizer will help the synthetic hair hold the curl. You can also use an olive oil in place of the cream moisturizer.

2. Roll your hair onto perm rods. Determine how large you'd like your curls and lay out several sizes of perm rods. Divide your hair into a small section and roll it up and onto a perm rod. Cap the end so the hair stays tightly wound on the rod. Do this until you've rolled all of your hair onto perm rods. Try to vary the sizes of the perm rods to get different sizes of curls. For a more natural look, keep the curls near your neck and the back of your head larger and looser. Use smaller perm rods for the curls near your face so they're smaller and tighter.

3. Dip the perm rods in hot water. Fill a mug 2/3 full with water and heat it for about 1 minute. Carefully, dip each perm rod with hair into the hot water and hold it in the mug for about 15 to 20 seconds. Lift the perm rod out and dip each of the other perm rods in one at a time. If your water cools, rewarm it and continue dipping the perm rods. Always use caution when handling hot water. If the mug is too hot to handle, wait till it's comfortable to pick up with your bare hands.

4. Let the hair dry. Keep the hair in the perm rods and let them cool and dry completely. They may dry quickly or take a full day to dry, depending on how much hair you wrapped on each curling rod. If you want to sleep with the perm rods in so your curls set overnight, just wear a protective cap. If you're short on time, you could blow dry the hair. Just ensure that the blow dryer is on the lowest setting.

5. Remove the perm rods. Once the hair has dried completely around the perm rods, gently remove them. The curls will probably be tight and springy when pulled. If you'd like them to stay tight and close to your head, just leave them alone. If you'd like the curls to look softer or fluffier, run your fingers through your hair. You can also separate curls into smaller ones. This can make them look softer and add volume to your hair.

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Curling Synthetic Hair With a Curling Iron

Sunday, July 16, 2017 9:12:53 PM America/New_York

Synthetic hair has many benefits, but it is notoriously tricky to curl. This is because synthetic hair is essentially plastic and can melt when exposed to high heat. If you'd like to switch up your style and curl your synthetic wig, extensions or weave, just keep the heat low, dip the hair in hot water, or use pin clips to hold curls in place. You'll find that with a little care, your synthetic hair will hold beautiful curls.

1. Determine if you can curl the hair. If you're using synthetic hair extensions or a wig, read the product label to see if it can be heated. The label should tell you how much heat the synthetic hair can handle. If you're unsure if they can handle the heat or you want to curl your weave, test curl a tiny portion of your hair to see if it melts. If testing to see if the synthetic hair will melt, ensure that you choose a hair that is slightly hidden so that if it does melt, it won't be noticeable.

2. Divide your hair and heat your curling iron. Decide how large you'd like your curls to be and divide your hair into sections. If you'd like small curls, divide your hair into many sections. If you want big curls, divide the hair into a few sections. Use a clip to secure the hair to your head. Turn your curling iron on to the lowest setting which might just be a warming setting (or level "1"). If you'll be curling extensions or a wig, place or secure the hair to a mannequin head.

3. Spray your hair with water. You'll need to wet your hair so that each portion is completely wet, but not dripping with water. You can wet your hands and run your fingers through the hair or you can use a spray bottle to spritz the hair until it's completely wet. Wetting your synthetic hair can prevent it from melting and can help it hold the curl.

4. Curl each portion of your hair. Wrap the preheated curling iron around one wet portion of synthetic hair and curl it up. Hold the curling iron in place until the hair begins to feel warm. Gently slide the curling iron out of the curl. Continue curling the rest of your hair. If you want to get a tighter curl, pin the curl in place against your head until it cools completely. This will also help the curl hold its shape longer.

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When were wigs invented?

Thursday, July 13, 2017 8:59:14 PM America/New_York

Wigs used as an artificial substitute for hair first appeared way back in ancient history. Early man sought to resemble strong and ferocious animals, so they decorated their heads with wreaths of grass and leaves as well as animal hair and bird feathers. In fact, these were the first wigs.

In Ancient Egypt, before a child would reach maturity, they would cut off all of their hair and offer it as a sacrifice to the gods. Nobles wore several wigs at once creating a layer of air between them and preventing them from getting sun stroke. The hairstyles of the Egyptian wigs were metrical in their form and usually round. The visible parts of the most valuable Egyptian wigs were made from real human hair. In order to make it more luscious and full, they wrapped it with brown-red fibers of Phoenix palms.

In the middle of the third millennium B.C., the Egyptian fashion for artificial hair spread to the Far East and the Mediterranean. Persian kings wore wigs of quality equivalent to the likes of Egyptian farrows. Out of Persia, a new fashion spread into Ancient Greece. Wigs were used most for plays and theatrical performances. Oddly enough, bright artificial hair was worn only by prostitutes, while dark hair was considered a sign of honesty and thriftiness.

Louis XIV was the first man to start wearing artificial hair after the church banned it. After that, with a special decree, he ordered everyone else in his court to wear them as well. They fulfilled the order, making the age of Louis XIV the era of the wigs. Naturally, the entourage of kings wore wigs known by the names of “lap dog” and “poodle” that were smaller than Louis’ wigs. Before the sun king, more than 45 different kinds of wigs existed.

Men who had respect for themselves owned at least three wigs at a minimum. These included a black wig for the morning, red for the day, and a light wig for the evening. If they could not get artificially white hair, then they sprinkled the dark-haired wigs with light powder or flour. France became the European center of wig production. The most valuable wig was the so-called “Allonge” wig, made out of the hair of blond women. They cost up to 3,000 crowns and only the members of the royal family had the right to wear these wigs. Women liked this fashion and the servants took to wearing them as a duty. While those who were more religious did not accept this fashion at all.

At the time of the Bourgeois Revolution of 1789, they banned the white-powdered wigs. Those who were condemned to death by the guillotine had their head shaved in a spooky fashion called the “victim” where only the hair on their temples was left on.

In the 80’s, wigs made of natural hair came back into fashion. This was great for women as they did not have to spend their mornings getting their hair into shape.

Nowadays, wigs have taken on a second life in the forms of natural, artificially straight, curly, naturally-colored, and unexpectedly bright-colored wigs. Wigs today offer the easiest way of changing your image for a period of time without actually making any changes to your looks.

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How to Care for A Natural Hair Wig?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 9:16:17 PM America/New_York

If you've just invested in a wig, good for you! Wigs can be a lot of fun to wear whether you're donning one to hide thinning hair or just to change up your look. That being said, the first thing you'll need to know is how to take care of your wig properly and there are several things to consider if you want it to always look as great as it did the day you bought it. You'll need to know about curling the wig, drying it, keeping it protected from the sun, which kind of wig needs what kind of cleaning, how do you style it or brush it and more. Following are just a few of the basics you'll need to know regarding how to care for a wig properly.

You will not need special hair care products for natural wigs care – products that you use for your natural hair (normal hair) will fit for human hair wigs care.

Wig preparation (brushing):

Put a wig on a special wig stand.

Gently spread out hair bundles with your fingers.

Gently brush wig’s hair with rare-tooth comb or fingers. Do not touch a wig cap. Brush from hair ends in the direction of hair roots.

Wig washing:

You should consider washing your wig around the tenth time you wear it. This recommendation will vary depending on just how dirty your wig gets or the kind of venues you are wearing it to. Where you go and what you do, including weather conditions and how much you perspire will weigh heavily on how often you clean it.

Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs both should be washed at about the same frequency however the way in which you cleanse them will be vastly different.

Human hair wigs need to be detangled rinsed in cold water and then massaged with shampoo much like real hair. You'll need to make sure that the shampoo is lathered in evenly throughout the whole wig. When you are finished, rinse the hair and make sure the water flows in the same direction throughout the wig so it doesn't get tangled. When you are done with a full rinse you can gently dry it with a towel and condition the wig. Follow by rinsing in the same manner, dry with a towel lightly and allow it to air dry for the next day.

Wig nourishment:

If you want to have silky and shiny wig’s hair, use hair balsam.

Also use hair conditioner – rinse onto hair or soak in cool water for 15-30 min. You can leave unwashed conditioner on hair.

Wig drying:

Put the soaking wig in a soft loopy towel and gently drain, but not wring.

Wet wig can be dried by hairdryer or left to dry on a towel in room temperature. The latter drying way is much better.

Wig holding and protection:

Hold the wig far from heating devices, open fire and other high temperature sources.

If you wear the wig daily, hold it on a special wig stand or model.

If you wear the wig rarely, completely dry wig could be kept in paper box or package.

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How to Cut Extra Lace

Sunday, July 9, 2017 9:12:00 PM America/New_York

Creating a lace front wig is a long, meticulous process that can take several hours to several days. Once the wig is complete, the excess lace that hangs over the forehead must be trimmed back into the wig for the most natural look. This is a delicate process that takes a steady hand, a good pair of scissors and a lot of patience. Since a lace front wig does not reach all the way around to the nape of the neck, this process will be shorter and a little easier than a full wig. Here are the instructions:

1. Find the center of the front of the lace wig and slide the thin hair clip vertically to mark the position. There should be two even lace pieces on each side of the clip.

2. Clip the hair on either side of the center-marking clip back using the two large hair clips. This will keep any stray hairs from being cut.

3. Cut away about a quarter-inch of the lace all around the front and sides of the wig. Do this using long, fluid scissor strokes to avoid jagged edges. It is best to cut away small portions of lace instead of all of it at once, since cutting away too much lace will ruin the wig.

4. Remove the center-marking clip. Keep the hair clipped back, adjusting the clips as necessary.

5. Cut the lace back towards the beginning of the hairline in the front. The lace that is on the forehead will be the most visible, so it should be cut back all the way to the hairline. Pull the lace tight with your fingers while cutting to ensure even, smooth strokes.

6. Trim the sides of the lace front wig so that only about an eighth-inch of lace protrudes out from under the hairline. It is not necessary to cut the lace all the way back on the sides, since this part is not as visible as the forehead area.

7. Double check the trimmed lace to ensure that there are no jagged edges. Make sure the lace is cut completely even, especially around the forehead area.

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Reasons Why Black Women Choose to Wear Straight Hair

Thursday, July 6, 2017 8:54:37 PM America/New_York

Hair is just one of the many things that black women have to defend themselves over on a consistent basis. Whether it’s braided hair, straight hair, red hair, or blue hair, black women are seemingly judged for it all. The kicker is that while black women are shamed for the hair trends they start, non-black women with the same hairstyles are praised, photographed, and preserved in the Smithsonian. In people's minds, non-black women can wear locs, braids, and afros because black women get relaxers and extensions. But is there an actual equivalency between the two? In order to determine this, we have to understand why black women wear straight hair. Here are just four of the many reasons.

1. Extensions or wigs are a part of artistic expression.

Ask any hair vlogger, black hair is sensitive stuff. You can permanently change your natural hair texture just by adding color. Sleeping without a silk something (bonnet, wrap, or pillow) will knot up the ends of the hair and lead to breakage. Black hair thrives on the expensive and organic products (argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil etc.), for most people, it doesn’t click with the 99 cent brands. Because of these reasons, some women turn to wigs and extensions to live out their wildest hair dreams. You see, wigs don’t know the difference between VO5 and Versace. They’re perfectly comfortable being cherry red on Monday and chartreuse for the weekend. Wigs and extensions can be cut without a second thought. So for the women who wear them, extensions and wigs are a form of artistic expression.

2. Two words: protective styling.

As stated above, black hair is sensitive. It thrives with two things: moisture and low manipulation. For some black women, wigs are a form of protective styling. Braiding the natural hair and putting a wig over it is, sometimes, the best way to care for it. Especially in the winter when the cold air can strip extra moisture from the hair.

3: Assimilation is not appropriation.

What people don’t seem to understand is that for some black women, wearing their hair as it naturally comes out of their head is illegal. In an article for Bronze Magazine, Femi Sobowale talks about a school’s attempt to ban afro puffs. Just recently a federal court decided it was fair for employers to discriminate against dreadlocks. In South Africa, a group of girls at Pretoria Girls High had to protest to change an unwritten school policy that punished them for afros. Pay attention to the amount of backlash black girls and women receive for natural hair and it suddenly comes as no surprise that some women would seek to change the way their hair looks.

4: It’s none of your business.

Unless it’s the hair that is coming out of your own head, it really is none of your business. Yes it’s arguable that Eurocentric beauty standards have shaped what society sees as acceptable. Yes those changes can have negative psychological effects on anyone who doesn’t naturally have straight and sleek hair. However, instead of focusing the conversation on the black woman who has straight hair, the focus should instead be on the institutions that make straight and sleek hair the only viable option. Oftentimes, we’ll see opinion articles asking black women to embrace their natural hair and love themselves more. But those opinions don’t mean anything without an analysis of the society that surrounds the black woman. This a society that damns black women for natural hair, damns them for straight hair, and even damns them for having no hair. When Marc Jacobs, or any of his supporters, writes that non-black women can wear locs because black women wear wigs, all he is doing is definitively stating that he doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a black woman in this world. And if that is the case, maybe he shouldn’t appropriate their hairstyles.

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Is It Beneficial to Wear A Wig?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 9:18:09 PM America/New_York

Wearing a wig is completely a personal preference. Often there is someone who will ask whether it is beneficial to wear a wig. Is this also a problem? Maybe it is. So applying Hamlet’s tone: to wear, or not to wear? That is the question! However, before answering this question, we must find out the significance of the existence of a wig.

For the people who are suffering from hair loss or other hair diseases, wig is an alternative tool to hide or remedy their defects. They care much about how other people look at their hair, so they usually wear a wig to make themselves look like a normal person as much as possible. While there is another crowd of people who have a strong demand for wigs, but they don’t have any physical defects on hair. The only reason that makes them mad about wigs is that this article can satisfy their needs of changing style on some special occasions. Most of them are females that are always pursuing beauty and fashion.

Now, let’s take a look at the shortcomings of wigs compared with real hair. A wig is just like a cap, which will make one’s scalp hot if the weather is not so cool. Many wigs are made from synthetic hair, which can sometimes react with the skin and cause the scalp to sweat more than usual. Thus, the scalp will speed up metabolism and secrete more oil. However, it is very hard for the scalp to breathe freely when wearing a wig. The sweat that was not been excreted will block hair follicles, causing a prickly rash on the skin and even hair loss. The oil secreted from hair follicles will also make your hair greasy and create more scurf.

In addition, you can not swim or do some strenuous exercise when you are wearing a wig. If that, your wig may leave its place. Besides, windy weather can be a nightmare for a wig-wearer. Don’t ask why. I think you must have seen a performance that a beauty running after a wig.

Although wigs have so many shortcomings and limitations, we can not deny its role in helping a person look more natural and beautiful. Most wigs on market are not human hair. These wigs will definitely harm one’s scalp if wearing a long time. So for the sake of health, you’d better choose a soft and breathable wig. However, if you are a wig-wearer that pursues fashion and only wears for a short time, you can choose a cheaper one.

Every night after you take off your wig, remember to wash your head. Thus it will remove the oil and dirt, keeping the scalp and hair clean and cool. Meanwhile, ensure the wig to be neat and tidy. For long time storage, put it into a box or a plastic bag in case of dust.

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Can I Wear A Wig in Summer?

Sunday, July 2, 2017 9:30:36 PM America/New_York

In the eyes of many people, wearing a wig every day can be uncomfortable, especially in hot summer. “I wear a lot of lace front wigs, and some brands have thicker lace than others. In such hot weather, the lace was stabbing me in the forehead all day, so I have to toss out a beautiful wig as it was too thick and uncomfortable.” We often hear such complaints from ladies in summer. It appears that wearing a wig in summer can be a pain, but is there indeed nothing we can do to deal with it? Believe me, nothing can nonplus a person who desires to look attractive.

Although there are many unfavorable factors in wearing a wig during the hot summer, wig makers have made massive improvements in base construction to produce more air flow in a wig. With the right wig base, or wig cap, you can look great and feel cool. Wig bases come in a variety of materials and styles, and most can be adjusted to fit your head snugly. For example, a mono-top or mono-filament wig base creates a very natural appearance, but it can be very warm (even very hot in summer) on your scalp because it is not ventilated. So to try a capless base for a cooler wig as the open construction makes it lighter and cooler than ever, allowing air flowing freely.

Wigs are available in synthetic and human hair types. Both types come in many colors, and can be cut and styled to suit you. Synthetic hair always holds it style, even if you get sweaty or someone splashes water on you. A lightweight synthetic wig with a capless base can stay relatively cool on your scalp. While human hair wigs can be styled and restyled after each shampoo, so they can look and drape just like your natural hair. But these are often heavy and hot in warm weather. If you are concerned about scalp irritation, try a synthetic wig that is lightweight.

In addition, there are other methods to solve this problem. As we know that nobody will be willing to flaunt own buzz cut or bare scalp, so you can try a stretchy cotton skullcap on your head. A stretchy cotton skullcap can help absorb sweat and prevent skin irritation. While it is easy to hand wash and will dry overnight. Besides, a fishnet cap is also naturally ventilated and prevents your wig from slipping out of place. Moreover, you can use a sprinkle of baby powder on your scalp before you put your wig on for the day. The cornstarch will soak up perspiration and keep you feeling fresh, while won’t cause your skin dry.

However, if the weather is extremely hot, skip the tips above. You can wear a straw hat with a cotton liner, to which you can add bands, a ponytail, or a halo wig. Or else, choosing a natural fabric scarf or turban can also look great and feel good on a hot day.

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How Does A Men Wear A Wig?

Thursday, June 29, 2017 9:35:27 PM America/New_York

Wigs can help you completely change your look or deal with hair loss. And at the same time, it is an ideal way to change up your hairstyle without taking drastic measures with your own hair. The seamless look usually makes the wearer feel comfortable and confident in their new look. So it is very necessary for you to learn more tips about how to wear a wig properly. Only in this way can you be able to make the right choice for the look you want, and get compliments for your beautiful hair that looks perfectly natural.

Nowadays, quality wigs are often crafted to look like real hair, and some even use real hair. If you prefer to a natural look on your hair, wearing the wig properly, that is, securely and evenly on your head to hide the scalp, is of great importance, instead of throwing it on top your head, especially when you want to change the hairstyles without having to spend hours in the salon, especially for men whose hair is usually short under common cases.

Therefore, the foremost step for men to wear a wig is to secure your original hair as closely to the scalp as possible, so that the wig caps could make the hair hidden well beneath the wig. And thus the wig could be stretched over the scalp for a straight and natural looking. Compared with the long hair of most women, the short hair of men is a bit easier to conceal under the wig since there is less to hide. Surely, please make sure that the wig is the proper size for your head before wearing it at the beginning.

A wig cap is a thin and stretchy cap that can hold hair in place and smooth out the hair to create an even surface. Then the wig can be clipped to the wig cap to hold it in place. When putting on a wig cap, the process should move from front to back. You should position the wig cap on the forehead and slowly stretch it across the top of head. Once the cap is in position and smoothed out, the extra hair (if there is), should be tucked under the edges. The wig cap can be pinned to the hair to prevent it from sliding, if needed.

A wig can be any color you want for any specific occasion. If you want a natural look, you’ll have to accept some restrictions when it comes to the color of your wig. To decrease the possibilities of your hair looking fake, simply start with your natural hair color or change your color based on seasons, for example, with darker shades in the colder months and lighter for spring or summer. If it’s possible, using your natural hair to disguise a wig is another great tip. Of course, your natural hair should match the wig’s color exactly.

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Different Types of Wig Caps

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 9:15:09 PM America/New_York

In modern times, wigs have become one of the most popular styles in hair industry. Many women will agree that although they love buying wigs for a variety of reason, they would still prefer to keep their wig wearing a secret. For those of you wig wears who are considering purchasing a wig, there is a lot to learn about the types of the wig caps. When you step into a wig store, you will find that there are many kinds of wig caps, such as the traditional weft cap, the open wig cap, the monofilament caps, the 100% hand tied cap and the lace front cap etc.

The traditional weft cap, sometimes also referred to as classic or standard cap, is a weft construction where synthetic hair is machine or hand sewn into strips of material. A “weft” is the narrow strip of material that has hair, all going in the same direction. There strips are interconnected in horizontal planes going back and forth over the entire cap. This provides overlapping layers of hair and simulates natural hair growth.

One variation on the standard weft cap construction is the open wig cap. As the name states, the wefts are less dense and have a bit more space between them. This provides a lighter weight cap with better air circulation. Many women who wear wigs for medical reasons prefer an open wig cap, because they will more likely wear their wigs for longer periods of time.

As for the monofilament caps , there are a number of variations in monofilament design construction. Monofilament top with 100% hand tied base features monofilament in the top area and a 100% hand tied base, resulting in the most natural looking for the entire wig. While the double monofilament top wig has an extra layer of monofilament to protect people with sensitive scalps. Monofilament top which is sometimes referred to as a mono-top, features monofilament in the top area, allowing the flexibility of parting the hair on the left or the right or in the center.

While 100% hand tied cap is the premier of all wig cap types. A 100% hand tied cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is separated. The entire cap, front, crown, sides and back, is hand tied, not just a specific area. Quality 100% hand tied cap construction imitates most successfully the natural movement of real hair.

Lace front cap is the only cap construction that permits a natural looking hairline. When combined with monofilament 100% hand tied caps, lace front wigs are typically the most expensive and most natural looking wigs. Depending upon the wig manufacturer, the “lace front” may extend from temple to temple or from ear to ear. With new advancements in lace front design, there will be no need to use tape or adhesive on the lace front caps.

Generally, any of these wig caps has its advantage and different kinds of cap suit for different person. Being more knowledgeable about wig caps would help you choose a wig that is more comfortable and better suited to your needs.

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How to Stay Cool in A Wig

Sunday, June 25, 2017 9:18:14 PM America/New_York

With the temperatures climb, it is getting warmer and warmer, but with the right wig, you can still stay cool. We are receiving lots of emails about ways to stay cool while wearing a hair replacement system.

1. Choose short wig

Wigs are available in a wide variety of styles. Some people may choose long styles for a number of reasons, but these hair pieces are also much hotter. When you are looking for a cooler option, there are plenty of cute short styles to choose from. Try a shorter hairdo or layers to lighten things up. Short wigs make summer a breeze by keeping hair off of your neck and shoulders. In addition, short wigs are lighter weight and are easier to style and maintain.

2. Braid long wig

Something as simple as switching up your hairstyle can make wearing a wig in the summer feel better. Whether you only have long hair pieces or you just prefer longer hair, braiding your wig can be the ideal option for staying comfortable this summer. Try pulling your hair up into a ponytail or using pins to secure hair up and away from your neck. Ponytails don’t often work well for wigs because they can create an unnatural look. Braids look more natural, allowing you to control your longer hair and keep cool.

3. Try a hand-tied wig

If you’re currently wearing a wafted system I urge you to schedule a free consultation to take a look at an all hand-tied hair replacement system. Hand-tied wigs are lighter, the construction is more breathable and it makes a huge difference in your comfort level – especially on hot days.

4. Try a lighter color

Dark hair replacement pieces may be your typical style, but summer is a great time to try something new. Consider buying hair pieces in lighter shades to wear when the weather is hot. The lighter colors won’t absorb the heat of the sun and can create a fun new look.

5. Wear a Capless Wig

Capless wigs offer better air ventilation because the cap is designed with open wafting, which provides a cooler and more comfortable wig wearing experience. Capless wigs are a great way to keep your head cool in the warmer summer months because they are among the lightest wigs available, and the open wafting throughout the cap helps provide maximum ventilation.

6. Avoid direct heat

If you are spending a lot of time outside this summer, it may be difficult to avoid direct sunlight, which can cause damage to wigs. Wearing a hat or a scarf can make a major difference in your comfort level while wearing one of these hair pieces. A cap that’s lightweight and can help wick away moisture will help you feel cooler and more comfortable when you’re out in the sun and heat. A different cap can also allow for more airflow and make your wig more breathable. In addition, don’t store your hair replacement pieces where they will be exposed to excessive heat, such as near a window or in your car.

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How to Wash A Synthetic Curly Wig?

Thursday, June 22, 2017 9:01:50 PM America/New_York

Beauty trends are always changing from year to year. But in all variations of beauty, hairstyles seem fairly consistent. For those who are suffering from hair loss or graying hair, wigs could be great accessories to have on hand, as they can be worn effortlessly with almost no preparation. While the wig care, particularly when washing a synthetic curly wig, always troubles many people. In order to properly wash a wig, careful steps must be taken.

As for the synthetic curly wig, just follow a few simple steps, any women can easily prolong the lifespan of her wig, and keep it in an excellent condition. In normal cases, synthetic curly wigs are manufactured from very fine plastic filaments. These wigs are generally not as high quality as human hair, but the stiffness of the synthetic filaments allow them to hold styles with greater ease. Therefore, although the procedure for washing a wig made of either synthetic or human hair is almost the same, you can’t overlook the details.

Firstly, you should brush out the fibers of the synthetic curly wig in the washing process. Without brushing the wig, tangles and knots are only made worse once the wig is washed in water. Using a wig brush, a wide-tooth comb, or simply one’s fingers, gently brush out the wig’s fibers. Remember, the most effective method is to begin at the tips of the hair, carefully combing in a downward motion. Then slowly work up the hairs to the wig’s roots, until the entire wig has been thoroughly brushed.

After that, bathing the wig in water and shampooing it is the second step. A sink or bathtub should be filled with lukewarm water. Any temperature higher than that can damage the wig’s fibers. The hair piece should be submerged in the water, so that all of the hair, along with the wig cap, is completely wet. Once removed from the water, a small amount of wig shampoo should be applied to the washer’s hand. The shampoo should then be evenly distributed all the way from the roots to the tips. Besides, lightly rub the another dab of shampoo along the inside of the wig’s cap, but avoid the wig’s scalp, as this can loosen the knots holding the fibers in place.

Then rinse it and dry it correctly. Once the shampoo has been applied throughout the wig and its cap, it must be carefully rinsed with, preferably, cold water. The water should flow in the direction of the wig’s hair, from root to tip. If water flows in any other direction, tangling can easily occur. The wig must be rinsed thoroughly to ensure that no shampoo is left in the fibers, as the leftover of product can lead to a greasy, matted look. In the process of drying it, avoid the use of hair dryers, as the heat can cause extreme damage, even ruin the entire wig. You should dry it in the air in an upright position.

Caring for a synthetic curly wig needs particular attention to detail. But by knowing what equipment is required and thoroughly comprehending the steps above, you can easily make your wig look healthy and new.

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How to Untangle A Wig

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 8:54:29 PM America/New_York

Many wigs are easily getting tangled. What’s the best way to untangle it?

Firstly, let us see what things you need prepare: A hairbrush, a steamer, curling irons or flat irons. You can attach your wig somewhere you can comb it and it will not move. Then divide your wig into sections, leaving about a small handful of hair per section. Start combing your hair with your fingers, not with a hairbrush. With using a hairbrush you would be creating an extremely tangled mess, which would result with you throwing the wig away. When your fingers get stuck, try to gently open them without applying any excessive strength. This is the most time demanding part, but you need to keep going until your fingers can run through the section of hair without actually getting stuck anywhere. If you encounter any tough tangles that have formed into a ball, just cut them out. It saves you time and 1-5 strands of hair won’t make that much of a difference.

When your fingers run through the hair without getting stuck, it’s time for the hair brushing. Start with the ends, and move upwards. Do about 1-2 inches of hair at the time to avoid getting new tangles. The hair fill look absolutely terrible and fuzzy at first, but that’s normal. All you’re doing is getting the small tangles out.

Then you want to bring the steamer, or if you don’t have one – a flat ironer and something to lightly wet the hair with. The strands of fibers that are used to create a synthetic wig can become easily tangled and matted if you don’t properly care for the wig. One of the quickest ways to tangle your wig is to neglect to comb it after pulling it off and after washing it and forgetting to store it inside of the net that came with it. The good thing is that with a little time and attention, your wig can be restored into a hairpiece that you will love to wear again.

Avoid washing your wig while it is tangled. Doing so will only cause it to become more tangled.

Spray your synthetic wig with a detangling spray. The more spray you apply, the easier it will be to untangle. your wig on a flat working surface. If you like, you can lay it on your lap. Use a wide-tooth comb to begin combing the tangles out of your wig. Work your way from the ends of the wig strands to the top of the wig strands. Starting at the top and working your way down will only result in more of a tangled mess. Add more detangling spray as you deem necessary.

Refrain from pulling the comb forcefully through the tangles. Pulling will not only pull the hair off of the “tracks” of the wig but the pulling will also cause the synthetic hair to become frizzy. Though combing gently and slowly will take longer, it’s worth it. Spray your synthetic wig with a light oil sheen to restore luster that was lost while getting rid of the tangles.

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How to Style A Human Hair Wig

Sunday, June 18, 2017 8:58:01 PM America/New_York

No matter what the reasons you choose a wig, for fashion or to disguise hair loss, you can feel confident in your choice. While as the time goes on, some people also want to keep the pace with the newest hairstyles or make their hair wig more natural, so they would turn to style their hair wig.

As the hairs in human hair wig can’t absorb the natural oils and nutrients from the scalp, they’re not strong as the hair on your head. Meanwhile, as the hairs in your wig are bonded with strong glue, or tied together, they’re easily loosed from the rest of the wig if styling the human hair wig incorrectly.

So how to style a human hair wig, if you want to remain it in pristine condition as long as possible?

Before styling a human hair wig, you need to make sure that what the origin of the wig is. Why? If for European hair, it’s better for curls and texture; If for Asian hair, it’s much more suitable to straighter styles.

Besides, it is also important to find out whether your human hair wig is 100% human hair, or it’s a mix of human hair and synthetic or special fiber

Once you have got the idea of your human hair wig origin and which style is better suited to the hair, you can start to style your human hair wig while referring to the detailed instructions.

Tips on How to Style A Human Hair Wig Better:

1. If you don’t like to use heated styling products, the easiest time to style your wig is your wig is still wet after washing, as wet hair is a lot easier to style than dry hair;

2. If using heated styling products, you’d better make sure the hair is thoroughly dry before that;

3. When the hair is washed and/or dried, comb through the hair with a detangling comb while placing it on the wig stand (easier to style your human hair wig);

4. Do avoid combing or styling the roots or base of the wig.

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How to Make A Synthetic Wig Look New Again?

Thursday, June 15, 2017 9:08:56 PM America/New_York

Synthetic wigs, just like authentic human hair, can become dirty and dull over time without proper care. A fashionable synthetic wig can help you attract the attention of many people, and even make you the envy of everyone who meets you. But having a wig is one thing, while maintaining its lifespan and keeping it in an excellent condition is for another. If you do some research, you will find that making a synthetic wig look new again is not as difficult as you imagined.

Compared to the real human hair wigs, the synthetic wigs are kinda of financially friendly alternatives, but they do have their downsides. One huge drawback of synthetic wigs is that they tend to lose shape and style when the synthetic fibers develop static electricity. Basically, static electricity is caused by negatively charged ions and occurs when these ions accumulate, especially in dry environment. While wigs don’t have real moisture like human hair, so they tend to be very dry. In this case, a fabric softener will play an important role in dealing with this problem.

The fabric softener contains chemicals that have a positive charge, creating a balance between the positive and negative charges. Thus the fabric softener acts as a great conditioning agent, eliminating static electricity in synthetic wigs. Besides, there is also another way to combat the static electricity. You can try to moisturize the synthetic hair all the time. Once the fibers in the wig are no longer dry, static electricity is under control, frizz and tangles are prevented. In order to keep moisture, you must care for the synthetic wig in a proper way.

First of all, you should place the wig on the head mannequin or something else, and brush the hair with a wig brush, a wide-tooth comb, or simply one’s fingers. For a knotted or matted wig, start at the ends of the hair, then slowly work up to the wig’s roots, combing 1 inch of hair at a time. After that, fill a sink with cold water and add a small amount of wig shampoo. Submerge the wig and agitate for about 2 minutes. Do not rub the wig or use hot water, as this can cause hair to fall out.

Then rinse the wig thoroughly under a faucet with cold water. After all of the soap is out, gently towel the wig and place it on the top of a can of hairspray to air-dry. In this process, don’t use the mannequin head for drying, as this could stretch the cap. After the wig has dried completely, place it on the head mannequin and spray a small amount of synthetic wig conditioning spray on the wig, brushing and styling it as you desire.

At this time, the static electricity has already been eliminated and frizz or mess has also been prevented. What you should do is just to have a professional hairdresser to cut or trim the wig. Don’t attempt to cut the wig yourself if you are not an experienced professional. At last, spray the hair lightly with wig hair spray to set the style and your synthetic wig will look like a new one again.

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Can People with Long Hair Wear A Wig?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 9:02:29 PM America/New_York

Many long-haired beauties will occasionally imagine that what if I am short-haired. It appears very samey to wear long hair all the time. But at the same time, they are not willing to get their pretty waterfall cut. So they buy some different types of wigs to accompany their changeable moods. But how to put all your long hair under the small wig, while it looks like natural hair?

First of all, you should fix your hair to avoid making lumps or uneven places once you have your wig on. Nothing looks weirder than people easily recognize you’re wearing a wig at first glance. You must make sure that all your natural hair is pulled back from your hairline so it won’t be visible under the wig, especially when it is the long hair. If your hair is long enough, you can wet your hair thoroughly and separate the hair into 2 pieces and twist them. Then cross the 2 pieces behind your head and attach them with bobby pins.

If your hair is too long and too thick, you can grab a 1 inch wide portion of your hair and twist it. Then wrap the end around your forefinger to curl the strand. Once all the hair is in the curl, pin it with 2 bobby pins, making an X over the curl. Afterwards do this for the entirety of your hair in the same way and this will give you a smooth surface on which to apply your wig.

After this, choose a proper wig cap for yourself. As for the color, you’d better use a wig cap that is close to the color of wig you are going to wear. Then stretch the wig cap over your head, starting from the nape, pulling it on toward the front. This idea is to have the hair lay as flat to the head as possible. In this process, stuff as much of your hair as possible down toward the back of your neck, but make sure it’s still contained by the wig cap.

After you have the wig cap on, put on the wig from front to back. Hold the wig with both hands and place the wig’s scalp line against your forehead, just above your eyebrows. Tilt your head forward as you slowly stretch the sides of the wig down over your wig cap. The wig will stretch to accommodate any extra hair that you’ve stuffed into the back of your wig cap. If you are concerned the wig may slip, there are usually a pair of elastics that hook together. You can clip them together for extra security, though they can be uncomfortably tight, so use at your own discretion.

At last, test how well you’ve applied the wig by jumping up and down, shaking your head vigorously from side to side. However, if you don’t understand the methods above, get yourself to a salon and ask the stylist to do it for you. And it will really make a huge difference in the way you look.

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How To Make Your Synthetic Wig Look Real

Sunday, June 11, 2017 9:09:30 PM America/New_York

Although society’s recent obsession with wigs has become popular in the recent years due to celebrity wig-wearers, the fascination with wigs originated with the Egyptians in 2700 B.C.E. Like modern day, Egyptians had the option of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. While the Egyptians didn’t have access to plastic fibers to make synthetic wigs, they did use wool and leaf fibers to curate more affordable wigs options. Wigs might date back thousands of years; however, this is one fashion statement that has yet to go out of season.

Today, there are many reasons that could make someone choose to wear a wig. Whether you want to protect your natural hair from heat damage, you have experienced hair loss, or you simply want to alter your look from time to time, wigs are a versatile and functional fashion accessory.

From Kylie Jenner to your neighbor, everyone is wigging out about wigs. However, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on one to look like your best self in a cheap wig. While the most inexpensive natural human hair wig can be a bit beyond a college student’s budget, synthetic wigs are an affordable alternative. Though synthetic wigs can look surprisingly realistic and some are even heat-resistant, it can seem a bit ambitious to wear a $15 Halloween wig during a girls’ night out. Thankfully, there are a few simple and cost-efficient tricks that can help you make any synthetic wig wearable

1. Get Rid Of The Shine

While we aspire for effortless shine in our natural hair, wigs (especially synthetic wigs) can be a bit too shiny. Because synthetic wigs are typically made from plastic fibers, their gleam can be just that — plasticy. However, there are two simple methods that you can use to make your artificial hairdo’s sheen more natural, and it’s likely that you have both of these supplies in your apartment right now.

Baby powder can help dull your wig’s luster. Dust half a handful of baby powder on your wig and brush it through your faux locks with a wig brush or your fingertips.

Dry shampoo can be a less messy alternative to baby powder. While baby powder won’t make your wig look messy, it could make your bathroom counter top look like an episode of Narcos. You only need to spritz some dry shampoo on each layer of your wig and the artificial factitious shine is gone.

2. Stick To Your Roots

At times it can be tricky to line up the front of your wig with your hairline, especially when you have a widow’s peak. It can be even more laborious to find the position for your wig when your wig is a completely different color from your real hair. Buying a wig with roots similar to your current hair color will make your wig look more natural without having to do any additional work.

3. Give It A Quick Snip

A lot of wigs seem unnatural because they just look too perfect. After all, who doesn’t have an unhealthy amount of baby hairs? Baby hairs aren’t particularly common in wigs; however, there is a painless way to mend this problem, so take some scissors and cut some random strands of hair toward the front of your wig.

4. Add Your Wig To Your Makeup Routine

Use a makeup brush, a q-tip, or your pinky and pat a bit of your concealer onto the hairline of your wig. Typically the lace cap on a wig can differ greatly from your actual scalps’ hue. The concealer that you use under your eyes will more closely match the color of your natural hair line, which will help disguise where your wig starts and your forehead begins.

If you choose to place the front of your wig before your hairline begins to incorporate your real hair into your style, then you might notice that there are some patches on your wig’s base that don’t match your natural hair color. If this is the case, you can use a foundation brush and some eyebrow pomade to paint these seemingly “bald” patches of your wig.

The moral of this article, is that fashion is work. You can’t simply take a wig out of its packaging and expect it to look effortlessly beautiful. Granted, these four tips don’t require much labor at all.

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Tips on Buying Wigs

Thursday, June 8, 2017 9:37:21 PM America/New_York

Are you thinking of buying a wig and want to get a good one but do not know what to look out for in a good wig? Then these wig buying tips will provide you with some useful information that you can use to find the right wigs for you. When you are choosing a wig to buy there are many things that need to be taken into account in order to find the right one suitable for you.

Whether you've decided to buy a wig out of necessity or to jazz up your look, you'll find that they're a wonderful, hassle free way to have beautiful hair. Before you buy there are several things you'll want to take into consideration when it comes to selecting the right one for you. The following wig buying tips will help you pick out the wig that brings out your best features and will make your new adventure into wearing wigs an exceptional one.

Tip 1: When you will select wig’s style, take into account the shape of your face. Oval shaped faces can wear just about any wig style. If you have a square shaped face you'll want to choose a longer wig with layers and curly wigs styles are perfect with oblong shaped faces. If you have a heart shaped face, a chin length wig will be perfect, especially with a little added height.

Tip 2: Go with a wig style that best fits your needs and your lifestyle. Match wig’s style to your profession and wearing occasion.

Tip 3: It's important to choose the right size to make sure that you get the perfect fit. Get the volume of your head properly measured. Make sure that a wig comfortable fit your head.

Tip 4: Match wig’s hair colour to your natural hair, skin tone, eyes colour. Try out different colors and shades. Using your eyebrows as a guide, choose a color that suits your skin tone. To add a bit of flair, go with a wig that has some highlights which will give the color you choose dimension. You can go for more contrast if you're looking for something more striking; just be sure that the contrast works well with your facial features.

Tip 5: Pick natural or synthetic wig. Both natural and synthetic wigs come with their own set of benefits. Human hair wigs are more expensive and will need to be professionally styled before wearing which isn't a bad thing because it allows for flexibility. If you want to have a more natural look then opt for a natural wig. The added benefit of this is that you will be able to style your wig just like you would normal hair. Synthetic wigs are easier to care for than human hair wigs and are pre-styled and ready for wear.

Tip 6: Thoroughly pick a wig’s cap. Look at the construction of the cap. Caps are extremely versatile and come in a variety of hand stitched, high quality options. Capless wig choices employ a honey comb design offering better ventilation and you can pull your real hair through.

Tip 7: Anchoring Options. Anchoring your wig will ensure that you don't lose your wig during wear. There are a number of anchoring options available and a lot of wigs come with adjustable straps or fasteners in the back, and in most cases tape tabs around the ears and hairline provide added security. If you're losing or have lost your hair there are a variety of comfortable headbands on the market as well.

Tip 8: When looking at wigs you should also consider their quality. The quality of a wig is very important as it could be the difference between your wig lasting for a long period of time or for a short period of time. It is best that you get the highest quality wig that you can possibly afford so that your wig is of a high standard and will last for a long period of time.

Tip 9: You should also make sure that you purchase the right length wig for you so that it is not too short. It is best to purchase a wig that is longer than you would like as you can always get it styled to suit you and get it trimmed to the correct length. So, make sure to measure the length of wig that you need before purchasing it or try it on to make sure that it is the length that you require, not too short.

Tip 10: You should also get a wig that is the right weight for your head and has the right type of hair for your face. If you naturally have thick hair then get a heavier more fuller wig but if you naturally have fine hair then choose a more lightweight wig that finer.

Tip 11: Learn about wig’s brand – its reviews, comments, complaints, recommendations and other information.

Tip 12: A really important factor in choosing a wig is buying one that is affordable and within your budget. When it comes to buying wigs, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Human hair wigs are always more expensive but they are the most life like in appearance. A high quality synthetic wig can be very natural looking and are definitely less expensive.

Tip 13: Find a professional hairstylist that has experience in working with wigs and ask them about style and shape. A wig stylist will be able to take your measurements, order your wig in most cases, and if you go for a natural hair wig, they can even style it for you when it arrives. You'll also want to consider the wig's hairline because a bad hairline is a dead giveaway that you're wearing a wig.

Remember, that you should be thoroughly satisfied and happy with the new wig. Buy a wig that is high quality, within your budget, suits you and that you feel comfortable in. This way you will get more wear out of it and will enjoy it as much as possible.With the wide range of wig styles and colors on the market today, there's never been a better time to wear a wig for a more fabulous, attractive and even daring look.

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How to Wash A Wig Without Shampoo

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 9:22:21 PM America/New_York

In modern society, wigs are one of the most fashionable tools for women to dress themselves. Although often described as “shake and go”, a wig still requires a little effort to style. Proper care of a wig can not only extend the lifespan of it, but also make the wig look new and natural. People usually use a traditional shampoo or conditioner to clean their wigs. But in fact, this is not the only option. It can be done with or without the use of shampoo as well.

As we all know that the material of a wig is different from other common fabrics, so the wig shampoo can not be simply replaced by this or that detergents. Especially, we can never use regular hair shampoo to wash a synthetic wig, it is too strong for the fibers. Meanwhile, we also know that the main function of the shampoo in washing a wig is to clean the dirt or oils getting into it. Therefore, as long as the products are safe and clean a wig gently enough to keep it in a healthy and long-lasting condition, then these products can be used to replace the wig shampoo in washing wigs.

Just like the shampoo which is specially made to be used with wigs, you need use the detergent which you thought safe to wash the wig every 2 to 3 weeks, even earlier if the wig is too dirty or oily. But don’t wash it too frequently, as over-washing will on the contrary reduce the life of the wig. When you start the washing procedure, fill the sink with cold to lukewarm water firstly. Then mix a small amount of detergent in the water evenly. In this process, you should always remember to use cold to lukewarm water, because hot water will damage the fibers and the structure of the wig. After that, let the wig soak in the water for 10 to 15 minutes and then squeeze the soapy water through the wig.

Afterwards, rinsing and drying the wig correctly is the next step. Drain the soapy water and refill the sink with clean cold to lukewarm water. Place the wig back in the water and rinse by swishing it back and forth. Keep in mind never to wring or twist the wig, or else it will tangle. At last, squeeze out the excess water gently and let the wig air-dry before combing and styling it. If you are wearing a synthetic wig, you’d better know its type. Generally, the cheaper the wig is, the easier it is damaged. If your wig is not of such high quality, it would be a good idea for you to opt for a better product.

In addition, in the process of brushing and styling the wig as you desire, try to avoid certain heat styling products if needed, such as hair straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons which may damage the fibers of the wig. Also, don’t wear your wig while cooking or smoking, these heat sources will damage your wig as well.

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Check for the quality level of the synthetic hair that you are planning to buy. The cheapest ones cannot bear the heat. Since the hair extensions are synthetic the fibers in them melt easily. This means you will have to stay away from hot irons, curling rods or even hot rollers or else you will end up with burnt hair. There are levels of fibers in synthetic hair like the Monofiber, Thermofiber etc. You can learn about the best level and choose to buy smartly for a good quality one. This way you can use your styling tools as per your necessity and get a hairdo.

Washing: Even if your extensions are synthetic, you need to wash them regularly. There is no need to wash them daily, but atleast every fortnightly. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to take out the dirt and grime. In case you have used hairspray or any other styling products then make sure you wash the extensions at the end of that day. Use cold water to wash the curly extensions. There are several shampoos and conditioners designed for the synthetic wigs. You can use them to help the fibers stay intact in the extensions and keep them from tangling.

Detangling Spray: You should use the detangling spray on your extensions daily whether you use them or not. Neatly comb through them so that they do not tangle. The detangling spray keeps the curly extensions from turning dry or frizzy. While you buy your extensions, invest in a detangling spray as well. This way you can maintain the look of the extensions for a longer time.

Hair Brushes: Do not think of using your regular brushes to comb out your hair extensions. The normal combs or brushes easily damage the wefts and loosen out the extensions. Only an appropriate comb or a hair brush will help you to maintain your extension. There are specifically designed brushes meant for extensions. When it comes to curly extensions, it is best to shop for the good quality combs and brushes.

Curling Tools: Try curling the extensions carefully. Even the curly synthetic extensions tend to go straight. When you wash the extensions the curls might loosen out a bit. If you have bought good quality extensions then you can use curlers to maintain the curls. Warm some water; do not go to the boiling point. Dip your extensions and roll them onto the curlers. Leave them to dry naturally. This way your extensions will remain curly.

Trimming: Trim the frizzy ends. They might not stand out in the curls but it is best to get them trimmed. Rub some oil onto the extensions and gently comb through. Leave the oil on the ends for an hour and wipe off the excess oil with the help of a towel. If needed you can use shampoo to get rid of the oil and rinse it properly.

Other Care on How to maintain synthetic curly weave hair from frizzing:

Utilize some curl activator cream, serum or gel. These products are formulated to keep the curly texture of the extension smooth and frizz free. Your extensions will look gorgeous and natural when you keep them well conditioned with such care products. Never ever think of blow drying your curly extensions. The heat will simply cause the head of the extension to frizz out. The best way to dry them is naturally. If you are in a hurry you can towel dry them, but keep them away from the heat.

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How to Maintain a Textured Human Hair Wig

Thursday, June 1, 2017 9:41:52 PM America/New_York

Here are a few key tricks to taking care of textured wigs.

Cleanse & Condition First

Always wash and deep condition the hair after receiving the extensions or wig unit. Although most extension companies pre-wash the hair before it is shipped, when ordering online, it is always best to shampoo and deep condition your hair again before installing. Little information is known about the conditions the hair is being kept before purchasing, environments of travel, packaging, etc. Cleansing and deep conditioning the hair once more is just an extra precaution and will ensure you have a clean slate for styling. Additionally, this will help to enhance the natural curl pattern before installing.

If you choose to purchase weft extensions in preparation for constructing your own wig vs. purchasing a pre-made unit, use a weft sealer to minimize shedding. This clear-like bonding product will not eliminate shedding completely, but it will reduce shedding significantly. Weft sealer should also be used prior to shampoo and conditioning the unit.

Use Quality Products

Chances are you have invested a pretty penny into your textured hair unit, so this is no time to skip on quality for products. My rule of thumb is to treat your human hair wigs just as well as you treat your real hair for it to last longer. When selecting a textured hair wig unit, most women opt to choose a curl pattern closest to their real texture. This makes the maintenance process even easier. Use the products currently in your possession to enhance the curls for wash and go’s, moisturize daily, and deep condition. You are familiar with these products and already how know how to use each one. All of the key factors you search for in products to treat your real hair, such as sulfate free, paraben free, mineral oil free, etc., should be used when sourcing products for your wig. Also look for key ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin as moisture agents.

Maintain A Regular Regimen

In order to preserve the longevity of your unit, maintaining a quality regimen will be imperative just as your real hair. Whichever day you designate as wash day for your real hair also make this the wash day for your unit. Your extensions and wigs should be deep conditioned weekly, detangled often, and moisturized daily. For detangling, choose conditioners with tons of slip. More than likely, the wig unit will be more hair to handle than you have ever maintained before and you will want this process to be easy and hassle free. For daily maintenance, each morning I also spray my human hair wig with fresh water and aloe vera juice to revitalize for a fresh look. Again, this is a similar process I use on my real hair every day.

Store Properly When Not in Use

It may seem like no big deal to toss your wig into a drawer when it is not in use, but properly storing your wig is another small way to take care of your unit over long periods of time. Using a Styrofoam wig head or wig stand is great for keeping the natural shape of your unit. This also comes in handy for easy of styling. Store the unit within a satin bag or bonnet to help prevent extreme drying when not in use. Once the textured wig unit is removed from your head, section the hair into four sections to install 2-3 twists for each section as somewhat of a protective style. This “protective style” does not help protect your real hair of course, but more so protects the wig from further detangling when it is stored away.

Overall takeaways

Maintaining human hair textured wigs should be no different than taking care of your natural curls. However, many women make the mistake of thinking their wigs are invincible and can withstand any type of treatment. If you do not currently have a productive healthy hair regimen, I would think twice about purchasing a textured hair unit. Caring for a unit can be a lot of work, oftentimes more than your real hair because you are handling twice the amount of volume and density. You might even find it harder to maintain and resent your purchase overall, so do your research, understand what you can handle, and follow these four rules for weave success.

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Guide to Buying a Full Lace Wig

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 8:43:33 PM America/New_York

Full lace wigs are not only for hair-loss sufferers. Today, the wig has broken through into mainstream fashion with celebrities from Beyonce to Taylor Swift sporting a full head of hair, thanks to a little help. Whether you suffer from hereditary baldness, have thinning hair, or simply want to try something new, lace wigs provide a natural-looking head of hair for any woman.

Unlike a front lace wig, a full lace headpiece is created with a sheer lace base that covers the entire head. The lace is sewn into the top of the wig cap, and then individual hair strands are sewn into the lace. Full lace wigs can be parted anywhere, pulled up into high ponytails and other updos, and last longer than their front lace counterparts.

The first questions potential wig wearers ask is how long their wigs last and how long they can wear the wigs between the re-application of adhesive. The durability of a full lace wig depends largely on how well it is cared for. Beyond care, the adhesives used and the wearer's unique body chemistry factor into how long a wig can be worn. Women with hair loss or baldness are able to wear their wigs longer since the adhesive tends to stick better. Generally, headpieces can be worn for two to three weeks at a time before needing to be removed and adhesive re-applied.

Full lace wigs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. The first step in choosing a wig is deciding on the cap style and color you want. Full lace cap styles largely depend on the wig you get, and most providers offer instructions on which style to opt for. Ask your provider for specific guidelines about which cap works best with your wig. When it comes to choosing the color of your wig cap, opt for the color closest to your scalp's skin tone.

For the most-natural look during styling, examine your scalp's hairline to determine your scalp skin tone color and work from that; do not use the skin tone of the rest of your body.

Browse the various options and consider the styling choices you make on a daily basis before deciding which type of hair best suits your lifestyle. Those looking for a lightweight option enjoy the Indian remy hair wigs. Those looking to extensively style and dye their wigs opt for Chinese remy hair wigs.

Wig health and durability depends on proper wig care. Caring for your lace wig starts with purchasing a wig stand to store your wig on when not in use or during washings. A wig stand keeps the wig's shape looking brand new and natural.

To clean the hair, you need two spray bottles. Fill one with water and a capful of shampoo, and fill the other with water and a capful of conditioner. Rinse wig, spray on shampoo, use a wide-tooth comb to distribute throughout the hair, and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat using conditioner. Pat the hair dry. Never rub strands of wig hair together as this is likely to cause breakage and damage. Let the wig dry on a wig stand. Once completely dry, use adhesive to attach your wig to your scalp.

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What is special about monofilament wigs?

Friday, May 26, 2017 9:37:11 PM America/New_York

When shopping for a wig, you have probably seen monofilament wigs among your choices. Most people don't know what this wig feature means exactly. It usually is found on higher quality wigs so we all know it is a good thing. So you know by the price that it must be an upgrade feature...but do you know exactly what it is?

Monofilament refers to the wig cap and how it is made. It offers the most realistic appearance of scalp and hair movement possible. Because of the versatility of styling, you have freedom to part your hair or style it in almost any way!

Monofilament wigs are made by tying or sewing hair in sections into the top portion of the cap which is made from a very fine, sheer material known as a monofilament.

Synthetic hairs or human hairs are generally hand-tied and knotted individually into the sheer material. It is sewn in to the material in the same fashion as carpet fibers. They stick straight up and fall naturally depending on the length of the fiber. The hair is tied in just like this... just like the hair naturally grows out of your own head. This allows each of the tied hairs to be parted and brushed in any direction and gives the wig an amazingly natural look. It will move just like natural hair moves.

Because of this time intensive process…Mono-filament wigs are considered to be a high quality wig product and are more expensive than a standard wefted cap but the benefit of wearing a wig that few will note as a wig is well worth it!

Another benefit of a mono-filament wig is that the hand-knotting makes the wig more durable and less likely to break off or slide out from the wig… that is if you treat it right! Keep in mind, the sheer material is designed to be fine and give a natural appearance but is not as sturdy as the rest of the wig so treat it gently.

Monofilament is a great advantage for a more natural part, and for allowing you the versatility to change your part and style around at will. But as you now know... the process of making a monofilament wig does increase the price. Did you know it takes up to 40 hours to make one monofilament hand tied cap?! Anything that labor intensive should be appreciated. So make sure to only get what you need in order to make the most of your investment.

If you only need the part to look realistic and are happy where the part is placed...then a monofilament part is for you! If you are going for a shorter style that only shows the crown of the style...a monofilament crown may be all you need. But if you want a wig that gives you total freedom to change the part around... is less dense all over for a more natural look and gives you a natural looking scalp no matter where you part your wig... you definitely need to go for a full monofilament top.

So now you know how a monofilament is made and why it is so much better for achieving the most natural look with wigs. There is nothing better than feeling confident in your style!

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Guide to Avoiding Itching With a Wig

Thursday, May 25, 2017 8:31:56 PM America/New_York

Wigs can restore confidence and improve appearance of hair loss conditions such as alopecia and other hair thinning conditions, as well as to mask temporary hair loss as a result of chemotherapy. However the main problem many wig wearers experience is an intolerable itching and irritation of the scalp usually caused by the fabric of the wig itself, bacterial build up or skin reactions to the glue or tape used to keep wigs in place.

Here is our guide on how to help reduce scalp itching and irritation from wigs:

A good quality wig is essential to reduce scalp irritation. However although it is widely assumed that good quality wigs means human hair versions, this is not necessarily the case. Good quality synthetic wigs can actually cause less irritation that human hair wigs if they are well made. They also wash more easily than human hair wigs and have a tendency for less product build up. Residue or product build left on the hair of a wig can irritate the scalp.

If you’re going to wear the wig all day, it helps to refresh your scalp several times. Witch-hazel (alcohol-free and unscented) helps to refresh the scalp by removing excessive build up of oils, which can harbour bacteria and lead to small localised infections. Simply put a few drops of witch hazel on a damp cloth or natural cotton cleansing pad and wipe over your scalp once every 2-3 hours.

When washing your wig you need to make sure you rinse it very thoroughly so that no shampoo or other hair styling products are left on the wig as this can cause skin irritation.

A 100% cotton or silk liner can be worn under your wig, which will help absorb moisture and heat, making your head feel more comfortable. You can get them at almost any wig shop, or go online.

Wigs suffers wear and tear, strands of hair can come back through the base, which can also cause itching. You can help reduce this tendency by brushing and combing carefully and regularly checking for stray loose hairs and removing them.

Disinfecting your scalp regularly can help reduce mini infections or infected hair pores on your scalp. Zinc is a natural antibacterial and can help prevent infections. Any natural zinc lotion either in spray form or as a wound healing skin lotion will be suitable for disinfecting your scalp and should be used once a week. This can help with glue or tape skin reactions which are usually mini bacterial infections caused by the wig glue mixing with sweat, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

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How to Straighten a Synthetic Wig (Part 2)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 8:09:23 PM America/New_York

Method 4: Using a Hairdryer for Extreme Straightening

1. Gather all of the hair, except the bottom section, into a loose bun at the top of the wig. Secure the bun with a hair clip. The only hair that is hanging loose should be the hair that is sewn along the bottom edge/hem of the wig. If you look closely, you may notice that the hair is sewn to the wig cap in rows. These are known as wefts. Pay attention to these. You will be using them as your guide.

2. Spray the bottom layer with water. This will keep the fibers from overheating.

3. Gather a 1 to 2 inch (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) wide section of hair. The best place to grab this section is from the front of the wig, at one of the temples. This way, you can work your way around the back of the wig and to the other side.

4. Smooth the fibers down with a wide toothed comb or a wire wig brush. Make sure that the section is completely tangle-free.

5. Set the hairdryer to a warm heat setting. Do not use a high heat setting; this will cause the fibers to melt.

6. Move the comb/brush and hairdryer downwards at the same time. Once the section of hair is completely tangle-free, place the comb/brush at the roots of the wig. Make sure that the bristles are under the fibers. Hold the hairdryer a few inches away from the fibers with the nozzle pointing towards the fibers. Slowly move the comb/brush and hairdryer down towards the ends of the section at the same time. Keep the fibers between the comb/brush and the hairdryer nozzle at all times.

7. Repeat, working upwards by section. Once you have finished a row, undo the bun and let the next layer fall loose. Gather the rest of the hair into a loose bun and secure it once again with a clip. Use the wefts/rows as your guide. You can work with one to two wefts/rows at a time.

Method 5: Straightening a Heat-Resistant Wig

1. Use this method only on heat-resistant wigs. Some wigs are made from heat-resistant fibers. This means that the usual wig straightening methods will not work on them. You can, however, use a hair straightening on a heat-resistant wig. Do not use this method on any other synthetic hair wig. The heat will melt the fibers. The wig will usually say on the packaging whether or not it is heat-resistant. If you bought your wig online, the website will tell you if the fibers are heat-resistant. If the website does not say anything, the wig is most likely made from regular synthetic fibers that are not heat-resistant.

2. Pull the wig hair up into a loose bun, but leave the bottom-most weft loose. Secure the wig hair with a clip. The hair that is attached to the hem of the wig should be the only part that is hanging loose. This is the first layer of hair that you will be straightening. If you look closely at your wig, you may notice that the hair is sewn into the wig cap in rows. These are known as wefts. You will be using them as your guide.

3. Take a small section of hair and smooth out any tangles. Select a 1 to 2 inch (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) wide section of hair. The best place to take the hair is from one of the temples. This way, you can work your way around the back of the wig and to the other side. Once you have your section, smooth out any tangles with a wide toothed comb. Always work from the ends first; never run a comb straight down from the roots to the ends.

4. Spray the small section of hair with water. Fill a spray bottle with water, then damped the section with it.

5. Turn your iron on to the lowest heat setting possible. Try to get the temperature somewhere between 160°C and 180°C (320°F to 356°F). This will be the safest for your wig. Some heat-resistant wigs can handle temperatures up to 410°F (210°C). Check the website where you bought the wig to find out what is the safest temperature for it.

6. Run the section through the iron like you would with your own hair. You may see some steam, which is normal. If necessary, go over the strand a few more times until it is as straight as you want it.

7. Allow the fibers to cool down. Once they have cooled, you can run your comb through them and let them hang naturally from the wig.

8. Repeat the process for the rest of the row. Check for any ripples, and smooth them out with the hair straightener.

9. Once you have finished that row, undo the bun and let down the next layer of hair. Once again, try to use the wig wefts as a guide. You can work with one to two wefts at a time.

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How to Straighten a Synthetic Wig (Part 1)

Sunday, May 21, 2017 8:49:28 PM America/New_York

Almost any wig can be straightened, but wigs made from synthetic fibers require more care. Because the fibers are made from plastic, they are sensitive to high temperatures and cannot be straightened with a hair straightener. The one exception to this are wigs made from heat-resistant fibers. This article will show you three simple ways of straightening a synthetic fiber wig. It will also show you how to straighten a wig made from heat-resistant synthetic fibers.

Method 1: Preparing the Wig

1. Get a Styrofoam wig head. You can buy them in costume shops, well-stocked arts and crafts shops, wig shops, and in certain beauty supply shops. You can also buy them online. They look like a human head, complete with a neck, except that they are made out of white Styrofoam.

2. Put the wig head on a secure stand so the fibers can hang loosely. You can buy a wig stand online or from a wig shop. You can also make own by sticking a wooden dowel into a wooden base with a hole drilled into the middle of it. Here are some other options for wig stands: A toilet plunger will work well for short and medium-length wigs. A soda bottle filled with water, sand, or rocks will work for short wigs. A camera tripod will allow you to rotate the wig head to any angle.

3. Place your wig over the wig head and secure it with pins. Push a pin right through the top of the head, at the temples, along the sides, and at the nape. You can use either sewing pins or T-pins.

4. De-tangle your wig with a wide toothed comb or a wire wig brush. Gently run the comb or brush through the fibers. Work in small sections, and start from the ends first. Work your way up to the top. Never brush a wig straight down from the roots to the ends. Never use your personal hairbrush. The oils from your hair will damage the fibers. Do not use a regular hairbrush. This includes boar bristle and paddle brushes. This can also damage the fibers and mar the finish.

Method 2: Using Hot Water

1. Gently run a wide-toothed comb through your wig to get rid of any tangles. Once you get your wig wet, you will not be able to brush it again until the fibers dry. Brushing a wet wig can lead to frizz and damaged fibers.

2. Place a pot of water on the stove and clip a thermometer to the side. You will need to boil your water to a specific temperature range. Also, try to use the largest pot you can find so that you will have enough water to pour over your wig. The longer your wig is, the larger pot you will need.

3. Boil the water to 320°F to 356°F (160°C to 180°C). This is very important. If the water is not hot enough, the wig won't straighten. If the water is too hot, the fibers may melt.

4. Pour the hot water over the wig. If you have a very long wig , consider dipping the entire wig (still on the wig head) into the pot for 10 to 15 seconds, then pulling the wig out. Place the wig head back onto its stand.

5. Do not brush the wig. If you see some tangles, you can gently smooth them out with your fingers. Brushing a wet wig will damage the fibers.

6. Let the wig dry. If you are in a hurry, you can place the wig in front of a fan. You can also blow a hairdryer over the wig, just make sure to use the "cool" setting.

7. Repeat the process if necessary. This method will usually straighten wavy wigs the first time. If your wig is very curly , you may need to repeat the whole process one or two more times. It also depends on how straight you want your wig to be. Let the wig dry completely before straightening it again.

Method 3: Using Steam for Gentle Straightening

1. Put the wig stand in the bathroom. If there are any windows open, be sure to close them. You want to trap as much steam as possible.

2. Run hot water in the shower until the room is steamy. How long it takes for the steam to appear will depend on how warm or cold the room was to begin with.

3. Gently brush the wig with a wide toothed comb or a wire wig brush. Always start brushing from the ends first, and work your way up to the roots. The steam will heat the fibers up and cause the curls to loosen.

4. Remove the wig from the room once condensation starts to build. Transfer the wig to a cool, dry place.

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Best Tips for Maintaining Wavy and Curly Lace Front Wigs

Thursday, May 18, 2017 8:30:50 PM America/New_York

Tips and Tricks of Maintaining Lace Front Wigs

Curly and wavy lace front wigs and full lace wigs are very popular because they are easy to style and very attractive. They also look just as undetectable and natural just like the straight units. However, the curly units require more tender loving care to maintain the beautiful curls and waves. The major advantage of the curly and wavy lace units over the straight texture is that they require little or no styling, since they are already in wavy or curly and are ready to wear.

Simple Tips on how to maintain curly/wavy lace front wigs

Tip 1-Washing and conditioning is a necessary, as well as the most important aspect of lace front wigs maintenance. Wash your lace front unit occasionally, especially after detaching it. Ensure that you use the right products – the shampoos and conditioners created for wigs alone.

Tip 2-Moisturize your curly lace wig regularly with high quality wig moisturizers. Also, add a little amount of glycerin and water as well. When brushing the hair after the conditioning it use a wide tooth comb. Moisturizing the hair of your special wig should be a daily practice – this would substantially help in keeping it tangle free at all times. Good quality hair moisturizers would also work to enhance the luster of your lace front wig’s hair. Generally, the most essential thing you need to do when it comes to wavy/curly lace front wigs maintenance is to prevent them from tangling. One of the best moisturizers we have found is the miracle product because it is also a detangler.

The most important Tip: moisturize your curly and wavy lace front wigs

The tips for taking care of your units have been outlined above. Your lace front wigs will provide you perfect hair days if you give them tender loving care. So if you like the way curly full lace wigs look and feel, be sure to follow the instructions so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Remember curly lace front wigs and full lace wigs look pretty and totally natural, it is a must get for your hair collection.

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The Safest Way to Detangle a Curly Wig

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 8:19:51 PM America/New_York

Curls are difficult to maintain. Curly hair require a lot of maintenance. The same holds true for curly wigs. Premium quality curly wigs may be little easier to maintain but you still have to spend some extra time in detangling the curls and giving them a managed look.

Here is what you would need to maintain your curly wig:

Detangle spray. Make sure you buy an expensive, good quality spray. Water can also work but a spray will be a better option as it will make your work quite easier;

A brush for curly wigs;

A wig head or wig stand. You can also work without a stand but if you place your wig on a firm stand, you will be able to work faster.

Here are some tricks for removing fizz from your lovable curly wig that has now started looking like a bird’s nest.

Place your wig on a wig head or a stand.

You can either work on the whole wig at a time or better divide it into smaller sections. For curly wigs, you can consider each curl as a section.

Put an old towel below your wig so that the detangling solution doesn’t make the floor slippery.

Start with one side of the wig. Take a curl and spray it with the de-tangler solution until it is wet. If you are on tight budget, spray water instead. The curl should feel slippery.

Now, use your fingers to detangle the curls. Start from the bottom and work towards the top. Repeat this multiple times until the curl feel smooth. Use a brush to further smoothen it out.

Make sure you do not pull the strands too hard or else they may get damaged.

If you want to separate it into smaller curls, it’s the right time to do it. Make curls as you desire and wrap them tightly around your forefingers, one at a time. Wrap it tight and hold for a minute or two. Unwrap it carefully so that you get one giant banana curl.

Finish with the rest of the sections.

Let the curls air dry. Do not blow-dry them, as they will not set well. You can use styling tools and curlers if you want but not a blow dryer.

Spray hair gel if you want or else leave them as it is.

Curly wigs need to be detangled for a variety of reasons including better management, easier cleaning, and improved life. If you want to keep your wig tangle free for a long time, make sure you treat it well. Store it properly in its case or hang it on a wig head when you are not using it. Also clean it regularly, moisture it, and minimize its exposure to sunlight and wind. The better you treat your wig, the lesser will be the tangles.

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Ways to Wear Your Hair Under a Wig

Sunday, May 14, 2017 8:23:06 PM America/New_York

Wigs are big business and a great way to alter your style without altering your hair. They are also a protective style as your own hair is protected under the wig from daily manipulation and breakage. It is also the perfect way to see if you like a particular style before fully committing to it. Now, there are a range of prices when it comes to wigs and while some prefer high end, there are some rather great ones that are reasonable. How much you choose to spend on one is completely up to the wearer and often one decides on how often they will be wearing one to determine how much to spend.

Wearing a wig requires more than just buying one and wearing it. You have to figure out how to wear it. Unless you are bald or have a short afro, you have to figure out what to do with your hair under the wig. There is more to it than just brushing your hair to back, because simply gathering hair under the wig can cause breakage. Hair needs to be protected under the wig and that requires planning and a proper regimen for maintenance. Here are the best ways to wear your hair while under a wig.

Braids: Having hair in braids (your own hair) is one of the three ideal ways to wear your hair under the wig. While not at flat as other styles it allows for hair to be protected and easier for some women to maintain. It also allows for easier access to the scalp for cleansing and moisturizing. Simply place hair in small braids to minimize lumps or bumps under the wig.

Cornrows: This is the most common style to wear your hair under the wig and allows for a flatter surface than braided hair. It does however leave only limited access to the scalp, but hair is protected and less likely to be bulky or lumpy under the wig. Simply divide hair into small rows from front to back and braid down the length of your head.

Twists or flat twists: These are the easiest styles to wear under a wig but they are also the least favorite. While easy to create they will frizz and tangle faster than braids and cornrows, but remember to make them small so they will not leave lumps under the wig.

Things to remember when wearing a wig:

WEAR A SILK WIG LINER - The cap protects the hair from the wig and keeps your hair in place while wearing the wig.

MOISTURIZE AND ALLOW YOUR SCALP TO GET AIR - wearing a wig does not mean your hair is completely protected and therefore allowed to be neglected. It must be moisturized prior to wearing a wig. Remember to moisturize before going to bed if your hair feels dry and never sleep with a wig.

NEVER PLACE A WIG ON A WET HEAD - That is just a breeding ground for bacteria. Hair should always be completely dry before wearing a wig.

CLEAN AND CONDITION YOUR HAIR AND SCALP REGULARLY - Hair and scalp needs regularly cleansing to remove the excess sebum and even dirt. Sweat and moisturizers can be build up and need to be removed. Take down the twists, braids, or cornrows to shampoo, deep conditioner, moisturize, and redo a fresh set of braids, twists, or cornrows. This will ensure your hair and scalp stay clean and moisturized so your hair does not because brittle and break.

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Wigs Styling Tips

Thursday, May 11, 2017 8:12:37 PM America/New_York

It can be an odyssey, but once you’ve selected your wig, had the initial cut and style, and become a bit more familiar with how to maintain your wig’s healthy shine, you’ll want to become an expert at styling it, too. Whether you decide to visit a salon or style the wig at home, the following tips can help you find pleasure in wearing your wig and looking great.

At the salon:

Although you may have a stylist with whom you have worked for years, it’s important that you use someone who has wig experience so that you truly can get the best care. Wearing a wig may seem to have a downside at first, but it can ultimately be a great opportunity to branch out from your old look and try a style that’s new or different. It may be helpful to bring a photo to your stylist (even before you purchase your wig) so that he or she can make suggestions about the type of wig that might work well for the style you want. Ideally, your stylist will not only give you a great look but also provide you with information and coaching that will help you re-create the salon look at home.

At home:

When styling your own wig, the key factor in your choices is whether the wig is synthetic or made from real hair. If it is synthetic, you’ll want to avoid heat. That typically means no blow dryers, curling irons, or straight irons. If it is made from real hair, adding heat is fine, but you may want to use just a bit of product, which will provide some thermal protection.

Remember, getting acclimated to wearing a wig can be an added challenge, but it’s a great opportunity for you to look good and feel better!

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How to Make a Synthetic Wig Less Shiny

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 8:41:54 PM America/New_York

How to remove shine from synthetic hair is very important as we want it to look like our natural hair. It is not always possible to maintain the real natural hair when rushing out on an emergency, being late or on medical situation that's why opting for the synthetic hair or wig is often a quick option. Synthetic hair is pretty much tiny strands of plastic. Those strands aren't as porous therefore they reflect more light making it more shiny than human hair. Making a synthetic hair or wig to look like the natural hair by removing the shiny look is a real deal. You don't need to take it to the salonist to give it a treatment.

First a few points about wigs:

1) never use heat to style your synthetic wig, you’ll end up damaging it, but you could try styling the wig while it’s damp using pin-curls or sponge rollers;

2) be gentle with your wig when you comb or brush it and make sure it is mostly dry before you run a comb through it;

3) don’t brush your wig if it’s curly, this will only cause frizz;

4) there are brushes and combs specifically designed for wigs which cause less damage to the wig by using less tension;

Here are some simple tips to remove shine and make your synthetic hair less shiny:

Fabric softner:

1) Combine a little water and softner in a bowl;

2) Put in your synthetic hair extention or wig and leave in for at least 10 minutes;

3) Remove from water and rinse with cold water;

4) Let the synthetic air dry naturally.


1) Pour 1/2 gallon of water in a bowl or bucket and 2 cups of white or apple cider vinegar.

2) Soak your synthetic hair extension or wig in the vinegar mixture for at least five minutes.

3) Drain away the water and rinse the wig thoroughly, with cold water.

4) Allow the wig to air dry naturally.

Transluscent Baby Powder:

1) You can pour a spoon of any baby powder on a powder puff and lightly puff your synthetic hair with the powder puff or,

2) You can rub powder in hands before rubbing your hands over the synthetic hair thoroughly passing every strands with your


3) You can also simply lightly sprinkle the powder directly all over your synthetic hair then shake away powder very well.

Synthetic hair wigs can start getting dull and losing their shine after 3 months of use but removing the excess shine from the begining is always better and makes the wearer look and feel more confident.

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10 Mistakes for First Time Wig Wearers (Part 2)

Sunday, May 7, 2017 8:22:55 PM America/New_York

Problem Six: When you wear a lace wig that is not the same texture as your own hair, it is obvious that you are wearing a wig. The reason for this is that the texture of the wig stands out from what your natural hair used to look like, which makes a difference in lace front wigs. When wearing a lace front wig if the texture is different styling your hair will be difficult, and the wig will stand out in the front when compared with the back of your hair. You should also watch out for the color of the wig, many women choose the wrong color so they end up looking like they are wearing a wig.

Solution Six: You want to select a wig that matches the same texture as your own hair. For example, if your hair is a soft texture that is straight and dull, you want to pick a lace wig that matches that. Picking a wig with shiny hair makes the wig stand out against your dull hair. When picking out a full lace wig you want to choose the same texture as your own hair because it allows you to easily care for and style your hair, you will not have to fight with it. When choosing the color of your wig you want to choose one that matches your skin tone, so that the wig looks natural. If you can not match it to your skin tone, your other option is to match it to the color of your eyebrows. The closer the color is to your skin tone the more natural it will look, so it will not be obvious that you are wearing a wig.

You can choose a high quality lace wig made from human hair. Selecting a human hair lace wig helps reduce the dangers associated with wearing a synthetic wig because the hair will not burn your skin down to the bone. Plus, being made from real human hair there is no risk of iscoloration or irritation to your skin.

Problem Seven: When you wear a lace wig that is not the right density, it can make it obvious that you are wearing a wig. The density of the hair is referring to how thick or thin the hair is. Having heavy density causes the wig to sit funny on the top of the head giving it an unnatural look. Having a lot of hair coming from the temples also looks unnatural.

Solution Seven: You need to determine what hair density is going to suit you before buying a wig. If you have thin hair you do not want to select a heavy lace wig because that will be too much hair, instead you want to select a light lace wig. Once you get your wig, take it to a professional stylist to have them thin it out so that it looks good with your face and your lifestyle. It is always good to have too much hair compared to too little because you can have the lace wig thinned out easier than having more hair added to it.

Problem Eight: Many people make the mistake of wearing the wrong color cap underneath their lace wig. Wearing the wrong color cap allows the cap to show, which signals to people that you are wearing a wig of some sorts. Imagine going out for a night on the town and finding a person you are interested in. You push your hair back out of your face and the cap hiding your hair is visible, talk about an embarrassing moment that will haunt you forever.

Solution Eight: You want to choose a cap that is as close to your normal skin tone as possible. While it can be difficult to choose one that matches your skin color exactly getting it as close as possible is important because it allows you to blend the cap in using powder that matches your skin tone. You can also dye the cap to the correct color of your skin tone if you do not wear makeup.

Problem Nine: Another problem people have is not styling the wig properly or styling it in a way that does not look good for their face. Not styling your wig properly can lead to early damage of the wig, but can also affect how your hair looks. When wearing a lace wig you want your hair to be properly styled to suit your face so that you look outstanding, rather than looking thrown together or frumpy.

Solution Nine: Rather than trying to style the wig on your own, take it into a professional lace wig stylist. The stylist can give your lace wig a proper clip and curl so your wig looks just as good as your own hair. If your wig is the same texture as your original hair you should easily be able to style your own wig because it is as easy as styling your own hair.

Problem Ten: When people put the wig on many times, they do not properly secure it, so the wig comes off. Having your wig come off or even shifting on you is embarrassing because then people know that the perfect look you have achieved is not your own look, which that embarrassment can last a lifetime.

Solution Ten: Your best bet to secure your wig is to extra bobby pins and clips in addition to the any adhesive you use. Bobby pins and clips look natural because everybody uses them when styling the hair, but with the adhesive, you cannot go too thick because you do not want it to show, most wigs come with hair clips inside the wig to offer extra security. What type of adhesive you use will depend on how active you are, the more active you are the stronger you want the hold on the adhesive to be. As soon as you get your lace wig, you can put it on and see firsthand some of the glaring mistakes that people make. Once you have seen the mistakes firsthand you will have a better idea of what not to do when wearing a lace wig.

Millions of women around the world suffer from serious hair issues, which makes it ever challenging to function in an image driven society. Women are under pressure from society as a whole to look polished to perfection, dressed to the “t” and of course have amazing hair. Society has instilled in women the misconception that long, thick, luxurious hair is the only way to go, even if it is not what nature intended.

Women who suffer from thinning hair, hair loss from chemotherapy, or struggling with other conditions like females pattern baldness, may lack self confidence and suffer in silence. Most women are not always aware of the many undetectable and versatile human hair options available to them. All of the human hair options come in a variety of styles, textures and colors to help every woman, Whether she is the CEO of a corporation, stay at home mom or a fitness enthusiast, find her perfect look that will help improve her self-confidence and overall quality of life.

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10 Mistakes for First Time Wig Wearers (Part 1)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 9:27:51 PM America/New_York

If you have never worn a lace wig before and you don’t take the time to learn about how to properly wear your wig you will make numerous mistakes. By taking the time to learn about the most common mistakes that women make when first wearing the wig you will ensure that you have a positive experience the first time you wear your lace wig. Not to mention that taking the time to learn about the different mistakes will extend the life of your wig because you will learn the proper care techniques required to maintain your wig.

Lace wigs are not just for people who have no hair, many people who still have their own hair wear them to help enhance their own looks. Celebrities like Beyonce, as well as everyday people, wear lace wigs in addition to their normal hair to create some sensational hairstyles. While majority of mistakes are made by woman who have never worn a lace wig before, they are not the only ones to make some of the embarrassing mistakes that you will read about here. Many celebrities have been caught by the spotlight making some of these mistakes that you want to learn how to avoid.

Here are the 10 most embarrassing mistakes, along with their solutions, that women make when wearing a lace wig for the first time.

Problem One: Before putting on your lace wig, you will need to wrap your own hair so that the wig is undetectable. The problem with first time lace wig wearers is that they do not wrap their hair properly, so it causes the wig to look puffy rather than natural. Your hair is not naturally puffy, so having a puffy spot here or there tells people that you are wearing a wig.

Solution One: To ensure that your hair is wrapped properly you will want to wrap your hair around your head while it is wet, which is also called a wet wrap. Once your hair is wrapped, you will need to sit under a hair dryer so your hair can dry before you can put the lace wig on. When wrapping your hair ensure that it is wrapped around the head as tightly as possible, this allows the wig to sit as close to the scalp as possible.

Problem Two: Before you wear your wig, you will need to cut some lace from around the edges so that the lace base does not show while you are wearing the wig. First time lace wig wearers often do not cut enough lace because they are afraid of making a mistake, which leaves the lace visible against your skin. If you are out on a date and the wind blows just right to move the hair away from the hairline, your date will be able to see the lace edge… and that’s embarrassing.

Solution Two: Do not cut off too much lace. If you are unsure of how much to cut off ask a professional stylist to help you. To ensure that the lace wig looks natural you will only want the lace to be visible at the part rather than along the hairline.

Problem Three: The hair of the lace wig turns dry and brittle. Dry and brittle hair in a lace wig is going to stand out because it does not look like your natural hair. Not to mention that allowing the hair to become dry and brittle you are cutting down on the life of your wig. If you go out in public with dry and brittle hair people will stare at your hair because of how unhealthy it looks.

Solution Three: Treat the lace wig the same way that you would treat your own hair. Many lace wigs are made from human hair, so to keep the hair in excellent condition you need to condition the hair on a regular basis. When conditioning the hair make sure you only use products that are approved for use on lace wigs. Using products that are not designed for lace wigs will cause unnecessary damage, which shortens the life of the wig, but also makes it appear dull and lifeless.

Problem Four: You cut the hairline incorrectly, so it does not look like a natural hairline it is too straight and perfect. Many people make the mistake of thinking perfection is the key to wearing a lace wig, but you want things to look natural and perfection is not a part of natural. Having a straight hairline, also known as a razor edge line, is the sign of a poorly applied wig. If your wig is not properly applied, you run the risk of the wig falling off in public… and that’s embarrassing.

Solution Four: Rather than trying to cut the hairline yourself, take it in to a professional lace wig stylist. The professional stylist can cut the hairline to make it look natural, which helps make the wig look real. Taking the lace wig into a stylist to have it professional cut along the hairline also ensures that the wig itself is not cut into.

Problem Five: Many first time users use the wrong type of glue when securing the lace wig to the hairline. If you use the wrong glue, your lace wig will stand out because you can see the glue along the hairline. Applying the wrong kind of glue or too much glue leaves a shine along the hairline that light will reflect off of, drawing attention to your hair.

Solution Five: When using glue to secure your lace wig to your hairline you want to use lace wig glue that is going to dry clear, this prevents people from seeing the glue along the hairline. In addition, when gluing the wig to the hairline do not use any type of products on the hair until the glue has completely dried, this can take up to 12 minutes depending on the glue. If there is too much glue, which is evident from the hairline being shiny use a small amount of alcohol on a cotton ball along the hairline.

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Interesting Facts and Advantages of Choosing Men Hair Wigs

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 8:35:59 PM America/New_York

There are few interesting and funny facts present in the hair wigs’ history. Let’s take a look:

1.The originality of the word ‘wig’ is the English word periwig that generally worn by judges, barristers and aristocrats. The word ‘wig’ began using around 1675.

2. Men Hair Wigs are available since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians used to wear wigs to their shaved heads.

3. According to the Oxford Dictionary, wig means as a kind of a bun.

4. Queen Elizabeth I used to own 150 wigs.

5. In 1765, in a petition, wig makers demanded to make a law to wear wigs in certain professions.

6. The most expensive wig that was sold at $10,800, in an auction, was one that famous filmmaker and painter Andy Warhol.

7. These days the most demanding hair wigs are blonde wigs.

8. The making of a wig involves hard works and techniques.

Advantages of Human Hair Wigs:

1.It gives more natural appearance;

2. It offers greater durability;

3. It requires similar maintenance and styling like your original hair;

4. It can be colored and get styled by styling appliances.

Advantages of Synthetic Hair Wigs:

1. It looks similar and feel just like human hair.

2. It is less expensive, easy to maintain. You can shampoo it and it won’t effect the style or color.

3. These wigs are made following the latest cuts and styles, texture and color. And it’s ready to wear.

4. It can be available in a wide range of colors. Cheapest wigs have more solid colors, when high quality synthetic wigs have blended colors to look natural.

5. The colors don’t oxidize or fade away, even after direct sunlight exposure.

6. It is light weight, and comfortable to wear.

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Hide Defects with a Wig

Monday, May 1, 2017 8:45:04 PM America/New_York

Every now and then, you could end up with a bad haircut or hair style for different reasons. Your stylist might have been on vacation, so you got stuck with a less experienced stylist. You may have seen a new shorter hair style you wanted to try, and the stylist cut off too much of your hair. No matter how you wound up with a bad haircut, it is easy to fix by having hair wigs installed.

Hair wigs can restore lost length, as well as cover up uneven hair, so no one will know you got a bad haircut. Some people let a bad haircut affect their mood, so they become upset, depressed, sad, and lose their self-esteem and confidence. Getting real human hair wigs installed helps avoid these issues. Your self-esteem and confidence do not have to suffer, since you are happy with your appearance after the wigs are professionally installed.

Add highlights in multiple colors with hair wigs -- Any time you want to try out hair streaking in multiple colors, but are a bit concerned about the final results, use hair wigs. Select wigs in the colors you want to try and have them installed. wigs may be broken up into smaller hair pieces and attached in multiple locations. In the event you like some colors better than the others, you can have those removed and replaced with the ones you liked.

Hairstyle and hair length of a wig to accentuate your beauty and to hide defects.

With the help of your hair, you can not only visually bring the shape of your face to perfection, but also hide some flaws. Such flaws may include: a too long or small nose, protruding ears, a short or long neck, a flat head, baldness or receding hairline, and so on.

Height -- Tall women would look really good with medium-length hair wigs, whereas women of small stature would be able to accentuate their neck and shoulder line by means of wearing a wig that has a bun.

Body constitution -- Voluptuous women would look perfect with simply styled wigs, as the intricate ones would accentuate their volume.

Neck -- Women with long necks should wear long and loose hair styled to hide this flaw. Contrarily, those with short necks should choose stylish, short haircuts.

Nose -- Long noses indicate that men should avoid smooth and slicked-back hairstyles, instead opting for hairstyles that feature volume and backcombed layers. Long noses indicate that men should avoid smooth and slicked-back hairstyles, instead opting for hairstyles that feature volume and backcombed layers.

Forehead -- If you have low forehead, hide it with asymmetric fringes. If you take a pride of your forehead, do not let the hair to cover it.

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Wig Cap Construction

Thursday, April 27, 2017 8:35:02 PM America/New_York

There are basically two types of wigs cap constructions that are the most popular.

1) The most common is the “Wefted Cap.” The vast majority are also known as "capless" wigs. They are constructed from rows of wefts (fringes) of synthetic fiber or human hair that have been sewn together into the shape of a cap, but do not have an underlying solid cap, per se. The more expensive wefted wigs feature a lace inset at the crown which allows the wearer to part the wig and brush the strands in any direction.

"Thin wefted" wig will usually have the rows of wefts spaced farther apart, which makes the wig lighter and more "breathable." A thin wefted wig will often lack the lace inset at the crown. The downside of this is that sometimes the underlying wefting can be seen when the wig is parted on top. An extreme example of thin wefting is a costume wig which can have wefts spaced very far apart, sometimes to the point that the wearer's own hair will show through.

Although becoming less and less popular, some wefted wigs still feature "crimp wefting" or "perma-tease" at the crown. This is the "fuzzy" looking hair that sometimes sticks up at the top of a wig. It is designed to make the wig look fuller (which is RARELY necessary unless you like the "big hair" look). This matt of short, frizzy hairs will also tend to hide the underlying cap construction, which is seen by wig manufacturers as a good thing.

In extremely cheap wigs, as well as many costume wigs, there will be a heavy net cap showing when the wig is turned inside out. These are still classified as “wefted” wigs, but are NOT considered “capless” wigs. This netting is considered to be an outdated form of cap construction, and is rarely seen in a fashion wig made within the last ten years.

All wigs will have adjustment straps at the nape (back neck area) to allow the wig to be sized down for a more snug fit. Generally, these straps will have Velcro attachments, but will sometimes feature hooks that fit into tiny adjustment pockets. Either system works well, and both are used on inexpensive as well as expensive wigs.

2) The second most common cap construction is the “Monofilament-Top.” This is a wefted wig that features an inset of transparent micro-mesh sewn in at the crown, with the individual strands of synthetic fiber or human hair hand-tied into the mesh. Mono-top wigs are generally more natural-looking, as the hair appears to be growing out of a real scalp, and there is no "crimp wefting" to make the wig look artificially full.

This type of cap was first developed for women who had experienced significant hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or other medical reasons, as the transparent mesh allowed the bare scalp to show through. You may sometimes see mono-top wigs referred to as "medical wigs" for this reason. However, many women with full heads of hair prefer the mono-top wigs for their superior natural appearance. With a mono-top wig, the hair can be more sharply parted on either side of the head than with a conventional wefted cap wig.

All mono-top wigs feature "tape tabs" on the inside of the cap, usually in 4 or 5 spots. These tabs are made of a shiny plastic material, and allow the wearer to use double-sided tape to secure the wig to the head, if necessary. Generally, mono-top wigs are recognized as a higher quality wig product, and are more expensive than standard wefted cap wigs. A slightly less expensive alternative is a wig featuring a monofilament part, rather than a full monofilament top. These are wigs that have a thin strip of monofilament mesh sewn in just at the left, right, or center part line. In these cases, the location of the part CANNOT be changed.

3) A “Fall” or “3/4 Cap Wig” is designed to be worn with the wearer’s own hair showing at the front hairline and down the temples to the ears. Most falls utilize conventional wefted caps. They are attached using a half-round comb at the front (bangs area) and another at the back (nape area) for an extremely secure fit. Some falls feature a cloth headband (almost always black) which affords a slight separation between the color of the fall, and the color of the wearer’s own hair, which can be beneficial when these colors don’t match exactly.

4) Probably the least common type of cap construction is the “Hand-tied.” A 100% hand-tied wig usually starts at $500.00 for a synthetic style, and can get into the $1,000’s for human hair versions. This is due to the labor-intensive nature of making the wig. It takes a worker one full day to completely hand-tie a wig, and after this, the wig still needs to be hand cut and styled. The cap of a 100% hand-tied wig is extremely stretchy, very similar to a nylon stocking. To keep costs down, some manufacturers offer wigs that are hand-tied at the front hairline and/or crown only. There are a few wiglets available in hand-tied versions, as well.

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An Overview of Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:17:45 AM America/New_York

Thanks to numerous advancements in technology, lots of improvements have been made to synthetic hair. Actually, some synthetic hair wigs look so good that it takes a trained eye to tell the difference between the wig and actual human hair.

In fact, with certain high quality synthetic wigs, you cannot tell that they are synthetic if you don’t have real human hair to compare it with.

One of the most significant advantages of synthetic wigs is that they can usually be worn straight of the box without minimal styling or non styling at all. The synthetic fiber contain a “memory” component for curls, waves, and volume which enable the hair to bounce back in place with minimal effort.

Synthetic hair is even able to hold up quite well in bad weather without much frizzing or drooping (if any).

However, the downside is that synthetic wigs generally lack in the adaptability department. Human hair wigs can generally be worn in a multitude of styles, synthetic wigs are often much more limited.

Note that there are some heat friendly synthetic wigs on the market. Heat can be used to alter the wigs’ curl pattern, however the synthetic fibers are still somewhat change resistant.

Our research shows that, when properly cared for, generally last about 4-6 months on average. For heat-friendly wigs and hairpieces, you should expect a shorter average duration of around 2-3 months.

Machine-made, synthetic lace front wig with heat tolerance.

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Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss?

Sunday, April 23, 2017 8:33:47 PM America/New_York

Wearing wigs for extended periods of time, especially when you neglect to properly care for your hair, can lead to all sorts of hair related issues including hair loss.

Although, just to be clear, hair loss isn’t exclusively attributed to wearing wigs. It’s simply that wigs can contribute to hair loss. Actually, anyone can suffer from hair loss.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, up to 40 percent of hair loss sufferers in America are women. It is not easy to understand the emotional toll that hair loss can have on you if you haven’t previously experienced it first-hand.

It can be absolutely devastating.

Hair, especially for women, is a vital part of who you are and also a sense of femininity for women.

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that on average, a person will lose 50-100 strands of hair in just one day. However, it becomes noticeable when the shedding rate exceeds the regrowth rate or when the rate of regrowth becomes thinner relative to the past.

Excessive hair loss is known medically as alopecia. The condition may be triggered by a wide range of factors, like side effects of chemotherapy and radiation effects, stress, genetics, age, autoimmune disorders and poor nutrition among other things.

Androgenetic alopecia is genetically predisposed and causes 95 percent of hair loss – often pattern balding for men and diffuse thinning for the women. Alopecia areata, as well as other kinds of lesser known alopecia, refer to autoimmune disorders that result in hair loss and may range from tiny patches to total hair loss. This condition can be permanent or temporary.

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Full Lace Wigs Is Better?

Friday, April 21, 2017 1:26:51 AM America/New_York

Wearing a wig is in fashion these days.Today not only celebrities, but common people too prefer to use full lace or front lace wigs these days. People find it easier to wear a wig with a certain hair style, rather than putting in money and effort in doing their own hair in that style. Wigs are in fashion also because they can be used by anyone, of any age. These wigs are designed in such a way that they give a natural look and are easy to maintain. It is a boon for those people who have a lesser volume of hair or are bald. They can just wear these wigs to give them an elegant look.

Full lace wigs are more in demand as compared to front lace wigs, as they look more natural than the other. These wigs are available in numerous designs, they are available in ponytail looks, and bun looks for any other hair style. The wigs with baby hair are in high demand, because of its soft nature. These wigs appear so natural that they seem to be coming directly from the scalp. They are woven in such a way that no one can say that they are wigs. These wigs come in varying hair length, density, colour and textures. They are durable in nature.

When the wigs wear out they can be repaired by weaving in new hair and can be reused. Therefore, these wigs are easy to use and maintain. They are available in numerous colours and at reasonable rates. Customers get the opportunity to choose from a variety of hair types from all around the globe. One can choose from Indian hair, Chinese hair, Maylaysia hair, Brazilian hair, and European hair and so on. These wigs can be worn by a bald person or a person with hair, one can easily conceal their hair under the wigs, without giving a fake look; and the wigs can be removed easily whenever required. Removing the wig doesn’t damage the original hair of the person.

Benefits of Full Lace Wigs:

The appearance is smooth and shiny.

Provides a natural look.

Can be woven in any fashion or style.

They create a natural looking hairline.

Fixing these wigs to the head is easy and effortless.

These wigs blend in well with the scalp and skin tone of the person giving it a natural look.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017 8:35:01 PM America/New_York

A lot of women and men are hesitant about wearing a wig, they are worried it might fall off or that it will be difficult to look after, but more than that, they’re concerned about it looking like a wig and not natural hair. A wig that looks like a wig kind of defeats the purpose of wearing one in the first place for most wearers, unless of course you’ve chosen a neon pink beehive, at which point you may be out of luck. But with a little smart, forward thinking, you can ensure your wig looks healthy, natural and full bodied in the way your dream hair should be. There are some tips and tricks you can try to achieve a more natural looking wig.

First and foremost, wear your wig with how you feel most comfortable and if you like the look of it, that’s what matters.

Position -- Position your wig where your natural hairline would be, you can do this by raising your eyebrows and seeing where the wrinkles stop! Alternatively, a face is generally in three proportions; chin to bottom of your nose, bottom of your nose to eyebrows and eyebrows to top of your forward, so you can measure where your hairline suits with regards to facial proportions.

Hairline -- The hairline of a wig can often be a tell tale sign for a wig, however, there are easy ways around it. You don’t have to have a full fringe but having some kind of sweeping bangs conceals the hairline or most of it.

Shine -- Sometimes synthetic wigs in particular can have an overly shiny look when they are new, although it will dull over time, apply some dry shampoo or talc and rub it in to make it look more natural when you first pop it on.

Care -- Look after your wig by keeping it tangle free and it will obviously look more natural. Every time you have worn your unit brush it gently from the bottom up and place on a head stand to keep it safe. Washing depends on how frequently you wear it but once a week or every 10 days for daily use is usually suitable. It is also worth investing in a fibre oil or morrocan oil (depending on whether your wig is synthetic or fibre) will also keep the hair looking healthy and real.

Thin it out -- Often wigs can look bulky and thick around the crown and sides when they are new, if so it is recommended that it is thinned out before use either done yourself or at the hairdressers.

Up Dos -- Wearing your wig in an up do can sometimes show an unnatural hairline at the front and back. If you are doing a bun, let pieces of fall down to help conceal the hairline. It may take practice and few attempts to get it right but it can provide a relaxed and pretty style.

Parting and Crown -- A lot of budget style wigs don’t have a proper parting or crown, you could try to avoid these wigs as they are often poorer quality in general. However, one effective way to it to clip the top section up and create a kind of quiff style do. Avoid a middle parting as well if your wig doesn’t have a good skin top/lace, and opt of a side parting as it’s generally less visible.

Take Pictures -- And finally, just like with drawing on your brows take pictures and look back on them and you will see what doesn’t look quite right. Also show your friends and family, ask what they think!

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Lace Front Vs Full Lace

Sunday, April 16, 2017 8:24:33 PM America/New_York

Sometimes the nature hair community moves so fast that we forget that not everyone understands whats going on and it can be a bit confusing. Case in point whats the difference between a silk closure and a lace closure? No worries we’ve got you covered here! With protective styling season on the horizon it’s time to clear up another mystery. What's the difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig?

Lace Front Wigs

A lace front wig is exactly what it sounds like. This wig has a sheer lace strictly in the front edges of the unit that are cut off just prior to be installed on your head. The lace front wig provides the illusion of a natural hair line. The base of a lace front wig isn’t made of lace, but of a thicker material that is still comfortable/wearable. Lace front wigs are often worn by many celebrities, but there are a few cons to this type of unit. With the baby hair effect, there can often be issues with the tape/glue used to adhere the wig to the front edge of the skin. For starters you are putting excessive amounts of stress on the perimeter of your edges if done too frequently. This can cause permanent damage if not handled correctly. The tape/glue can also interact with the skin and form a pulling type effect that will be a dead giveaway. Most times you can also see the glue if too much is installed We’ve seen this occur to many celebrities in the lime light as well. Though a really good lace front wig can cost you anywhere from 300-400 dollars you can also find cheaper versions at a beauty supply shop, depending on the texture, quality, length, and style you are going for.

Full lace wigs

Full lace wigs have a base that is made fully of lace unlike the lace front wig. This means full lace wigs are a bit more versatile than a lace front wig, because they can be worn in different hair styles. This puts full lace wigs at a higher price point than a lace front wig as well. A full lace wig covers the entire head and must be installed slightly different than a lace front wig that is only attached at the front edges of your head. It is best to wear a wig cap especially when installing a full lace wig, since it will be covering your entire head.

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Washing Synthetic Hair

Thursday, April 13, 2017 8:31:13 PM America/New_York

Use your senses of smell and sight effectively. Keep the cleanliness freak within you at bay. With synthetic hair more washing leads to less shelf life and decrease in quality. Maintain good scalp hygiene. Just because you have lost some hair does not mean you neglect your scalp.

Do not use regular shampoos. There are product specially designed for the purpose of cleaning and maintain a synthetic wig. Purchase a good quality of synthetic shampoo and synthetic conditioner. There are leave-in conditioners available too.

Comb the synthetic wig with a wire comb before washing, when it is dry. Use only cold water for washing the wig. Use of hot water will cause damage to the fibers of the wig.

Follow these simple and easy steps:

Take a bucket, a big bowl or a basin.

Fill it with cold water.

Add a little of synthetic hair shampoo in the water.

In case the synthetic hair wig has caught strong and pungent odors add a tea spoon of baking soda that is sodium bicarbonate in the water and mix it.

Now take the synthetic wig and gently soak it in this cold water.

You can either let it soak completely in the water and synthetic shampoo mixture for about 10 minutes or you can after soaking it in this mixture thoroughly for about one – one and a half minutes take the synthetic wig out and gently work the wig. Do not rub it or apply friction.

Now wash it well for about 10 to 15 minutes till it becomes clean and rid of the shampoo and water solution.

You can even condition the synthetic hair at this point or do it later.

Rid the synthetic hair of the excess water but don’t use force.

Do not twist or fold or crush the synthetic wig.

Pat the wig with a towel to dry. Do so softly and with as little pressure as possible.

If you will exert force the setting and shape of the wig will get spoilt.

You can spray some leave in conditioner and set it aside for drying. Spray lightly, don’t over abuse the conditioner and keep a little distance from the synthetic wig while spraying the leave in conditioner.

Place it on a stand for drying. Choose a good stand, one that suits the shape of the synthetic wig and does not cause it to realign.

Brush it only after it is totally dry and water free. Do not expose it to direct sunlight for the purpose of drying the wig.

Following such basic steps we can take good care of the synthetic hair wig and get an optimal life span for the synthetic wig.

Remember to avoid excess heat as it will cause your synthetic hair to become frizzy. And if you have lost your hair why not lose all of the hair problems too? So stay frizz free. Do not use bleach or colour on your hair. Keep it away from the chlorinated waters of the swimming pool.

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Types of Wigs and Hair Pieces

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 8:28:12 PM America/New_York

Based on the use of hair, wigs can be classified into these three distinct types:

Human Hair Wig – These types of wigs are made from human hair. They are the most natural looking wigs, the closest one can get to the real thing; so much so that many a times to the untrained eye, it is difficult to ascertain if it is indeed a wig. These are more expensive. Based on hair types Human hair wigs can be classified further into these types. These are Chinese or Malaysian Human Hair Wig, Caucasian or European Human Hair Wig, Indonesian or Brazilian Human Hair Wig, and Indian Human Hair Wig. While the Indian Hair is more popular amongst consumers due to its texture and strength, the European wig is the most expensive of the lot. The European wigs are also a little rare.

Animal Hair Wig – As the name suggests these wigs and hairpieces use animal hair generally from a goat or a yak.

Synthetic Hair Wig – A synthetic hair wig is manufactured with fibers. These fibers are extremely similar to real human hair. These wigs are highly economic and low maintenance.

Depending upon the weft and the method by which hair is secured together in a wig, wigs can be classified as:

Machine stitched weft wig – These types of wigs and hair pieces are made by stitching together hair strands by using a hair sewing machine. There are two sub classifications in these: double wefting (this is a regular weft.) and single wefting (this is relatively new. It is also called as a light weft or a thin weft.)

Hand tied wefts: These are made by tying together the hair strands around a strong and durable weaving thread. Since this is labor intensive they are relatively expensive.

These are the major classifications of wigs. There are other types of wigs and hair pieces too. Some of them are listed below.

Medical wigs – Medical wigs are mainly manufactured for people who lose hair due to some medical condition like chemotherapy or alopecia and so on. They are more suitable for such patients.

Lace Front Wigs – These give an appearance of a natural hairline. They are popular amongst celebrities and fashionistas. Individual strands are knotted along the mesh, generally of a polyester or nylon material in the frontal area of the hair piece thus creating an illusion of hair growing naturally from the scalp. These have become extremely popular in the 21st Century. There are many varieties available like: Swiss lace, French Lace, Thin Skin, Stretch lace and so on. Each of them differs from the other in a singular aspect like Stretch lace is easy to detect whereas Swiss lace is extremely undetectable when used.

Lace Frontals – These are half wigs or hair pieces. They are secured using skin adhesives. The important thing to remember is to use skin friendly or skin safe adhesives to secure these lace frontals in place.

Monofilament Wigs – These types of wigs are slightly less expensive. A monofilament is sewn in the wig. This is generally sewn in only one part of the head in a monofilament part wig, depending on the choice of the consumer, left, centre or right. Once sewn the position of the monofilament cannot be changed. They too give the illusion of hair naturally emerging out of the wearer’s scalp.

PU Skin weft – This is specifically for those people who have a very sensitive scalp. People with a sensitive scalp find the cloth based wefts itchy and uncomfortable. Thus they substitute it for polyurethane. Polyurethane or PU is a material which is used as a base and this material is highly agreeable to people with sensitive scalps.

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Important Tips to Remember While Choosing A Wig

Sunday, April 9, 2017 8:41:21 PM America/New_York

Our hair is our best accessory. It can make or break our look. Hair has been associated with beauty and power. That is why a bad hair day brings our spirits down. A hair cut or a different hairstyle can greatly alter the way we look. A simple thing like wearing your hair differently can give you the appeal of a makeover. You feel more confident.

Hair is thus a very important aspect of our personality. It also expresses how the person is feeling. If your hair is tied back or if you let it loose, these actions convey different meanings. It has symbolic properties. It is object that conveys established order or a refusal to follow that order. Thus it is a horrible feeling to have to lose your hair, be it due to some genetic or medical condition or due to any other reasons.

So to escape this feeling, the easy alternative is wigs.

When there are so many options available, the choice becomes difficult. Therefore one must choose a wig after careful consideration and thought. Keep in mind the following:

Purpose: What is your purpose of using a wig? Be clear, is it for fashion, a performance or a clinical condition?

Budget: How much are we looking to spend?

Some types of wigs require more care than others; will you be able to provide the high maintenance some of the wigs require?

Maintaining a wig properly enhances its life span. This can be achieved by using specific products developed for proper keeping of wigs and hair pieces

Before purchasing a wig find out if it can be exposed to heat i.e. whether it can be curled or styled. Most wigs suffer a disastrous effect when exposed to heat.

The most important factor is to feel comfortable, confident and to enjoy this experience!

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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Wigs

Thursday, April 6, 2017 8:57:12 PM America/New_York

Wigs are having a moment. From Vivica Fox, who has her own wig line, to Christina Hendricks and Lady Gaga, famous ladies are now changing up their hairstyles as often as an Oscars host changes outfits. Why? The commitment-free hairpieces are easier to use and more realistic than they once were. "Technology for netting, materials, and machines have changed so they are better than ever," says Edward Tricomi, master stylist and co-founder of the Warren-Tricomi Salons. But as much as the 2.0 versions can help decide if your bang style is on-fleek, the construction of these new hair systems are also ideal for women with medical conditions who just want hair that looks and feels like their own.

Here, experts answer seven essential questions about wigs.

Q: What Are They Actually Made Out of?

There are two kinds of wigs: Human hair and synthetic hair. The natural hair is mainly sourced from India or Asia and costs significantly more than the faux version. But if you're looking for something more affordable, opt for a synthetic wig that's heat resistant, says Andrew DiSimone, wig expert and salon owner at HairPlace NYC. That’s because if you're cooking or open the oven door, the gust of heat could damage synthetic hair that’s not heat-resistant, he cautions. Synthetic hair is also best for cuts that fall above your shoulders, like a bob, since the lengthier options can start to wear and fray if the man-made fibers rub against your shoulders.

Q: What Types of Wigs Are Available?

The updated forms come in all lengths, styles, and colors and even in individual pieces. "I always tell every woman to have a winglet or a pony tail in her purse," says Tricomi. "You can use it to make a more full chignon, add volume, or give the appearance of longer hair."

Q: Who Can Benefit from Wearing a Wig?

Anyone, but for those experiencing medical hair loss, these hairpieces can be a saving grace. DiSimone, who has clients with alopecia and genetic hair loss or who are going through chemotherapy, explains that his salon sells wigs so real you can put them in pigtails and still have the part look natural.

DJ Quintero, a celebrity stylist who styled Katie Holmes' wig for the Met Gala, also points out that wigs can be used to simply try a new look. "I think wearing a wig is a fun way to completely change your appearance without actually changing your appearance," he says, adding that it's a safe way to be daring.

Q: What Should You Know Before Buying a Wig?

Do your homework. Would you try a new restaurant before checking Yelp? Probably not—and the same goes for scanning reviews as you search for reputable wig retailers in your area. Also, ask about the return policy.

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How to Wash Human Hair Wigs

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 8:57:39 PM America/New_York

Before washing your wig, gently comb it out, removing all tangles. Start at the tips of the hair and work your way up to the base of the cap. Make sure that you are only using a comb designed for wigs. For stubborn tangles, applying a spray conditioner can help loosen them.

To shampoo your wig, many salons recommend submersing your human hair wig in a basin of water with a small amount of shampoo. We do not recommend doing so as it can tangle the wig, making it highly unmanageable. To wash your human hair wig, start by getting it wet under running water. To do so, you can hold the wig under the faucet from your sink (but only if the hair is short). For longer wigs, we recommend holding the wig under the faucet of your bathtub or shower so that the hair does not get tangled in the basin below.

Let cool water flow over the hair from the base to the tips until it is wet. Gently squeeze (do not wring or twist) to remove excess water. Apply a small amount of human hair wig shampoo to the palms of your hands and apply evenly over the hairpiece. Do not twist, rub or massage. Simply smooth the shampoo on the wig from the base to the tips of the hair. Using cool water, gently rinse all shampoo from the hair, allowing the water to flow over the hair from the base to the tips. Do not rub, wring or twist. Gently rinse until all shampoo has been removed. Lightly squeeze excess water from the hair (do not rub or wring). Blot hair gently with a towel to remove excess water before conditioning.

It is recommended to wash your human hair wig every 7-14 days of wear. Each time your hairpiece is washed, the lifespan of your wig is shortened. For this reason, the wig should not be washed more than is necessary. Using as few styling products as possible on your wig will allow you to wash it less often and extend its life. Wearing a wig cap underneath will also extend the life of your wig. The wig cap will help absorb scalp oils, keeping them away from the base of the cap.

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Friday, March 31, 2017 8:43:34 PM America/New_York

DO: Read the manufacturer’s recommendations about hair care.

Do NOT: Just assume it will be as easy as taking care of your bio hair – because it’s not.

DO: Try to own more than one wig in a similar style and color to alternate. Human hair wigs take longer to dry & style than synthetics, and you don't want to be caught in a situation where you need hair and can't wear the only wig you have for some reason.

Do NOT: Wait until the last minute to wash or style your hair, especially if you can only afford one wig. Having wet bio hair is one thing. A wet wig will feel like a heavy hot basket, regardless of what it’s made of.

DO: Use wig-safe shampoos and conditioners that are alcohol & paraben free. Avoid anything containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These chemicals make soap lather – but they are also very drying and will make the hair brittle. (They’re not that great for your bio hair, either, for the record.)

Do NOT: Use drug store products on your hair without looking at the labels. We recommend avoiding name brands such as Herbal Essences, Pantene, Dove, Organix, or anything else you can buy at Target or Walgreens. You don’t have to wash it very often, so invest in the good stuff so your hair will last longer!

DO: Wash your wig every 8 – 14 days, or as needed. Using a dry shampoo can help you go longer between washings when sprayed on the interior of the cap. (We don’t recommend spraying dry shampoo on the outside of human hair wigs.

Do NOT: Wash every night.

DO: Brush out tangles prior to washing. (Or if it’s a curly wig, just finger comb to avoid creating more tangles and frizz.

Do NOT: Brush out tangles while hair is wet.

DO: Wash wig in still water. Fill a small basin with cool water. Add small amount of shampoo to water and disperse. Only apply shampoo directly to areas in need of more intense washing, avoiding the tips of the hair. Submerge wig. Gently swirl and let soak for 5 minutes. Rinse by submerging in basin of cool water and gently swirling it around. Remove from basin, fill it back up with clean cool water, and repeat this rinse one more time.

Do NOT: Wash your wig in the shower by directly applying shampoo, lathering (remember: a wig friendly shampoo has minimal lather), and rinsing with high-pressure running water.

DO: Condition your wig carefully. Once you rinse out the shampoo, apply a wig-safe conditioner directly to the hair. We recommend putting most of it on the longer parts of the strand and the ends, and not so much neat the roots to avoid having super flat hair. Let the conditioner sit on the hair for a minimum of 2 minutes. (You can leave it on overnight for more intense conditioning.) Rinse twice by submerging in a basin with cool water. Wrap gently with a towel to get out excess water.

Do Not: Condition your wig in the shower by directly applying a WalMart conditioner full of parabens or other waxy products that promote build up and rinse with high-pressure running water.

DO: Gently wrap damp wig in a towel and pat to remove excess water.

Do NOT: Wring and shake hair to remove excess water.

DO: Condition again while damp with a leave-on spray product to lock in moisture. (We recommend light-weight conditioning Argan oil for this latter step, but there are others that work equally well.) Work through with hands.

Do NOT: Forget your leave-in conditioner! Skipping this step accelerates hair dry-out.

DO: Place on a wig stand and allow to hair dry thoroughly before combing again. You may apply more leave-in conditioner once dry, if needed.

Do NOT: Place wig in direct sunlight to dry. This will make the color fade faster.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017 9:23:07 PM America/New_York

Human Hair wigs can last a lot longer than synthetics, but that’s only If you take proper care of them. View them as a long term investment and caring for them will become part of your routine.

DO: Wash your new human hair wig before your wear it.

Do NOT: Plop it on your head and wear it for weeks before washing. These wigs have had a lot of chemical processing and most of those chemicals can be absorbed through the scalp. Please wash them first!

DO: Purchase with the knowledge that these wigs will need to be professionally styled before they can be worn. They do not come pre-styled like synthetics do, even though most are pre-permed to attain a specific hair texture.

Do NOT: Become discouraged by how it looks out of the box. Again, it will need to be styled before it is ready to wear.

DO: Understand that moisture retention is the #1 goal of long-term human hair wig care.

Do NOT: Assume human hair can be treated like your biohair or synthetic hair. Biohair is not dyed with industrial textile chemicals and has generally not been treated to look like European hair. It also gets the benefit of natural oils when brushed, whereas wigs don’t.

DO: Try to buy a shade darker than what you’re looking for if you are unsure about a color. The colors on human hair wigs tend to be slightly lighter than their synthetic counterparts.

Do NOT: Buy a light shade assuming you can dye it if you don’t like it. Most human hair wigs CANNOT be re-dyed due to the heavy processing that goes into making Asian hair look Caucasian. However, for those brands and product lines that CAN be re-dyed, it is easier to take them a little lighter than to try to make them darker. Dark dyed colors on wigs just fade too darn fast.

DO: Use ceramic plated heat tools to curl and straighten your hair.

Do NOT: Try to perm or relax the hair. In most cases, it has already been permed to give it it’s texture. Further chemical processing could ruin the wig.

DO: Remember that non-Remy human hair is the lowest quality. That doesn't mean it's bad. It just means that the hair might have a coarser texture and be more prone to early signs of friction damage. They aren't as durable, so they're generally much less expensive. Remy hair is smooth and has cuticles that are in tact and all facing the same direction. This cuts down on friction so the wig feels smoother and lasts longer. Most Remy hair is from Asia or India and can come from multiple people per wig due to the homogeneity of those hair types. European hair wigs are also Remy, but the hair shafts are narrower, making them more lustrous and silky. European hair wigs also come from a single head of hair and are seldom dyed, so the variation of pigments and highlights is the most natural money can buy. Any of these types of hair can make a nice wig. Just know what you're getting before you buy it.

Do NOT: Forget that with human hair, if the price seems too good to be true it usually is.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017 9:08:09 PM America/New_York

Women use wigs for many reasons. As wigs have evolved, the reasons behind wearing wigs have also evolved. Gone are the days when wigs were only used for necessity. More and more women are starting to know about the benefit of wearing wigs. Millions of dollars worth of wigs are sold every year, all over the world. The demand for wig has grown steadily over the last few years. However, someone might still be wondering: “what is the benefit of wearing wigs?” Well, there’s more to wearing a wig than the benefit of changing a hairstyle without permanently altering your look; here are some of the best benefits that a wig could bring to your hair.

It conceals natural hair issues. If you suffer from issues such as dandruff, an illness causing hairloss, you have to deal with receding hair lines or your own hair doesn’t seem to listen to you, a wig is the best way to conceal your daily hair struggles.

You never have a bad hair day. Sometimes your hair can be pretty hard to handle – it mostly happens before an important event, as if it’s trying to ruin the whole day. If you don’t have the time, patience and skills to deal with the situation, a wig will surely save the day for you. It’s already styled and ready to make you look perfect for any event.

It helps you save money. Instead of visiting the salon to style your hair, you can wear a wig that is already styled the way you want, saving you time and money. The best thing about it is that you can play with hairstyles and colors without having to revisit the salon every time you want a change.

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How to Select A Wig

Sunday, March 26, 2017 8:55:55 PM America/New_York

1. Decide if you prefer a synthetic wig or a human hair wig. Most wigs are either made of out synthetic fibers, real human hair, or a combination of the two.

Synthetic wigs are especially great for holding volume with short hair styles. They are often referred to as "shake-n-go" wigs because you can simply shake them out as you pick them up and then put them on. If you are experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment, most hair grows back within six months of your last treatment. Many cancer patients prefer a synthetic wig because they are a more affordable and temporary option.

Wigs made of human hair tend to be more versatile in that you can style them in multiple ways (in a ponytail, bun, with curls or beachy waves). And while they generally remain in good condition longer than synthetic wigs, they also require more maintenance. Human hair wigs are often more expensive (very long wigs are the priciest).

You can also look for a wig with a lace front cap. This will help position the hair around your face in a natural shape (not as a harsh seam of hair on your head).

2. Look for a wig that flatters the shape of your face. Your wig can be most flattering if you pick one that enhances the shape of your face. Here are some general guidelines:

Round faces. These generally look best with short, spiky pixie wigs, hair that graces the collarbone, or with longer layers that hit at the jawline (but not above it).

Heart-shaped faces. Consider a short pixie cut that can be tousled and has some texture (like Halle Berry), a shoulder length wig with side-swept bangs, or long layers with a fringe of bangs.

Oval face shapes. For shorter hair, look for a shaggy bob (or lob -- long bob). For long hair, look for a wig that holds layered curls or waves. Pick a wig that can hold lots of volume as this will make your face appear fuller.

Square faces. For square faces, picks wigs that will soften your jawline, such as a longer, angled bob, a shoulder length style with soft layers, or a wig with an off-center part.

3. Select a wig that compliments your skin tone. You should have a general idea of which color you want before you go to buy your wig. You might be tempted to try something very different once you are in the store, but it's best to stick with colors that you know will work for you. Skin tone types generally fall into three categories: warm, cool and neutral. Determine what skin tone you have if you don't know already. Warm skin tones tend to have brown, hazel, or green eyes. If you tan easily, then you most likely have warm skin tones. By contrast, if you burn easily and have a ruddy color to your skin, then you are cool-toned. Neutral skin tones will often not have an obvious undertone to their skin (neither yellow or pink) and will, therefore, be compatible with most hair colors.

Warm skin tones can generally wear colors like honey blondes, chestnut browns, ebony brown-black shades or copper colored reds.

Cool skin tones can generally wear platinum blondes, ash browns, auburn reds or inky, raven blacks.

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How to Straighten a Frizzy Wig

Thursday, March 23, 2017 9:12:14 PM America/New_York

Uh oh! Your wig looks like something that your cat just coughed up and you were going to wear it today! Then, when you try brushing it, it just gets bigger and frizzier! Don't panic! There are some ways you can help groom your frizzy wig.

Step 1: Place the wig on a mannequin head (put in on a cooperating family member, on your knee, or on something else if you don't have a mannequin head).

Step 2: Using a wide-toothed comb, gently brush out the wig, trying to get out as many tangles as possible. Be careful though, brushing it too much will make it look like it's been electrocuted.

Step 3: Spray a minimal amount of detangling spray onto a small section of the wig and gently brush it through with the comb. Continue this until you have worked your way all the way around the wig.

Step 4: Gently brush out the wig using a natural bristle brush (this will help to make the hair look soft and shiny).

Step 5: Now bring out the straightener (if your straightener has a temperature control option, then use it on a lower temperature if your wig is made of synthetic hair. If you set it too high, it will melt). Clip up the top layer of the hair and slowly straighten sections of the bottom layer, brushing gently every now and then.

Step 6: Remove the clip from the wig, letting down the top layer. Now straighten the top layer,using the same method as the bottom layer.

Step 7: Gently brush out the wig with the natural bristle brush and put it on.

Step 8: Finished.

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Synthetic Wigs Maintenance and Care

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 8:50:22 PM America/New_York

Synthetic wigs are very easy to care for, compared to human hair wigs. The most important thing is to use products that have been specially formulated for use on synthetic fiber wigs and hair add-ons. Even the most mild and gentle products intended for human hair will eventually dull the fibers of a synthetic wig.

It is also important to use combs and brushes that are designed for use on synthetic wigs, or if using a regular hairbrush or comb, be sure it has the rubber “tips” at the end of each brush bristle or tooth of the comb. This will prevent the fibers from splitting, and keep the wig from looking fuzzy and dull before its time. Yes, even wigs do get “split ends!”

A full wig or 3/4 cap fall generally needs to be washed only about once every ten to 12 times it is worn. The reason most wigs need cleansing is to rinse the accumulated scalp oils from the cap, rather than to wash the actual fibers. However, if you use a lot of mousse, gel, or spray on your wig, it will likely need to be washed more often.

Every wig and hair add-on we sell comes with a care tag, but some customers cut off the tags and toss them out without realizing there is important care information on the reverse side, so we’ll offer this brief procedure for washing and conditioning a synthetic wig:

1) First, gently brush out the wig to remove any tangles (unless the wig is extremely curly and/or it came with a tag telling you that it shouldn't be brushed). Most of the longer styles will become quite matted towards the back, and it may be necessary to gently separate the tangled strands with your fingers.

2) When the wig is ready to be washed, fill the sink with about 2 quarts of cool water. Never use hot water, as this could relax the curl that was set into the wig during the manufacturing process. Pour about 2 capfuls of synthetic wig shampoo into the water and then submerge the wig. When the wig is fully wet, swish it around for about a minute and then let soak for about another minute. TIP: Leave the wig to soak in the shampoo and water for 5 minutes before washing. This will loosen any stubborn debris and require less rubbing friction. Repeat the washing process if you feel that the first wash has not fully cleansed the hair or fibre.

3) Remove the wig and rinse in cold water until no suds remain. Then place the wig on a bath towel to completely dry overnight, or you may place it on a folding wig stand, which will speed up the drying process. It is all right to blot the wig with a towel, but don’t twist the wig or ring it out. You can use your fingers to gently separate and arrange the strands as the wig is drying, but don’t try to comb or brush the wig while still wet. The fibers could be stretched to the breaking point. Tip: Always rinse the shampoo off with the water flowing in the direction of the hair fibre. Lightly spray conditioner onto the wig after towel drying to aid later brushing and to return oils lost through the washing procedure.

If you wish, you can use a spray-on conditioner on the wig while damp. Work the conditioner through the strands with your fingers, NOT a brush or comb. When the wig is completely dry, you can brush it and style it as you usually would.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017 9:47:05 PM America/New_York


Your wig can be styled by using a wig brush, a wig comb, or your fingertips. Avoid using a brush designed for human hair. These brushes can create excessive tension, over-stretching the hair with abrasive strokes that may damage the hair.

The best styling tool is the most inexpensive; a spray bottle of clean, cool water. Lightly spritz your wig with water to remove static electricity and return your wig to its original look.

To achieve style variations, liquid wig mousse is an essential styling tool. For curly or wavy styles, just mousse, hand scrunch, and pick the style into curls. On straight styles, mousse and brush lightly.

Your wig was designed with a basic style but the variations you can achieve through styling are limitless. Added height can be achieved by gently lifting with the wig comb. If you want added fullness as well, tease or back-comb and then smooth the surface hair over the teasing. Your wig can be returned to its basic style by washing it and allowing it to air dry.

To completely restyle, we recommend taking your wig to a professional stylist.


Comb through the hair in the morning and evening with your fingers. Gently shake the hair to loosen curls and get rid of tangles. Using small-toothed combs and brushes can pull and damage the hair weave.

For synthetic hair weave, you cannot apply any heated appliances. For human hair, your weave can be styled just as your own including using hot irons, blow dryers, etc. Avoid applying direct heat to the bonded area. In addition, you can use hair products as long as you wash them out frequently as too many products can cause human hair to tangle. You can also visit a professional stylist to have the hair cut and/or styled to compliment you.

Return to see your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks. Removing the hair weave will be necessary, as they tend to get old and dry. If you have braided hair weaves, as long as the stylist can see that your hair and the extension are still healthy, it may be all right to leave them in.

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How to Apply a Lace Front Wig

Thursday, March 16, 2017 9:25:28 PM America/New_York

Many people love lace front wigs for their versatility and believability. The lace at the front mimics a natural hairline, allowing you to pull the wig away from your face in a variety of hairstyles. Applying a lace front wig is easy and fast. First, flatten your hair and prepare your skin. Next, make adjustments to the wig such as tightening straps and trimming the lace. Last, apply any adhesive or wig tape and pull on your wig. Once your wig is perfectly arranged, you can style it any way you’d like!

Part 1--Getting Ready for the Wig

1. Do a skin test. Some people are allergic to the chemicals used to keep a wig in place. Do a skin test to determine whether or not you are allergic. First, dab a small amount of liquid adhesive or double-sided wig tape onto the back of your hand. Next, observe the adhesive for at least twenty four hours. If the skin becomes red or irritated, purchase a hypoallergenic wig tape or adhesive to use instead. If the skin is unaffected, you can safely wear the wig.

2. Flatten your hair. The flatter your hair is against your head, the better the wig will look. You can braid short hair into corn rows or mold it against your head using gel and bobby pins. For long hair, first tie your hair in a low ponytail. Next, wrap the ponytail into a flat bun and secure it with bobby pins. Allow any gel or hairspray to dry before continuing.

3. Put on a stocking cap. Stocking caps, or wig caps, are soft caps that flatten your hair and help the wig stay in place. Gently pull on the stocking cap, being careful not to disturb your flattened hair. Adjust the cap so that it barely covers your hairline. If you have little to no hair, skip this step. Otherwise, the cap will slide around your head and bunch up under your wig. Make sure all of your hairs are tucked into this cap, even the hairs on the nape of your neck.

4. Prepare your skin. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser and blot it dry with a towel. Next, dab some rubbing alcohol on cotton ball and wipe it along your hairline. This will remove the excess oils on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can apply a scalp-protecting serum after using the rubbing alcohol. Allow the serum to dry completely before continuing. Scalp-protecting serums can be bought at wig supply shops and online.

Part 2--Putting On the Wig

1. Test the fit of the wig. Before you apply any adhesives, you need to make sure the wig fits properly. To do so, place the wig on your head and line it up with your natural hairline. If the wig has tightening straps on the inside, you may need to adjust these for a proper fit. If the wig doesn’t fit and it doesn’t have any tightening straps, contact the manufacturer for help. If you can feel a strong ring of pressure around your scalp, the wig is too tight. Loosen the straps slightly. If the wig slides around when you move your head, the wig is too loose. Tighten the straps.

2. Trim the lace. Once your wig fits properly, you need to trim the lace. Use a few clips to pull the hair away from your face. Next, using sharp pinking shears, trim the lace along your natural hairline. You should leave about 1/8 inch (3 mm) of lace. This will only have to be done the first time you wear the wig. Some wigs don’t need to be trimmed before wearing. These wigs have little to no excess lace at the front of the wig. You can buy pinking shears at sewing supply stores.

3. Remove the wig and set it aside. Carefully pull the wig off, leaving all the clips in, and set the wig on a clean flat surface. Arrange the wig so that it’s easy to see what part goes on the hairline and what part goes on the nape of the neck.

4. Apply wig tape. Cut six to ten small pieces of wig tape. Next, line your hairline with the small pieces of tape by pressing the sticky side against your skin. Use a mirror while you do this to create an even hairline. Once the tape is applied, remove the thick foam padding to reveal the other side of the tape. Make sure all of the pieces are touching. Otherwise, you may have loose gaps in your hairline.

5. Use a liquid adhesive. If you don’t want to use wig tape, you can use a liquid lace adhesive instead. Use a clean makeup brush to apply the adhesive in thin line along your entire hairline. Depending on the type of adhesive, you may need to wait a few minutes before wearing your wig.

6. Apply the wig. Carefully pull the wig on. First, adjust the edge of the wig so that the hairlines match. Next, adjust the back of the wig so that it hangs naturally over your hair. Lastly, press the lace of the wig into your adhesive or wig tape.

7. Style your hair. If your wig is made of human hair, you can use regular brushes, hot styling tools, and hair products. If your wig is synthetic, avoid using regular brushes and hot styling tools. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb or wig brush to adjust your hair.

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How To Make A Synthetic Wig Look Realistic

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 9:03:32 PM America/New_York

There are two basic things to make a wig look realistic: choosing the right wig and fitting it onto your head correctly.

1. Choosing the right wig. Synthetic wigs come in a variety of types of plastic fibers. There are also variations of these three types of fibers, so quality can still vary (some looks realistic, some looks shiny). Fortunately, you've picked a good brand of wigs, so you're good in that department.

It helps to choose a wig with bangs and a natural color to make it look like real hair. Again, you will be fine there. However, some people have problems with certain hair colors clashing with their skin tone. Usually the complaint I hear is from very fair-skinned people looking strange with light blonde hair. Bangs cover the "hairline" of the wig, which does not look like a real scalp and can easily show that you are actually wearing a wig.

2. Fitting the wig. It does not matter if you grow your hair out or not. I know successful wigwearers with hair to their butt or with chin-length hair. What matters is that you get a WIG CAP. They are cheap, and is a nylon stocking for your head.

To put on wig:

First, secure your hair so it is as flat on your head as possible. If you have lots of hair, get it as flat as you can, but concentrate any "leftover hair" towards the nape of your neck, because wigs stretch the most there. Put on the wig cap, and secure it with hairpins or bobby pins. Put the wig on over it, and you will feel that there will be a tab on each side of the wig where the front "hairline" ends. Each tab should be in front of the ears, and use these to make sure your wig is on symmetrically. There should be adjustment hooks in the back to make the wig fit you. Once you get it adjusted, secure wig to wig cap with hairpins or bobbypins. Make sure the back of the wig is pulled down and pinned properly--not doing so often causes weird lumps at the top of your head.

As a tip, stretch out the wig cap for a week before wearing the wig, because it can come sort of tight and cause headaches after awhile. If you have a wig head, you can stick the cap on there, or stick it onto something about the size of your head.

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How Do Capless Wigs Work?

Sunday, March 12, 2017 9:28:51 PM America/New_York

The construction of capless wigs, which basically made of vertical lace strips with rows of wefts, makes it lighter, cooler and more comfortable to wear. This design veers off from the traditional solid cap wigs that can be cumbersome, warm and heavy to the wearer. Other terms for capless wigs include wefted caps, standard caps and thin-wefted caps.

One of the advantages of capless wigs are the open spaces between the wefts that disperses heat and allows more airflow into the wig. The breathable design also makes for a lighter wig that is more comfortable to wear.

In higher end capless wig designs, a lace section often be incorporated at the crown to allow wearers to part the hair on the wig and to brush it in any direction. Thin-wefted is the term used for capless wigs that have wider spaces in between the wefts. This type of design do not have lace top section.

Thin-wefted capless wig are even lighter because of the broader space in between the wefts. In some thin-wefted caps, the wider space between the wefts allows the wearer to incorporate her natural hair through the cap. This not only conceals the wig better, but it also allows for a natural blending of hair color and makes the wig feel more secure.

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The Advantage And Disadvantages Of A Wig

Thursday, March 9, 2017 7:52:29 PM America/New_York

When the concern is your hair, the market now offers a lot of solutions, offering gradual and sometimes immediate results. But when it comes to changing hairstyles or to conceal a thinning head of hair, one of the most commonly used solutions would be to wear a wig.

A wig can be made out of human hair or synthetic hair. It also comes in various colors and styles. But wigs made out of human hair are made out of hair that is of Asian or European origin because it is softer and smoother. However, no matter how natural it may feel, what is more important is that it should look natural on you.

When you opt for a wig, it is best that you take it to the salon with you and have it trimmed to fit your profile. Otherwise, it might come obvious that you are indeed wearing one. This is one of the concerns that most wearer has, but by simply getting a few snips here and there can make it look like all those hairs are yours naturally.

Some complain that wigs can become quite uncomfortable especially during warm weather. This might be the case with synthetic wigs, but human hair wigs has enough ventilation to prevent perspiration from building inside though these types of wigs can be pretty expensive.

Wigs, especially those made out of human hair, can also be styled and treated the same way with your natural hair. So for whatever occasion, it would no longer be necessary for you to find another wig. Instead you can use those artificial tresses by curling, straightening, or teasing it.

Before, one of the common fears most wearers have is that their wigs might come off at any chance. Fortunately nowadays, manufacturers developed wigs that can be adjusted in order to fit snuggly on your head. In addition to this, adhesives are also available in to securely attach this hairpiece to your scalp. However most complain that it can be uncomfortable and it makes your hair difficult to clean.

Another thing about wigs, especially synthetic ones, is that they may lose their color after some exposure to sunlight due to oxidation. So if you long for a more natural looking hair, which you can also color, invest on human hair wigs.

When you are covering the embarrassing signs of hair loss, wigs can offer immediate solution. But if you want permanent answer to that dilemma a hair transplant is the most efficient way to go. It is a one-time shot, especially with a good surgeon, and the results are amazing!

But donning a wig is not bad either. It simply boils down to how you make it work for you, despite its list of limitations. But it is certainly an immediate and most affordable answer for hair loss problems.

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Advantages Of Lace Front Wigs

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 8:28:32 PM America/New_York

Whether you are going to wear a wig for medical reasons, to conceal premature balding, or simply because you are tired of your usual hairdo and are looking for a change, it is very important that you choose a wig that looks real and will not make you look like you are wearing a mop over your head.

There are many different kinds of wigs that you can choose from and one of the most popular is the lace front wig. These types of hairpieces are frequently recommended by hair experts because of their realistic appearance, their high level of versatility when it comes to styling, and many other reasons. Following are a list of the most significant advantages that lace front wigs can offer.

Realistic appearance. The hair strands of a lace front wig are attached securely to a wig cap made of a strong but sheer type of lace fabric, which is almost invisible to the naked eye when worn on the head unless one takes a really close look. Because the lace is virtually undetectable, people will think that the wig you are wearing is your real hair, which is exactly what you want them to think.

Style versatility. Also because of the indiscernible wig cap, you can part your hair anywhere you want without worrying that an unattractive base will be visible to other people. However, since only the front portion of the lace front wig is made of lace and the back portion is made of a thicker and more visible material, it wouldn't be a good idea to wear your hair up in a high ponytail or a bun because doing so can reveal the unsightly base towards the back that you would want to conceal from people.

Breathability. One of the problems about regular wigs that people often complain about is that it makes them feel hot and uncomfortable especially after prolonged use because the wig cap is too solid and does not allow the scalp to breathe. This is not a problem at all with front lace wigs because the lace material is so sheer that it not only allows the scalp to breathe but it would actually feel that it wasn't there at all.

Can be worn for long periods. The exact duration of how long a lace front wig can stay on would depend on the kind of adhesive that is used. When you use a high-quality glue or tape, the wig can stay on for as long as two weeks without shifting in place. However, if you only plan on wearing the wig for a short period, you can choose not to use an adhesive and instead just attach the wig using adjustable straps that normally come with the wig.

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The Best Wigs For Black Women

Sunday, March 5, 2017 8:05:36 PM America/New_York

Writing about wigs for black women is easier said than done; and to make this page inclusive we think it’s best to mention that this page aims to help women of colour who have lost their hair, or who need to wear wigs and hairpieces and just want the right wig that looks natural for their skin tone and natural hair texture.

This information can be used by anyone as the essence of the page is about choosing the right textures and colours for authentic looking hair for black women, whether it’s a full lace wig, a human hair wig or a synthetic wig.

The best wigs for black women and indeed all women of colour are those that follow the TLC rules: the right Texture, Length and Colour.

For many people wigs are a necessity not a luxury. The growth hair is either fragile, or not particularly manageable or in a condition that you don’t feel confident enough to wear it.

Wigs for Black Women--Texture

There are four popular textures that are authentic for Afro textured hair and the straightest of them all is yaki straights. Alternatively you can choose the slightly softer texture of light Yaki. If you prefer something less straight than that, then go for hair that looks like blow dried Afro hair. The seemingly ubiquitous and versatile kinky straight texture. Anything straighter is beyond the texture typically found in black women who relax their hair; so if straight hair is your thing, then Yaki is the way to go; it’s the most authentic looking texture for women with natural Afro hair. If you’re choosing a curly texture for your wig, then choose the right texture of curls like Afro curls or loose Afro curls. After all, if you buy a human hair wig then you can always use straighteners to go straight on the days you don't feel like being curly!

Wigs for Black Women--Colour

It's often been said that the darker you are, the darker your hair should be and the lighter you are, the lighter the hair colours you can wear. However, every skin colour can wear every colour, as long as it's the right tone of colour. Darker skin complexions are complemented by black, browns and dark reds, auburn and honey blondes. Medium skin complexions are complemented by black, browns, auburn, copper and golden blondes. Lighter skin complexions are complemented by off black, warm browns, sandy blondes and mid-level blondes, honey blondes.

If you want highlights but don't want anything too eye-catching, then the most natural effect is to have a darker colour as the base colour (about 70 - 80% of the hair) and use one or two lighter colours for highlighting.

Again, we have to stress that these are just style tips for those wanting a discreet undetectable wig solution; not a mandate that you have to follow.

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Celebs Wear Wigs Or Weave

Thursday, March 2, 2017 8:12:16 PM America/New_York

“Girl, is that all your hair?” Women have been hearing that question since the new millennial spike of all too natural-looking sew-ins, clip-ins and extensions. We just can’t tell anymore. Our favorite celebs have been fooling us for years and setting the standard on what a good weave is suppose to look like, spending insane amounts of money on their enhanced manes.

Think we’re kidding? Bet you didn’t know stars like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande have been rocking weaves and extensions for years! That’s right, find out which Hollywood it girls (and guys) have admitted to rocking a weave and/or wig.

Christina Milian has beautiful hair that is all her own, but has also added pieces and weaves on occasion. The-Dream’s ex-wife isn’t above adding some hair to her own and uses her sew-ins to make drastic changes to her appearance.

Katy Perry has often grown tired of rocking a weave admitting that she just wants to wear her real hair one day soon! That’s right, Katy Perry too wears weaves and once told interviewers, “I just want to take these damn extensions out of my hair and feel my head again!”

Rita has an open and unapologetic love for wigs and weaves. Ora once told Coaster magazine, “I just wanted to cut it [my hair] off. I love wigs, so I was like, ‘We could just wear wigs if we wanted to do big and curly.’ I don’t mind telling people I wear wigs. It’s more about the character that you are and the industry you’re in.”

Gloria Govan’s beautifully maintained long brown mane isn’t all her own. Govan is known for glamming up her looks with clip-in extensions for added fullness.

When “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Kimbella Vanderhee first stepped on the scene, she often wore her naturally curly hair. However, when Kimbella straightened her hair, fans were confused on whether she was rocking her own hair or adding some length. Turns out, Bella gets partial weaves added to her own hair!

Before Kim K. went platinum blonde (then back to brunette) and shorter, fans were use to seeing her with long and dark strands. Although many thought Kim cut her hair, the reality star has actually just been rocking her own hair without any extensions!

Kourtney is another Kardashian sister that adds hair to her own long, shiny tresses. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star actually wears partial sew-ins and reportedly gets her hair weave done by a black stylist.

Elle Varner has a head of beautiful natural hair, but says she adds clip-in extensions and or partial sew-ins for fullness especially at photo shoots.

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How to Choose a Wig

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 7:55:59 PM America/New_York

If you've lost all or most of your hair (for whatever reason—chemo, genetics, an autoimmune disease like alopecia areata), you might want to consider a wig.

The good and bad news: You have hundreds of options. Here are three important things to consider:

1. Human hair wigs have the most swing and bounce and can be washed and heat-styled just like your old hair. They’ll last several years—but they can cost several thousand dollars. Today’s synthetic hair wigs are almost as authentic-looking, require less maintenance, and can start under $100. If you’re wearing one every day, it will last three to six months.

2. Think about how you usually wear your hair. If you like to pull it back, your wig’s cap should have lace at the crown for a natural-looking hairline.

3. Always have your wig cut once it’s on your head—even if you love the style. All wigs have too much hair (especially at the temples) and need to be cut back to fit your individual face shape. (If you have a synthetic hair wig, be sure the stylist who cuts or trims it knows how to cut synthetic hair; special shears must be used.)

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How to Keep Your Wig From Falling Off

Monday, February 27, 2017 12:56:59 AM America/New_York

Keeping your wig on is something many women worry about. Fortunately, this is not something you should be concerned about. There are adjustable tabs inside of your wig that allow your wig to fit securely.

For women who want additional security, the following products have been helpful to many customers:

Cushion Band: This is a gel filled headband that not only keeps your wig securely in place, it also relieves pressure points, making your wig more comfortable to wear.

Wig Gripper: This adjustable headband is made of a fabric which adds friction around the hairline. This allows your wig to stay securely in place without slipping.

Toupee Clips: Toupee clips are secured to the wig and then clipped into your own hair to hold your wig in place.

Adhesives and Tapes: Double sided tape or roll on adhesives can be applied to hold your wig in place.

Scarves: On a windy day, a scarf can be tied over your head and underneath your chin to hold your wig in place.

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How to Choose A Synthetic Wig

Friday, February 24, 2017 1:16:27 AM America/New_York

Modern wigs are nothing like the old-school helmet styles of long ago. Today’s styles look completely natural, thanks in many cases to new types of cap construction, synthetic materials and color choices. Whether you're choosing a wig out of style boredom or necessity, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the variety of options. Synthetic wigs are a great choice for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair. These hair pieces give you a truly grab-and-go beauty accessory.

1. Decide on a single hairstyle you think you would like on most days. Synthetic wigs cannot be styled like human hair. Although it can be fluffed up a little, the look of the wig you buy is the one you will be stuck with.

2. Turn the wig inside out and look at the cap underneath that holds it together. Opt for a lace-front cap if you want to wear your hair back off your face. Opt for a hand-tied cap if you want the hair to move around like natural hair.

3. Determine how much time you want to spend on your hair each day. Longer wigs require more care, such as brushing, while shorter wigs are ready to wear when you put them on.

4. Take the wig to a nearby window, or outside, and compare the color to your natural hair color. Try to find a wig that closely matches your natural color for the best look.

5. Try on the wig to ensure it feels comfortable on your head and that you like the style. If you feel pressure or pain, try on another wig with a different cap style.

6. Shake your head while looking in a mirror to observe how the hair moves. Wigs are made of different synthetic materials, so choose one that moves most like natural hair.

7. Visit your hairstylist and ask her to cut the wig to accentuate your face. This may include cutting bangs or framing your face with additional layers.

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Reasons to Wear A Wig

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 1:58:58 AM America/New_York

There are many reasons why the average woman may want to wear a wig.

Some women have naturally thin, fine hair or hair that is prone to breakage or damage. Moreover, an increasing number of adult women are experiencing thinning hair, especially due to female pattern baldness, at earlier ages. At the extreme, reactions to chemotherapy for cancer, medical conditions such as alopecia areata and alopecia totalis, or psychological disorders, such as trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), can cause a woman to become partially or completely bald. For many of these women, a wig is the answer to the issues they may have with femininity and self-confidence.

Wigs are certainly not used only by women who wish to disguise hair problems. The use of wigs by celebrities for theatrical roles has endured for centuries, and seeing their dramatic yet temporary impact makes full hairpieces appealing to those who are not actors.

Also, modern women are too busy with their daily lives to spend a great deal of time caring for and styling long hair on a daily basis. A wig may be a quick, easy-care solution for women who have to look great at a moment's notice. These, too, are reasons why wigs are popular and are becoming more acceptable.

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The Development Of Lace Front Wigs

Monday, February 20, 2017 12:23:31 AM America/New_York

Wigs have come a long way. From being the comedic toupees worn by a forgetful uncle or a painfully obvious hairpiece favored by an aunt or a grandmother, the technology used behind manufacturing such head coverings have greatly improved. Today, even Hollywood celebrities opt to wear wigs because the need to constantly look glamorous can take its toll on the health of their natural hair.

One of the biggest complaints that women had with wearing wigs from a few decades back is that their hairlines and the tops of their heads looked unnatural. When you’re wearing a wig now, you don’t want anybody detecting that you do have one on – so it pays to choose a wig which has a natural look starting from the hairline to the scalp and the individual hair strands. Fortunately, there are natural-looking lace front wigs that you can wear to achieve exactly that effect.

Lace front wigs have a sheer lace front finish to make the hairline look as natural as possible. The front is built with a very fine, sheer material to which our natural hair strands are individually hand-tied. You can take your pick from different lengths, styles and colors when wearing a lace front wig. Also, depending on the type of lace front wig that you will buy, there are ones which are already pre-trimmed while others require a bit of customization.

Aside from the natural-looking hairline, what are the other reasons for wearing lace front wigs? It offers incredible styling versatility because of the realistic hairline. Unlike other wigs with hairlines that need to be hidden with bangs or a scarf, you can wear your hair off the face. In fact, this is the reason why most brides choose to wear lace front wigs on their big day.

Finally, lace front wigs are getting more and more affordable. You can buy them from practically anywhere so if you want to instantly change up your looks, you can rely on natural-looking lace front wigs to do the job for you.

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A Smart Choice - For Ladies

Thursday, February 16, 2017 2:09:13 AM America/New_York

Even women who have voluminous hair find these wigs useful on the days when they have bad hair. Curly haired women often complain about the unmanageable tangles that even straightened and stylers fail to untangle. Thus, a lace wig can come to your rescue if your hair is in a total mess, and you do not have enough time to soften it with sleeping pills. An extremely smart choice, using these lace wigs are million times better than attending an hour-long parlor session.

These extensions blend with the original tresses very easily and hence look very original and realistic. The artificiality of the wigs will only give in to minute scrutiny. Broadening the choices, makers have introduced wigs of diverse styles to make them wearable by all types of females. The wide diversity in the cutting of a wig provides a pleasant solution for all facial shapes. A lace wig appears to be of the similar tone and texture as natural hair, thus making the appearance all the more convincing.

Women of all ages can don them without hesitation. Ideally used to hide bald scalp patches, you can also use them to appear gorgeous. Under the thick mane of glossy, colored wig hair, you will barely remain recognizable as the bad-hair-girl among your mates. What makes a lace wig versatile is its ability to blend convincingly with all hair types.

The choice of lace wigs does not remain limited to the cutting and style, but also color. You can obtain a wig of any color that enhances your complexion and compliments facial features. Ideal for American, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, British, European and other hair types, even men can make use of lace wigs to appear smarter and presentable. You can wear the wigs to work everyday, or use them occasionally in parties and social gatherings.

Unlike normal wigs, these hair extensions are easy to wear and do not make your scalp sweat, which leads to hair fall. The wigs are made of original hair strands that are donated by men and women who have remarkably good hair quality. Besides, the sellers take great care of the lace wig extensions by treating it with oil and ointments to preserve its beauty.

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Using The Style-Able Cancer Wigs

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 2:03:13 AM America/New_York

It seems that a lot of women really love their hair. They seem to think it is defines them or makes them look pretty. Or that phrase 'Oh you have such healthy hair' makes them think lots of healthy hair means a healthy body.

If this is the case the thought of actually shedding all of their hair, yes perhaps including eyebrow, underarm and facial hair to name a few, is scary. Of course this doesn't happen to everybody in the same way nor does it happen the same way with all cancer treatment chemotherapy. It depends on the type of drugs used in the treatment.

The main thing to remember when you are with your friend or family member who is losing their hair is to keep cheerful and positive. It helps no one to also be depressed. If you are depressed then perhaps you should wait until another day to visit. The same is true if you are facing chemotherapy. Keep a positive attitude. Think positively.

If a person is looking at getting wigs to cover their hair loss from chemotherapy, they do have a few choices. Wigs come in natural hair, synthetic hair and a combination of both. Going even further, natural hair generally comes from three types of people, Asian which is the least expensive and the thickest. The second is Indonesian which is considered a mid-grade hair and has somewhat finer strands. The third natural hair is European hair which is the finest and can be very expensive.

You can either choose to go for synthetic wigs or can opt for human hair wigs when undergoing chemo treatments. Synthetic hair wigs are less expensive and easy to maintain. Most of them have a specific style molded in them but there are some that can be reset. The advantage of using the style-able cancer wigs is that their looks can be changed as per your choice. If you want some cheap wigs, please refer to our wigs online.

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The Benefits Of Short Wigs

Monday, February 13, 2017 12:51:08 AM America/New_York

Each wig is a complete work of art, after all if you are wearing one and the paparazzi do not pick it up in their shots then that really is a testament to the product itself, it looks so natural that none of us have ever realized.

Let us be honest here, who can blame all of these lovely ladies who are in the public eye for latching on to such a fantastic product, after all the pressure to look good never goes away and that is the same for you and me too is it not?

This does not mean that short wigs are an option below. On the contrary, there are many benefits that you can experience select more than one short wigs long.

Firstly, short wigs are much easier to maintain than long. You do not need to spend as much time as hairdressing, washing and drying. Most of them are actually wash and wear type of wigs. After cleaning, a short wig, all you have to do is put on the wig stand, where it will be ready to wear the next time you need it.

Of course, your friends will want to do well but the decision is really up to you and not them. If you feel much better wearing a short hairstyle, then by all means take the short wig. After all, wearing a wig is not all about looking at how other people look at you, but rather to look good for yourself and feel good at the same time.

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A Good Quality Wig Will Be Beneficial For You

Thursday, February 9, 2017 2:25:02 AM America/New_York

It was also used for the purpose of covering bald heads. Today, these false hair pieces are particularly used for protecting bald heads from sun damage. People also wear it to cover their baldness. There are also places, where wigs are considered as a thing of prestige and social standard. Many men and women, who have thin hair or suffer from baldness, use wigs. Apart from that, these false hair pieces are also used in various occasions, like Halloween. People wear it with colorful costume and enjoy the Halloween parties.

While buying any wig, you need to keep in mind certain important things. If you are purchasing it for basic purpose, it is better to look at the quality. Buying a wig that is made of good quality material is wise. Cost is another important issue that you need to consider. You can find different types of cheap wigs. These days, wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions are designed with great effort. They look real and beautiful. But you need to treat them differently from the original human hair.

We shampoo our original hair when it becomes straggly, frizzy or tangled. For the false hair you do not need to use the shampoo or conditioner. It is better not to wash the fake hair as it can cause damage to the hair.

Wearing good quality wig can prove to be beneficial for you. It can really enhance the elegance and charm of your face thereby making you look beautiful and attractive. Fake hair pieces are mainly used by the people who want a change in their look or who are bald or who want to change the style and color of their hair. People with thin or bad quality hair can also use these false hair pieces to make their hair appear thick and long. It can serve all these purposes.

A good quality and attractive wig can make you trendy and stylish. But many of us get confused while selecting the right wig. There are some valuable tips and advices that will help you to choose the right fake hair piece. You need to consider some important factors while selecting a wig. These include:

1. Select a wig that goes well with your face structure- You can find various kinds of wigs in the market. They come in different lengths, colors and forms. People with squared shaped jaw line should choose a fake hair piece that swings towards their face. It is better to select longer hair wigs if you have round shape face.

2.Consider your style while choosing a wig. There are various types of styles (including long, wavy, short, sleek, straight and curly) that you can find in the wigs. Select the style that you consider good.

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Consider For Styled Full Lace Synthetic Wigs

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 12:51:26 AM America/New_York

Similar to natural growing hair, it can also be parted, styled and placed in a low, med and high pony tail.

As the saying goes, your hair is and many women and men can contest that one of the most important qualities to a well groomed individual is how they style their hair. As simply is it may sound, styling your hair doesn’t come so easy for the majority.

This is because many of the times, each hairstyle is catered to each occasion, which requires either visiting a salon or attempting it from the comfort of your home. Then there are many factors in place when doing so, such as the color of your hair, the length and texture, all of which can become quite costly or time consuming. However with the versatility of a styled full lace wig, many of those factors are diminished.

A pre-styled unit is one that comes lace front wigs cut and styled to frame an individual’s face. They can be celebrity inspired or designed exclusively to suite your preference, facial features and lifestyle. Many of them are available at your local beauty shop and specialty lace wig boutique.

For those with tight budgets, you can consider for styled full lace synthetic wigs which are available at a much affordable price. Depending on the quality of the fiber, they can be washed and restyled at low to medium heat. In addition, they are known to last anywhere from 1-6 months, that solely depends on how its maintained while on and off your head.

You can also request a customized unit to ensure its fit and style. When ordering customized hairpiece online, it’s best to front lace wigs of the hairstyle you’re seeking and your accurate head/cap measurements.

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Change Your Hair Style By Human Hair Weft

Monday, February 6, 2017 1:14:31 AM America/New_York

Hair extensions expert is the premier supplier of hair extensions which must offer you all such hairs which are pertinent to different needs. No doubt, everyone desires unique and beautiful hairstyle every time. The natural hairstyle may not get change time to time so men's toupee is such solution which must suit you. Hair extension allows you to change your hairstyle any time or anywhere.

Whenever, you want to increase your hair length then no one is best option than virgin human hair. The human hair weft are also popular for best hairstyle so you can easily belief on these hairs for superb appearance. Hair buns are present in wide variety of styles and are suitable to opt regularly as well as for occasional purpose. If you want straight, curly, long, short, wavy and colored then these all things are easily feasible with the extensions.

It is possible with the remy as the remy human hair is one of the best types of human hairstyle. Whenever, you apply these hairs then they don't leave any adverse effect onto your natural hair. These hairs are available in massive ranges and must suit you for different requirements.

During the recent years, sparse, thin or extremely short hair can be easily and quickly corrected by using extensions. Hair dressers consider human hair weft as the best because it helps in keeping the cuticles and follicles intact. This allows men and women to try different hair styles depending upon their mood.

In the hair extension industry, the workmanship and quality of any kind of merchandise depends on various factors. This not only helps in adding glamour to their appearance but also to their lives. Moreover, the hair is arranged in the same manner as would be the arrangement of hair on the head of a person. Remy human hair is the richest ornament of a woman. This saying still holds good for women in the contemporary world. A woman needs to feel confident and poised about the way she looks.

It is excellent for African American women as it looks very natural, yet manageable. It is heavier, thicker and more dense then the Asian and Indian Remy. An authentic men's toupee refers to the hair which has been braided or tied before being cut from the head. This method of collection helps you in making sure that the cuticles are arranged in a single direction as it happens with the natural arrangement of the hair.

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Something About Mens Wigs History

Monday, January 23, 2017 1:25:30 AM America/New_York

The two piece lounge suit is a uniform for men in business almost all over the world and it is thought that its present form dates back approximately 150 years. Before that, mens fashion was much more colourful, featuring wigs, embroidery, jewellery, tight breeches, stockings of various designs and types until around the end of the 18th Century.

By this time Londons Saville Row, previously a centre for surgeons, had become the centre for gentlemens tailoring. The buttons on the cuffs of the modern suit jacket are said to be a relic of the surgeons. As professionals, as opposed to working men, they would keep their jackets on while working and the buttons could be undone to allow the sleeves to be rolled back to avoid their becoming blood spattered!

Male dress became more sober over the course of the 19th Century, at first using woollen cloth of more sober colours but with jackets having either tails or styled as frock coats.

The Regency dandy Beau Brummel is often credited with influencing the development of mens clothing to a more simple style and with devising the trouser, allegedly influenced by the trouser of military uniform. Generally a man would have a bespoke suit custom-made from his chosen cloth and to his specifications by his tailor.

The tailed morning coat finally gave up to the lounge suit with the rise of American business culture at the end of the 19th century. The modern suit jacket style has a sporting heritage, with the vents at the back making it more comfortable to wear on horseback. Slash pockets are also thought to have been derived from the need to access contents easily while on horseback.

Over the 20th Century the details of suit style have changed with the fashions. In the 1920s young men started wearing wide-legged trousers, known as Oxford bags as well as human hair wigs. The normal suit trouser usually measured around 23 inches. Other trouser fashions have also come and gone, from with or without turn-up, narrow-legged or drainpipe to flared from below the knee and back to straight-leg or even narrow again. Further queries check out Suit Alterations.

Jacket styles have varied too, having one, two, three or even four buttons, wide or narrow lapels, pockets with or without flaps. Tailoring also developed from bespoke to made to measure, where a standard pattern was adapted to fit the person and a choice of fabrics was offered. It is usual for them to wear mens wigs. Nowadays, of course, suits can be bought ready to wear, although it is often still the case that alterations by an expert tailor are needed to get the perfect fit.

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Some Information About Finding Cheap Human Wigs

Friday, January 20, 2017 3:15:33 AM America/New_York

Not every one can afford the premium priced human hair wigs made from human hair. When you have a good choice of cheap wigs available in the market it is a good choice to buy them instead. You can choose from the extensive range of discount wigs to pick those that suit you best and accessorize them aptly to get the most out of them.

If you are on the lookout for cheap wigs then don’t look at the human hair ones. They are quite expensive and if your budget does not permit them choose from the discount wigs and get good quality wigs at dirt cheap prices. Now the wig you choose would depend on the occasion for which you plan to use it. If the wig is for extended and regular usage then it is advisable to look at comfort as the first and foremost quality in the wig.

However if you are buying for just a one-time usage or an occasional usage then cheap wigs are the best alternative. You can get some good discount wigs at costume shops and wig shops. These wigs would be ideal for a theme party, kid’s school function, Halloween party, costume drama or something similar. For such a trivial occasion it is obviously not worth spending hundreds of dollars when you can easily get good discount wigs.

But if you are looking for cheap wigs for regular usage then it would be best to look at professional online wig outlets. There range, quality and prices are unmatched. They have an extensive range of wigs from discount wigs to the premium wigs to suit every type of clientele. For some clients budget is not a constraint and they would not mind splurging on a “Remy” wig made of human hair with the original cuticles. But since the majority of the clientele falls in the category who would rather buy cheap wigs, they have an impressive range to suit your budgetary requirements.

You can make your discount wigs online look as pretty and impressive as any premium wig by just accessorizing it appropriately. Pick accessories like hair pieces, clips, and clutches etc that are exquisite and add to the beauty of the wig. The right accessory would ensure that the attention id shifted from the wig to the accessory and thus cover-up the shortcomings, if any.

Wigs need to be taken care of and maintained for longevity. You should invest in a mannequin head for storing the wig appropriately and ensuring that it does not get damaged. When buying a wig do not buy a wig that looks good on others or one that is ill-fitting. You have to wear the wig and the wig should look good on you. Don’t buy it just because it looks “wow”. You should look “wow” with the wig and only when it complements your face and personality should you buy one.

If the wig is for regular usage do not go for the dirt cheap ones as chances are they would be quite low on quality. Buy discounted wigs that are priced reasonably and look natural, glossy and have a nice texture. For holding the wig in place you can wear a wig cap or a stocking on your hair and then put on the wig. Keep the wig tangle-free and comb it gently. Don’t go for unnatural colors and cuts as it looks very obvious that you are wearing a wig. Try to look natural and stunning in whichever wig you choose.

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How To Make Custom Human Hair Wigs

Monday, January 16, 2017 10:09:33 PM America/New_York

Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are two main types of wigs. There are two methods of attaching hair to wigs. The first and oldest is to weave the root ends of the hair onto a warp of three silk threads to form a sort of fringe called a "weft". The wefts are then sewn to a foundation made of net or other material. In modern times, the wefts can also be made with a specially adapted sewing machine, reducing the amount of hand labor involved.

In the 19th century another method came into use. A small hook called a "ventilating needle", similar to the tambour hooks used for decorating fabric with chain-stitch embroidery at that period, is used to knot a few strands of hair at a time directly to a suitable foundation material. This newer method produces a lighter and more natural looking wig. High quality custom wigs, and those used for film and theatrical productions are usually done this way. It is also possible to combine the two techniques, using weft for the main part of the wig and ventilating hair at the edges and partings to give a fine finish.

Making custom wigs starts with measuring the subject's head. The natural hair is arranged in flat curls against the head as the various measurements are taken. It is often helpful to make a pattern from layers of transparent adhesive tape applied over a piece of plastic wrap, on which the natural hairline can be traced accurately. These measurements are then transferred to the "block", a wooden or cork-stuffed canvas form the same size and shape as the client's head.

Depending on the style of the wig, a foundation is made of net or other material, different sizes and textures of mesh being used for different parts of the wig. The edges and other places might be trimmed and reinforced with a narrow ribbon called "galloon". Sometimes flesh colored silk or synthetic material is applied where it will show through the hair at crown and partings, and small bones or elastic are inserted to make the wig fit securely.

Theatrical, and some fine custom wigs have a fine, flesh colored net called "hair lace" at the front which is very inconspicuous in wear and allows the hair to look as if it is coming directly from the skin underneath. These are usually referred to as lace front wigs online.

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What’s The Human Hair Wigs Made Of?

Monday, January 16, 2017 1:21:48 AM America/New_York

Have you at any time before wondered exactly what weaves and also hair extensions are constructed from? The method is pretty fascinating for some as well as for others; they might never ever look at hair extensions, weaves and also wigs the exact same once again.

When you purchase products made from human hair, the hair is literally made from true people. Humans in 3rd globe nations, mainly from Asia will sell their long locks for hard earned cash. European hair is best-selling in today's market yet the texture doesn't match a lot of hair texture of African American ladies which is why most afro weaves are made from real Indian human hair wigs, Brazilian human hair or merely simple old synthetic hair.

When females in these third world countries are looking to sell their hair, the customers shall actually advise that the women do their ideal to get their hair healthy and balanced. The guidance to get their hair healthy are: consume a healthy diet, refrain from utilizing too many items and particularly no warmth appliances. For many ladies the temperature apparatuses and also products are certainly not the matter, the concern is a healthy and balanced diet plan. The donors are normally remarkably young women as well as virgin hair is excellent. Virgin hair suggests that it has never ever been chemically addressed. Virgin is just one of the most pricey kinds on the marketplace.

Often when you are purchasing "human hair combination" a mixture of genuine and artificial strands. In the 1960's yak hair was utilized in weaves and also however yak hair had a horribly musky odor to it that might not be washed away. This sort utilized to be known as "Yaki" weaves as well as was offered by the Koreans however today the expression "Yaki" has nothing to do with the pet now however has additional to do with the texture of the hair. Yaki is literally a even more relaxed consistency of hair but certainly not as relaxed as the "silky" texture which is often Oriental.

Today's' cheap wigs onlineand also imported weaves utilize true human strands however because of its poor quality the price are going to likewise be significantly lesser. Low quality hair does not withstand much true sporting, styling and cleaning. Quality actual human hair costs quite a little bit a lot more but can be worth a pretty penny.

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The Long Lasting Human Hair Wigs Sale

Thursday, January 12, 2017 3:34:42 AM America/New_York

Hair wigs that are made from the human hair are really very enduring and long lasting but a lot of care is need to be taken to maintain it. Human hair lace wigs deliver a natural shine which will look same as the original hair of the individual. Synthetic hair is also available in the market but it is not long lasting in nature and may affect your hair health.

Hair is the best material to adorn yourself and also to transform your personality in the way you want. Some people want to keep short hair, while the others find to keep it in long length. But it is sure that a perfect hair style will give you an extra effort to bear a decent personality. People in the present days always remain busy in some schedules and tries to become perfect in every event. Virgin Hair have fulfilled that gap and now people are buying various types of hair wigs in accordance to their events.

Events could be many as office party, wedding ceremony, friends' get together, disco party, kitty party, etc. Everyone wants to be perfect and become the eye catcher of everyone in these types of ceremonies. Hair wigs also help the individuals to hide their hair fall problems and hold to present them in a favorable manner in front of the others. Human hair extensions UK has gained their popularity in the business of hair wigs industry. They always try to deliver quality to their customers which make the customers to come to them repeatedly.

There are many sizes available in their showrooms of Hair Accessories. Long type hair, short size hair, normal hair are some of the sizes available to them where the customers get a lot of option for choice. Colors are also available like - black, brown, blue, and some other colors taken for the purpose of attending to the disco party and for other places. Genuine artificial hair that are made from the human hair wigs onlineare really very enduring and long lasting but a lot of care is need to be taken to maintain it.

Human hair Stylists deliver a natural shine which will look same as the original hair of the individual. These luxurious hair will help the customers to hold their natural beauty and that will be perfectly suitable with their dress or attitude. Human hair wigs or Clip in hair should be washed with the reputed shampoo otherwise the long lasting nature will be lost from the product. Hair wigs should not be worn at the time of going to a swimming pool as the strong chemical property of chlorine will damage its texture and shine.

Hair dressing should be done perfectly and the products of human hair must be purchased with the consent of the experts present inside the shop. They will make your choice near to perfect which will be a pleasing purchase for you. Hairdressing professionals in UK make use of the hair extensions very tactfully with the proportion of the body and personality of the individuals. Human haircare products must be purchased from a trusted shop as the market is full of frauds and it will be impossible for you to differentiate between the original and fake. Synthetic hair is also available in the market but it is not long lasting in nature and may affect your hair health.

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Find Great Wig Store for the Best Real Hair Wigs

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 1:09:42 AM America/New_York

Hair extensions are certainly the right options for you to flaunt your tresses style and to be the centre of attraction everywhere. Gorgeous girls spend a considerable amount of money to look beautiful and to make their style the more appealing and pleasing that can leave a remarkable impression upon others. If you are also one of them who want to make your style the most demanding one, you have a better opportunity of making your dream come true through the best extensions that are easily available at renowned stores. Don't worry; you don't have to spend more amount of money.

As far as the best extensions are concerned, they include Brazilian, Peruvian extensions, Malaysian, European, Burmese, Indian, Mongolian hair, Cambodian and the list goes on. Wholesale cheap Brazilian body wave virgin extensions, royal 6A Peruvian virgin loose wave human wigs online, unprocessed 6A Malaysian virgin body wave human weave, European straight weaves cheap European, etc are names a few that are very much preferred by gorgeous girls who want to give a very special and unique look to their personality.

Being 100% virgin hair with full cuticle aligned and having no shedding, no tangle and no lice, the amazing and the best hair wigs have various rich features; while they come with double weft, well constructed and curl holding after wash. Not forget to mention an option of flat ironing and restyle along with natural color that can be dyed or bleached. There are numerous added features and special benefits making the best hair extensions the first choice of beautiful girls.

With the demand of such amazing hair extensions soaring at a rapid pace, numerous renowned stores have come up with a verity of hair extensions, tape extensions, I Tip, for short hair, pure virgin hair, Peruvian, Malaysian, Brazilian bundles, human hair extensions clip in, micro-bead and a lot more. All these types of styles and systems are available in a variety of designs, styles, shape and sizes that will be in your budget. You have to search for the right store, choose the best hair style or hair extensions, add to cart and place your order.

These stores also offer you various other benefits like home delivery, money back guarantee, and replacement option, full and detailed information to use it in the right way and a lot more. So what you are waiting for, feel free to contact a selected store and get the best hair extensions and the human hair wigs at discounted rates.

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Get New Look By Human Hair Wigs

Monday, January 9, 2017 1:43:59 AM America/New_York

People around the world are increasingly becoming conscious about their looks, thanks to the boom in the fashion world, and for this reason, many women want to go for wigs. That is because, it remains undisputed that hairstyle is one of the major areas of fashion. Hair is often the major area of concern as well, thanks to diminishing hair in certain parts of the head or rapid hair loss. Besides, there are others who simply want to change their styles to get that 'new' look. For this reason, many of them prefer Remy hair wigs.

Hair wigs are hair extensions which are used either for fashion purposes or for hiding embarrassing hair loss. But most want to imitate famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce. Today, people have become very fashion conscious and for them, lace and human hair wigs are perfect. That is because these are very soft and do not itch and more importantly, tally really well with almost any kind of hair and locks. Any color of the locks can match well with lace and Remy wigs.

Remy hair is very expensive and of better quality than most other forms of human hair. It is also called cuticle or virgin hair. That is because its alignment from the root to the tip remains intact as it is cut without disturbing the cuticles. These wigs look extremely natural and they also do not get damaged or tangled when washed. They look so real that it would be hard for anyone to understand that you are wearing a wig. The best thing about them though is their customizability - they can be processed any way you like, in terms of color and texture.

These wigs for sale tend to last longer because of their stoutness. But they are also very shiny and glossy and this is exactly what most 'beauties with brains' want. They do not want to sacrifice comfort and longevity of their hair for fashion and that is why Remy wigs are such favourites among women today. These types of hair can remain tangle-free much longer and under most conditions because of the fact that each strand of hair is made of cells which are biologically keratinized and organized in an overlapping layer format.

The most common sources for Remy wigs are East Asia, Europe and South America. Such hair usually belongs to the ethnic people of these regions e.g. India. In fact, Indian Remy hair is quite popular because this hair can match the hair of most types of people in the world.

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Change Your Hairstyle By Human Hair Wigs

Friday, January 6, 2017 2:49:21 AM America/New_York

Over the years, toupees, hairpieces and wigs have improved so much that they now closely resemble real hair. With in person browsing and by speaking to a consultant or representative of the store, clinic or boutique, you can gain more information either through the conversation or by receiving a pamphlet. There are various of avenues you can take to obtain human hair wigs.

Similar to shopping for hair accessories and men's toupee, you'll find that there are more than enough online stores with a range of prices and quality that may confuse you in your journey to purchase a unit. The alternative route would be to begin with a local shop in your vicinity, such as salons and hair loss clinics and even hair shops that specialize in wigs.

However, in some cases where you are familiar with wearing a remy human hair, there are in stock (non-custom) units available at specialty stores. Since none of us want people to know that we are employing a method of hair replacement, these images of toupees are not very pleasant. If you're new to the idea of wearing a toupee, you may consider finding out more information about it online and browsing through wigs online store catalogs.

Human hair weft should match your specific hair color. Or if you are thinking of changing your hair color you can always order a toupee in that color and then dye your hair to match. This can help ensure that it fits your head properly and matches your hair color exactly. You will also want to make sure that your toupee has some way of staying attached. This will help keep it from falling off, which can lead to embarrassing situations.

If you plan to order online or through a hair club. You can just search reviews for remy human hair you are looking to buy or even just search for toupees in general. This will give you plenty of results that can help you in finding the proper toupee for your needs. The great thing is that the internet has made this much easier for people to do.

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Select A Wig Which Is Looking Good

Thursday, January 5, 2017 12:48:10 AM America/New_York

It is a sign of the times that looking good is a must. In the case of women, this is even more pressing because looking good is an integral part of being a woman. This is why women are sometimes put to the edge just for the sake of looking good. One of the common problems that women face when it comes to their appearance is their hair. This is where a hair wig will be helpful a lot because not all women are gifted with that perfect hair.

A hair wig is a form of headwear that is worn mostly by women to hide the effects of thinning hair, either to sickness or natural reasons or simply because a woman thinks that she can look a lot better wearing a hair wig than what her own hair can give.

There are many designs and colors of a hair wig, but they are generally classified into whether they are natural or synthetic wigs. In the case of gender, there are women wigs and mens wigs as well.

Choosing the best women wig to fit your style goes more than just the style and cost. Comfort must also be considered along with the maintenance requirements of the wig. While some may say that all wigs are the same, in reality they are not. With natural wigs, maintenance is a bit costly because it requires shampooing and application of conditioners to the hair. Like wise, they are also more expensive compared to synthetic wigs. On the other hand, because they are made from human hair wigs, they look natural, so it is easy to wear them without having to worry that your cover might be revealed.

On the other hand, synthetic wigs are less expensive and less costly to maintain. The downside with them is that because they are synthetic, they can cause quite a shame on you when people realize that you are wearing a hair wig. This is why when choosing such wig, it is always important to choose the ones that look real.

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Find The Most Popular Remy Lace Hair Wigs

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 2:42:36 AM America/New_York

Remy hair is actually nothing but cuticle hair, which looks healthier than the original human hair. Remy wigs are meant to be look beautiful instead of human hair as a replacement, and usually the price is higher than any other kinds of human hair for the better quality. Human hair wigs can be found in the original hair color, in virgin, or coursed for any color or any texture.

It can be washed easily and without any effort and the most astonishing fact about it is that it will not tangle while washing or after washing. Remy hair is made from the hair which is cut from the head of the donor with the cuticles undamaged. The hair is basically allied from the root to the tip all in one direction as it happens in the case of natural hair. Because of the fact that the cuticles run at a single direction, so the Remy hair does not tangle and the hair remains stronger than the original one.

The outcome of the Remy hair is marvelous and people prefer it because of the gaudy, glossy and smooth look, and it cannot be assumed anyhow that it is not natural. Remy hair wigs have a long lasting life for it is being made carefully keeping in mind the longevity and it sustains better than other regular human wigs.

In such cases, sometimes the hairs are collected randomly and that is why it decays soon after a few wash and entangles soon. In case of Remy wigs, they are made carefully to avoid such kind of problem and you can be able to use it after so many washes and you will eventually notice that the hairs will not tangle ever.

You will find cuticle hair all over the world, among which Remy hair is the most popular one because of the longevity and the shine it provides. Remy hair can be of different kinds and you can get African American wigs as well to suit the mood and fascination. Remy wigs can be of a same texture of a thick and straight hair, where the color of the hair can be matched with your choice and likings. It is not only necessary for you to wear a wig if you are suffering from the problem of thin hair, but also you can use it for the fashion purpose to try a different look on you without permanently changing the hair style and color. Remy wigs create a natural look and help to make the illusion of the original hair.

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Looking For The Right Wigs To Fit Your Face

Friday, December 30, 2016 1:49:57 AM America/New_York

Looking for the right wigs may be very critical. This is because you may not have the knowledge to distinguish which one is right for you and which ones will not suit you. There are different lengths, colors and hairstyles to choose from. In considering these factors, you also need to give regard to the shape of your face. You can really benefit by looking into some tips on how to get the appropriate human hair wigs that will compliment your facial features. Reading this article will make everything else easier for you later on.

Round-shaped face. Your ultimate goal when choosing wigs for your round-shaped face is to make the face look slimmer. Choosing hairpieces in this regard should be done to make sure that you will get the look that will leave others in awe. It is best to go for longer hairstyles in human hair wigs. Getting bangs will be a good idea but make sure you experiment with the styles. Add some twist by having curled bangs instead of straight ones. Part them one day and then have side swept bangs the next. Avoid getting short hairstyles as these may just enhance the round appearance of your face.

Pear-shaped face. This face shape is described to have a very narrow forehead yet a very wide chin. Your goal in purchasing human hair wigs for your pear-shaped face is to widen the forehead and narrow your chin. Choose wigs that you can tuck behind your ears to show more of your forehead. Look for wedge hair styles. These are said to be utterly perfect for your pear-shaped face. Avoid hairstyles that will emphasize and bring attention to your jaw line.

Square-shaped face. Do you think your face looks like a box? With a square-shaped face, your jaw and your brow are parallel with each other. Softening the jaw line and minimizing the square angle of the brow is the ultimate goal of getting hair wigs if you have this face shape. Emphasize your cheekbones with a wide array of hairstyles to choose from. Allow your hair to swing towards your face to hide the square angle of your jaws. Look for human hair wigs online under this banner that will surely make you look better.

There are still other face shapes you need to deal with when choosing your own human hair wigs. You should not hesitate to ask your chosen wig retailer about these things. If needed, go to your hair consultant or local wig salon for more suggestions. What matters is that you get the right wigs that will enhance your look. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money to nothing.

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Try New Fashion Wigs Style For Yourself

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 3:09:34 AM America/New_York

Add a new look to an outfit with wigs. Actually they can make or break a costume depending on how or if they are used. For the most part, they are used for everything these days and most often are considered a valuable addition to most costumes. Yes, they are considered an accessory, but their addition sometimes makes them a costume in themselves. One major point is understanding how to match the wig to the event, occasion or outfit.

By their very nature wigs are meant to be an added style point and lend themselves to expanding the fashion choices of the wearer. Every wig does not go with every occasion, so it is important to understand which to wear when. Never just pick a wig at random, always take the time to coordinate the wig with the costume or outfit being worn.

Having a variety of different wigs for different events, occasions and outfits will make wearing wigs quite easy and of course, very popular. Wearing wigs can be done for many different reasons, but three of the most popular are for a head dressing, costume addition or just to be stylish.

Wigs just go well with a costume and seem to complete the look. For the most part, wigs can make outfits more interesting and fun. Therefore adding wigs to a costume will greatly enhance the costume itself and add a really awesome look to the costume. For instance, clown costumes always looks better with wigs and wild hair. Most people realize that wigs online are a great asset to a party. Additionally, some other costumes that can use wigs are: Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Hannah Montana, 70s, 60s, and Hippie. These costume ideas are all great costumes that will only get better when wigs are added.

Fortunately there are lovely wigs that look very real which can be worn by individuals suffering from the loss of hair due to medical complications or treatments. For these people, having a very life like wig is very important. These wigs give the wearer a sense of pride and a feeling of living their life again. These wigs are also made to wear on a daily basis, cost a lot more and are much more durable and stylish. These wigs are designed with a sense of fashion in mind while helping keep dignity for the owner.

It is fun to have enough wigs so that a person can change their look as their mood changes. Whether the human hair wigs are long or short, having a variety of style will make them better. For the most part, these wigs are perfect for adding a little extra to a costume or putting on to run to the store or other errands. Most often the ladies(some men) that wear these wigs just want a quick change of hair and fashion.

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Chose The Best Afro Wigs For Yourself

Monday, December 26, 2016 1:46:56 AM America/New_York

Afro Wig is among the most often related to African-American tradition, having thick locks rounded right into a nearly fantastic sphere atop the pinnacle. To create the Afro big and hairy, a big pick or comb is often tell you the head of hair, setting up a bigger, fluffy look. African American wigs come in many locations, from wig shops, to fancy dress shops, based on just what the wig is necessary for.

Wig stores are a choice to take into account when you are looking for the best Afro wig that could be worn on the day-to-day basis, while using appearance of real hair. These are definitely manufactured for real hair or of top quality synthetic hair, and perfectly fit around the head, enabling you to start your everyday activities minus the wig slipping or shifting. Often wig stores carry wigs in various sizes.

A local store clerk can help you in measuring your face properly, and determining the best cap size to suit your needs. Should you order from an internet wig store, you need to measure your mind you to ultimately find the right fit. By using a tape-measure, start on the forehead, placing the tape-measure in front center of one's hairline. Then run the tape behind your ear, into the nape of the neck within the back, then back throughout the other ear, and returning to the starting place in the forehead center. This may offer you your head's circumference in inches, which could be how cap dimension is measured. wigs online stores may have a size chart to work with you in selecting the best cap size.

Costume & accessories stores carry Afro wigs that you will find worn using a holiday costume and for an event. These wigs typically aren't manufactured from real hair, , nor seem like a realistic curly hair. They work perfectly, however, for short-term wear as being a costume wig. Despite the fact most costume & accessories stores are just open 3-4 months from the year for Halloween season festivities, several do keep open year-round. Costume wigs typically appear in one-size-fits-all, which has a stretchable cap. If sizes can be obtained, measure your face to obtain the circumference, with all the technique mentioned previously.

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Catch A Cool Feel From Our Wigs

Thursday, December 22, 2016 2:53:02 AM America/New_York

Their wigs sport the latest hair fashion trends that combine human hair wigs with synthetic wigs that are easy to wear. The wigs that are manufactured by your product include short wigs, long length, monofilament, medium length and smart lace front wigs.

All wigs are made to withstand heat and are available in a wide array of natural options. You can use a flat iron, blow dry, curl or crimp the wig just like you would your natural human hair wigs. This allows you the flexibility of styling your hair daily to suit your whims or preference.

Wigs are also prescribed medically for women who have problems with thinning hair, alopecia or those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The open cap or cap less constructions makes the wigs lightweight and provide a cool feel that are suitable for women who have scalps that are highly sensitive. These types of wigs are soft and have enough memory to retain the style chosen as well as provide bounce and vibrancy.

The texture of the wigs is silky and the structure proves resilient as the fibers used are made using advanced technologies. The outstanding craftsmanship makes the wigs look realistic and true-to-life. You can chose from lightweight cap construction or the monofilament hand-tied quality. The colors that are available with the brand will suit any shade of normal hair. You can also opt for shaded colors or streaked “syrup” colors.

Before selecting a wig from us you should know the size that you require to wear. Instructions on how to measure your head are available online. Select the style from the 1000s of styles available and select the color according to your preference. Check the color that you would like to wear online by checking out the shades available. Take the wig made by you to a professional stylist and have it styled to suit your features.

The wigs online are available in different blends, layered or shaded colors, two toned or with highlights. They have introduce the lace front wigs that uses human hair of the highest grade as they look almost life-like and provide lasting comfort due to their exquisite hand-crafted construction. The wigs are also available in natural colors which are made without using any dyes. The hair goes through a gentle process, which lifts the original color, till they achieve the desired hue.

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The Structures About Wigs And Hair Extensions

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 3:04:49 AM America/New_York

Wigs are artificial hair structures that are placed on the scalp to conceal thinning hairlines. Some think that wigs and hair extensions are one and the same, but wigs are often more useful than hair extensions. Wigs are composed of hair strands that are woven on a cap. To hold the wig in place on a person’s head, the wig is secure to the scalp through clips or bobby pins. Extensions, on the other hand, are usually attached to natural hair strands to make the hair look longer.

There are two major categories of wigswigs and extensions: human hair and synthetic. They differ in quality, texture, and appearance. Human hair structures are composed of natural hair strands. The strands are individually woven on the cap, giving the strands a natural flow and body. Human hair wigs used for these wigs have vital hair components such as keratin and cuticle, which enhance the strands’ appearance.

Synthetic wigs and hair extensions have artificial and processed strands of both animal and human hair. The most commonly used strands come from horse, yak, and buffalo. The strands are bleached, dyed, and permed. Because they are processed, these strands cannot endure heat during styling. This means that curling irons, blow dryers, and straightening irons can’t be used on synthetic hair structures.

Aside from strand composition, wigs such as Tony of Beverly wigs and hair extensions are categorized based on style and appearance. Some common wig styles include Asian, European-quality, European, and Russian wigs. Most hair structures with black, straight strands fall under the Asian category. Because of their easy availability, Asian wigs are often more affordable than other types of wigs. Now, more and more mens wigs are popular.

European-quality and European wigs and hair extensions, despite their similar names, are two dissimilar types of hair structures. The European style is the popular choice for hair extensions. They come in various textures and lengths. High-class European wigs such as Tony of Beverly wigs are commonly produced in Italy and Spain. When they are properly taken care of, these wigs are more durable than others.

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Get Good Comparison Between All Kids Of Wigs

Monday, December 19, 2016 2:22:02 AM America/New_York

These days you will find a wide variety of wigs for women available in the market. However, it is up to you to choose the apt one that suits your face and personality. As there are several hairstyle sites on net, it becomes easier for you to browse through them and choose the best one among the wide collection. If you move to any local stores, you get the option to try the variety wigs and make the selection accordingly. Pick up the best that suits both your style and pocket as well.

No wonder there are a wide range of wigs of women available in the big stores, but it might cost a few dollars more. Look for places where you get quality hair wigs at reasonable place. Nothing can be better than the online stores as you can avail the discount rates and can shop comfortably.

Over here you can easily get to see a good comparison between varieties of wigs online starting from its colors, styles and designs. Even you get the option to discuss your problems with the stylists and hair designers. You can either post your problems in their online discussion forums or send an e-mail to their mail ids. They will guide you accordingly with the best solution suiting your needs and convenience.

Hair loss is one of the biggest exertions in our everyday life. It is seen that women are not so good in handling with female hair loss problem. People have a general feeling in their mind that 'baldness' is the biggest problem in men's life. However, this is not true as women face the same problem and the hair loss treatment is mainly aimed at them.

Still when the hair loss exceeds its numbers, the hair starts thinning. This can easily make one lose her confidence and feel low all the while. Human hair wigs for women can be the best option for your hair loss treatment. Finding a caring and wonderful hair replacement shop is now not difficult. So, go ahead to find the best shop and enjoy shopping online.

Women experiencing hair thinning and hair loss now naturally moves towards selecting wigs. No wonder Natural hair wigs are far better than the typical synthetic wigs. The best part of human hair wigs is they can be beautifully styled, colored and trimmed. They are safer versatile and always give a natural look. Mostly women want to look natural and comfortable as well after wearing anyone of the wigs available in the market.

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Fabulous Blonde Wigs For Women

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 2:34:49 AM America/New_York

Many dark haired women are, at the very least, curious about how they would look as a blonde. Many go as far as striping and dyeing their hair, sometimes with less than stellar results. The fact is, if you are a woman who would like to experience being a blonde, but don't want to actually modify your natural hair, you still can make a dramatic change in appearance without any dramatic means other than buying a great looking blonde wig. What a simple solution: fabulous blonde wigs.

Blonde isn't just one color. There are many variations of "blonde" such as flaxen, yellow, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, golden blonde, strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, and ash-blonde. In addition, designer blond wigs come in unique fashion colors that were developed by the designer's wig manufacturer. They have developed with Raquel Welch many variations of blonde colors that run the gamut from the palest shades to rich red and brown cast blondes.

The Raquel Welch swatch color names reflect the range from palest blonde, Swedish blonde, ginger blonde, glazed sand, ginger blond, and butterscotch to glazed strawberry, and glazed apricot. All of these extraordinary varieties of colors fall under the blond category. Every wig manufacturer has their blond wig category of both synthetic and human hair wigs.

When it comes to shopping for blonde wigs online there is no better wig boutique than here. You will find short styles, medium styles, and long styles of blond wigs. You will find a vast array of blonde wig shades and variations. To help you pick out the exact blonde that you are looking for our suggests you purchase a color ring. Each wig manufacturer's color ring(s) lets you see exactly what their wigs' colors look like.

We offer this option because they understand that the color you see on your computer monitor may not be accurate. The best part is once you have chosen a color, you are able to return the color ring, and you will receive your money back minus the shipping cost.

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Lace Wigs For Long-Term Wear

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 1:46:57 AM America/New_York

More and more people will choose to wear lace front wigs, because they are fashionable and various, and Women would change their hair style very quickly. Glamorous stars like Beyonce and Tyra Banks have started wear the lace wigs for their daily life and important occasions. No matter what your face shape is, you will find they do suit your face.

Wigs for women are the same as women love fashion clothes, it can help them love the flexibility of being able to express themselves in different ways. There are dozens of reasons for women why choose lace front wigs. Most importantly, they can hide your hair thinning. No matter if you have got a recessed hairline or total hair thinning, you can choose different human hair wigs for each challenge. The proper wigs can make your hairstyle look filling with hair.

Here are some important reasons why they become so popular in many people's daily life.

1 They are durable, designed for long-term wear.

2 They are fashionable and various.

3 Lace wig is virtually invisible. Poorly blended weaves can be unattractive and embarrassing.

4 They are custom made and conveniently delivered to the wearer.

5 It can be combed and made into ponytails or braids. Both wigs are made of fine strands of hair that can be formed as per your choice.

Some pursue wigs with their temperament, consistent identity, even some want to require a little artistic wig. Wigs company also produce a special form of specialized costume mask, martial arts style lace front wigs, to meet community requirements.

Do you know that the quality of hair to the whole person's temperament is very important? So you can easily design different style for your own change, wigs online can bring you instant minus the age to good teens. As the result, beautiful looking and no one can easily identify your wigs on your head.

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A Woman's Relationship With Her Hair

Monday, December 12, 2016 3:06:24 AM America/New_York

I think everyone would agree that hair loss may be an ultimately small price to pay for your life, yet I am equally sure that there are few women who wouldn't sympathize with this very natural and instinctive response. Science explains hair loss due to chemotherapy as the drug attacking ALL rapidly growing cells- that includes cancer cells and... those in your hair roots. So now you know. But a woman's relationship with her wig is a far less simple thing to rationalize.

A woman's relationship with her hair is a deep and complex one. Who among us can't identify with the agony of a bad hair day? That one day when it doesn't matter one iota that your shoes and bag perfectly complement your outfit, or that said outfit includes the jeans you haven't been able to fit into since you were 18, or that (miracle of miracles) you are spot free on the very day you happen to run into your ex-boyfriend, because- and I pause to let the full weight of this injustice sink in- you are having a bad hair day.

I have smart, practical friends who keep hats and scarves in their closets for just such an event. I also have friends who will go into hiding, cancelling business appointments and dates, and taking refuge under their duvets until the ordeal has passed. Mystifying and incomprehensible as it may be to men, the fact is that our hair is part of who we are. We use it to frame our features- highlighting or hiding where necessary. We use it to express our personalities and to project the image of ourselves that we wish the rest of the word to see. Erroneous and unreliable as this may be, we are all hard-wired to presume something of someone's character from their hair- you only have to consider a few of the persistent stereotypes associated with blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Having long hair in particular is still viewed as a specifically feminine trait in many cultures. Just think of Lady Godiva, Rapunzel, or Botticelli's 'Venus'. On the other hand, short human hair wig is perceived as 'boyish' or 'manly', making it understandable for many female chemo patients to feel as if they have lost some part of their womanhood. This is something that I can relate to. On an impulsive teenage whim I asked the hairdresser to recreate my beautiful cousin's delicate and elfin pixie cut. I got something resembling an afro. Also, some African American wigs are also good choices.

Except only to the sides. In short, I looked like Hey Arnold. The mental and emotional scars accumulated over the formative two-year period in which it took me to re-grow it remain with me to this day. I can't parade through airport security without having flashbacks to family holidays in Asia and being asked "Sir, please queue for the men's metal detector over there..." And, once on the plane, being given the Beano rather than the Barbie comic. Well, actually, that's where I scored. But I think you see what I mean. Not once in that time did I ever feel pretty- two years of being mistaken for a boy does some serious damage to a girl's self-esteem.

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Buy Cheap Lace Wigs And Save Money

Thursday, December 8, 2016 2:11:34 AM America/New_York

Hence, people plan and try to save money on these items. If you are in this category of people then you must look at cheap lace wigs online to save money on purchasing your wig.

As it is, you save a lot of money when you buy lace front wigs online. You can shop from the comfort of your home and have the item delivered to your doorstep. You not only save money on traveling but also save a lot on time. And when you get to see cheap lace wigs online then you save further. You need a computer with an Internet connection to visit websites that sell wigs online and make your purchase without setting a foot outside your home.

Cheap lace human hair wigs are low on price but not on quality. No manufacturer can survive in the market by producing lace front wigs of inferior quality. There are enough options available to the consumer to immediately switch to another provider the moment they see a compromise in quality. Hence, what you need to do is check out a few websites and look at the price they are quoting on their stock of wigs. This way, you will not only get a good knowledge on the market value of these items but will also be able to buy from a reliable website that is offering you wigs at a lower price than another website.

What we suggest is that you subscribe to email newsletters and RSS feeds from various shopping websites or wigs online. The moment there are cheap lace wigs available, you are likely to be informed via email or RSS feeds. You still need to open and check your emails for the newsletters but as far as the RSS feeds are concerned, the modern web browsers even allow you to check the feeds on lace front wigs by clicking on a button on the browser. It is a very simple task that can be undertaken by anyone.

Otherwise, you can check various websites for cheap lace wigs and pick out some excellent lace front wigs. There are even those websites that tell you how to apply these wigs. So, you get to buy a wig online and use online resources to learn how to use and completely change your look. Lace front wigs are perfect for making a style statement or making your hairline look full. Most websites selling wigs offer these occasional discounts where you can pick up these wigs at unbelievable prices.

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Buy Quality Wigs To Be Attractive

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 1:52:32 AM America/New_York

They are sporting different hairdos from which you can select. So, go ahead and buy quality wigs if you like to make a style statement. It has now come to be a wonderful fashion accessory.

There are fabulous extensions available from which you can choose from the market. There are different styles of wigs available from which the lace front hair extensions deserve special mention. There are mainly two forms synthetic and human tresses. You can go for either short cropped style or long style.

Some of the hair pieces come with a lace base. These are known as the lace front wigs. These are made from human tresses and it is tied by hand to the lace base. Some of them come with a full lace base while others have a lace base just where the hairline is visible.

The rest of the wig is made from a fragile material and is susceptible to tearing or ripping at times. These lace front hair extensions cannot be pulled into a ponytail as it will be obvious that it is a wig. The lace is generally on the front portion which allows people to part hair whichever way he or she desires.

Among different quality wigs you can choose to go for the Remy hair extensions. It is the highest grade of hair pieces that is made from natural human hair wigs. This style of hair possesses the cuticle layer which is actually outermost part of the strand of hair. The Remy hair is categorized depending on length and processing.

This type of hair is considered to be most suitable for use in extensions. The Remy hair is absolutely natural. The most popular choice is Indian hair when we are looking for this kind of hair. It is the color and texture that can be easily matched to different people from all across the globe coming from varying ethnic backgrounds. For more wigs for sale, please click here.

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Various Options Of Affordable Capless Wigs

Monday, December 5, 2016 2:02:20 AM America/New_York

Whether they want to stick with a color that they know looks natural or want to change to something more drastic, people often look at the aesthetics of a wig. And as they should, as that's the first thing everyone will notice. But what they don't realize is that underneath, the cap that holds the wig in place can be different and you'll want to decide which style you prefer. From synthetic wigs to human hair wigs, all have various options with the caps that hold them in place.

The most common and affordable type of cap for any quality wigs is the standard cap. When you imagine a wig cap, that's probably the one you are thinking of. The layers of hair are sewn on to the cap which has a lace layer at the crown that is closed. The crown is usually teased lightly so that you can't see the cap from the front. Because of this, there's a natural lift at the crown of the hair that gives the overall look more volume.

Capless wigs are similar to standard cap but instead of have the closed lace layer, there are vertical lace strips with open spaces between wefts. "Wefts" are the threads that the wig is laced around to keep it together. Open spaces means more ventilation, which means a lighter weight and overall a cooler cap to wear than standard cap wigs. These are a great choice during hot weather.

Mono-filament caps use a thin, breathable nylon that give the illusion of being skin. It'll take on the look of the wearers natural scalp color because it partly reveals the scalp below, so that it looks more natural. It also offers a lot of leniency with styling because each hair is hand tied at the crown so the hair can be parted or brushed any which way the wearer would like. It's a really good choice for those with total hair loss because standard caps can be itchy to sensitive scalps, but mono-filament are much softer to the touch. Here you can choose some wigs for sale

Whichever caps you choose, you'll know that you'll be getting quality wigs with the comfort and fit that you need. If you have the ability to try on various wigs with different caps first, do so. You'll want to know what works best for you since you'll be wearing your new wig so often!

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How to Wash Your Wavy and Curly Hair Wig

Thursday, December 1, 2016 12:52:52 AM America/New_York

Curly hair is more difficult to wash & maintain than straight hair. In order to keep your curly hair wigs strong and shiny we need to take care of them start from washing. Hope the eight steps are gonna help you.

1.Pick a shampoo which is suitable for your hair, foam the shampoo then washing it gently.

2.Rinse hair with warm water thoroughly.

3.Apply some daily conditioner to the hair evenly, massage for about 30 minutes. (PS. get a deep conditioner once a week.)

4.De-tangle your hair by parting it one thread and another. Please DONOT brush your hair, especially for your human hair wigs.

5.Rinse the conditioner out of hair.

6.Lay-down, pat with towel to remove extra water, and then let it air dry.

7.Give your hair a great shake after your hair is totally dried, to restore the curls.

8.Apply some no-clean conditioner or oil, and style by your fingers, optionally use the matching curling iron to define your curls. All these are easier for mens wigs.

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How to Choose a Bob Wig

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 1:05:27 AM America/New_York

How to Choose a Bob Wig
According to your own willingness, you can choose long Bob wigs or short Bob wigs.

1.For short bob styles, 12 or 14 inches will be better. As we all know, if the hair is too short, the cap trim might be appeared in the back. So it might be perfect to leave 1-2 inches longer than cap trim in the back. 
For some people, who want the hair looks longer, like layered cut bob style wig , you can choose longer hair, because the hair length says the front length.

2. Hair Texture & Density 

For bob style wigs, we suggest you to choose human hair wigs or texture, real human hair provides a nature look, and soft touch feelings. For hair density, heavier hair density will look more like the pictures show, and it’s convenient for you to style it. 

3.Ways to Style a Bob

Yourswigs bob hair style features its even and curving hair trim. But it might be squeezed out of shape when shipping. You can comb the wigs and stylish it, then you can get good looking likes the picture show.  

4.Tips for Wearing Bob Wigs   

The experts suggested that cleaning the wig takes every two weeks for the people who wear the wig frequently.When cleaning the wig, you need to make sure that wig should be soaked in a small amount of shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes at first, then softly rinse and clean out the dirts adhering on the wig with comb. Don’t clean it with excessive strength. Want more wigs for sale , please click here

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Suggestions on Maintenance of Hair Wigs

Monday, February 29, 2016 10:07:27 PM America/New_York

Wigs are fantastic, but do you know how to keep them looking good?

Wigs have been a hot topic of discussion, but once you have chosen and experimented with your new wigs, how do you keep them looking good? As a keen wig wearer myself, I have compiled a short care guide to help.

People always ask ‘How long will my wig last?’ – the answer is always the same ‘It really does depend how you care for your wig’. From how you wear it, how you store it, how often you brush and wash it, to how you put it on…like any hair, if you do not brush and wash it, it will look dull and knotty.

Human hair wigs can be looked after the same way as your own hair, but remember to treat them carefully as you will not ‘feel’ them tugging if they were attached. You’d better use a rounded bristle brush since it won’t damage the hair, the best way to brush is whilst you are wearing it, or on a mannequin or head stand and style with regular products. Human hair wigs are the easiest to look after and have a very long life, so you can wear them for years and years if you take good care of them.

Angled-Cut Shoulder Length Human Hair Wig Medium Straight Blonde Synthetic Wig

Synthetic Wigs are a bit more troublesome to look after, but here are some helpful tips:Store the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head when you are not wearing itWhen putting the wig on, don’t flip it upside down ( with your head forward and down). Instead stand up straight and place the base of the wig at the nape of your neck and secure the wig by pulling it forward to your hairline.

If you need to brush your wig, brush it gently and use a wide tooth wig comb or a specialised wig brush (with rounded bristles) for minimum damage to the hair fibre. To keep your wig in great condition treat it regularly with a light spray of a good quality wig fibre oil conditioner. If you find that after a while your synthetic wig has become frizzy, there are a few tips you may want to try to bring it back to life:Wash it gently with a good creamy conditioner or a special wig conditionerGently steam it over a pan or kettle – this is literally a miracle trick, but please be careful not to scold yourself .

Even with the highest quality synthetic hair wigs, you must treat the wig carefully if you intend to wear it a lot. That way the wig will last and can be worn everyday for quite some time. So, with the right care and attention even a synthetic wig can last a long time and change your look as often as you want to!

As always, be creative and have fun with wigs! Any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

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How to Apply a Wig

Monday, August 3, 2015 5:01:19 AM America/New_York

Although there are many ways to apply a wig, there are some basic steps one should follow no matter what type of wig they are applying. Applying a wig so that one achieves a natural look is the key to wearing any type of wig.

Step 1: Prepare the Wig One should clip all hairs back from the edges of the wig so that they do not get caught up when attaching the wig to the head. especially for lace wigs the lace should be trimmed as close to the hairline as possible, being cautious not to damage the hairline.

Step 2: Prepare Head Hair One’s natural hair needs to be set flat and evenly against the scalp. Be careful to pull back all natural hair strands from the hairline. Whether you have long or short hair, you need to ensure that all of your natural hair is pulled back from your hairline so it won't be visible under the wig.

Step 3: Apply Glue For the wig glue, dip a small makeup brush into the glue and apply a thin layer of it around your hairline. Let it dry. This may take a few minutes. You will know it is done when the glue is no longer thin and wet and is instead sticky and tacky. For the adhesive tape, gentle place double-sided strips along your hairline, securing it to you skin. Leave a small space between each strip of tape. This will ensure that moisture can get out when you sweat and it won't compromise an entire section of tape. You don't have to let the tape dry.

Step 4: Attach the Wig Those attaching a wig with glue should start by attaching the wig at the hairline in the front middle of the forehead. Gently press the edge of the wig down against the glued skin, working around the hairline until it is attached around the entire hairline. If there is any glue beyond the wig hairline, wipe away with a cosmetic stick immediately.

Step 5: Style as you want Adjust your wig after you have put it on so that it sits on your head correctly. Line up the center part of the wig with the center of your forehead. Gently brush and style the wig to achieve the desired look.

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How to Choose Wig Color

Monday, August 3, 2015 4:58:45 AM America/New_York

If you're thinking about dyeing your hair, purchase a wig is a fantastic way to try a new color without harming your natural hair. Wigs can give you the chance to change your look without doing it. Then how to choose a wig which the colour is suitable for you? Here are several factors that have to be taken into consideration when choosing wig colour.

1.Wig Materials Wigs are made of either human hair or a variety of synthetic materials. Human hair wig colors tend to be a shade lighter than synthetic hair colors. 100% human hair wigs can be dyed, while synthetics cannot. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs owing to it looks more natural, so flaring colors are usually only available in synthetic wigs. If you want a more natural look, you can choose basic colors.

2.Stay close to the color of your eyebrows. If you want to achieve a natural look, choose a wig that is the same or almost the same color as your eyebrows. It would be strange if your eyebrows are blond and you are wearing an black wig.

3.Choose a color that goes well with your skin tone. Skin tone is an extremely important consideration when it comes to choosing a wig color. The level of contrast you choose is a personal choice, just keep in mind that strong contrasts attract the eyes to focus on your face. Although it is becoming more common these days for women to change their hair color to something that does not ordinarily go with their skin tone, you should still realize that there are certain hair colors that are more complimentary than others based on the color of your skin.

4.Wearing occasion Just as we try different clothes in different occasion, the color of the wig also depends on the occasion and whether you want a wig that is great for work and professional attire.Even an unusual color combination can be gorgeous depending on the occasion and even the clothing you wear. If you take part in a birthday party, you can wear a wig with inflated colour, but we still suggested that you stick with neutral wig colors for professional activities where you'll want the focus to be on what you have to communicate instead of your hair color.

5. Age Bright colours of wigs suit to younger women, and quieter colour is a good choice for senior women. If you want to look younger, you can use golden and warm shades of a wig. In the end, there really are no fixed rules on how to make your decision. It depends on what you think looks best on you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

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